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Please be aware that if you are not listed in these pages, it is not that anyone considers you unworthy, it is simply that for whatever reason, you haven't made it here. You can be added simply enough by using the form:

Who's Who Entry Update Form

Note that you can include a headshot from this form, as well as provide other useful information. Fill in what you would like, leave things blank if you don't feel like providing them, etc.

Note: Not all photos of an individual may be listed in the Who's Who. The reason? Sometimes pure human error (in those cases, drop a note to me and I'll take a look ...). Often the reason is that I try to link to photographs that can be used to identify an individual -- these photos would be ones where if someone said "What does John the Lame look like?" they can go to the Who's Who and find photos of John the Lame that can show them what he looks like. A photograph of John in full armor (with his helm on) will not make it possible to identify him. A photograph of John's back will not make it possible to identify him. I hope that helps explain the reasons behind why sometimes a specific photo isn't incldued.

Note: People have requested a means to link to their Who's Who entry on this site. These instructions will give you what you need to provide a direct link to your Who's Who entry. Anything else (for a specific journal or blog) you will need to use the formatting for that site ...):

To the right of each name here should be a number in square brackets, such as: [1234] -- to create a link to your Who's Who entry, use the following steps:

How to Use the Who's Who: To find a particular person, search starting with the first letter of the first name. For example, Fulk de Wyvern is listed under F for Fulk, not D for de or W for Wyvern. If a last name is not known (i.e., the only name given to us is the first name), then the person's name will appear as "Name (?)" to indicate that the last name is not known at this time.

Links are given for photographs -- if there are none, a person's name is not listed here. All photographs are listed in chronological order, or at least we have attempted to put them in the proper sequence. The links are to the actual photographs.

The links for "People" are for photos that the photographer or contributor may not have a specific event for the photo, but the photo was one we opted to use on the site anyway. If the event the photo was taken at is known, it is listed. This part of the site is handy if you just want to see what someone looks like (or looked like in the past ...).

If there is a link for you, please feel free to submit some comments/thoughts/reflections of your own about the photo or about the SCA in general for the specific photo (see yellow Note above) ...

As photographs are donated (see the "What's Needed/How to Submit" link from the main page), these pages will be updated to reflect the new photographs.

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