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Wishlist/Photograph Submission Guidelines

Updated: March, 2016
NEW: You can submit photos yourself! See details ...

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The Wishlist

This a list of items that I need help with or would like to see more donations of. If you believe you can help, continue down this page ...

  1. First, foremost, and always: PHOTOGRAPHS (See section below on Submitting Photographs)
  2. More historical information for local branches ... if you know, or have access to the history of your local branch, please provide as much info as you can. (To see what I have now for the site, go to: Local Branches)
  3. Descriptions of events -- if you were there, and the event doesn't have a description, please contact me, and describe the details (please make sure you give the date, the event title, etc. -- otherwise I will have no idea ...). This can be helpful to make the event "come alive" to those who missed it, and to help folk who were there remember it better.
  4. Bardic pieces (see Bardic Arts).
  5. PHOTOS OF FOLK AND EVENTS IN THE OUTLYING REGIONS: The Principality of Oertha, the Marches (Earngyld and the Far West in particular, but all ...) would be nice as there are very few photos from there. Photos from Lochac from the time that they were a part of the Kingdom -- there are a small number of photos from there, but not many ...
  6. Photos from years gone by ... if you have photos from the early years of the SCA, they would be GREATLY appreciated for use on this site.
  7. Photos of artwork (Scrolls, Arts and Sciences, Artifacts, Regalia, etc., and whatever else) -- remember most of the folk in the Kingdom may not ever see some of this stuff, and good photos are great to show folk your or someone else's work.
  8. Videos (yes, videos) of events, including fighting but also other aspects of events (it would be nice to have some non-fighting items). See below (Submitting Videos) for details.
  9. Music -- if you are a musician and have recordings of your works (I am wary of copyright issues for songs that are NOT yours ...), we should be able to upload them here, in MP3 file format ... contact Hirsch ...

Submitting Non-Photographic Items

Most of these (bardic pieces, for example) can simply be emailed directly to the web minister (go to the main page of the site and the Contact section: Contact the History Web Minister).

Adding to or giving details/descriptions for specific events -- as above, you can email this information directly to the History Site Web Minister, but for individual events, please provide as much information as you can -- for example, the URL (go to the top of your browser and copy the URL out of the entry area there), the name and date of the event, that sort of thing. If there is no event description already, please provide the name and date of the event as well as the description. If you are commenting on someone else's comments, please note this -- it helps when laying out the page to show comments in an appropriate fashion.

Adding or providing information about photographs -- as you work your way through some of the photos you may find question marks for people's names, that sort of thing -- if you know who someone is in a photo, please provide that information with the URL for the individual photograph. If you know what's going on in the photograph and that information might help make the photo more useful or interesting, please feel free to send that information as well. If you feel something in a photo description is not accurate, please send corrections and updates!

Submitting Photographs

  1. Digital Images

    NOTE: You can now upload your images directly to the West Kingdom History website, via the use of Coppermine, an open source photo gallery software package.

    Important information before uploading:

    Procedure to upload:

    1. Create a Login/Userid
      NOTE: Due to Russian Hackers/Spambots/etc. having found the registration web form, and creating 20+ new accounts a day, the option has been turned off for the time being. Once this stops I will turn it back on ... If you have photos to upload and don't currently have a user id here, contact me.
      You need to create an account in Coppermine on the History Site (not at the Coppermine site -- that won't do any good):

      Main Photo Gallery Page

      Click the "Register" button.

      1. For the user name, please use your SCA name -- spaces are allowed in the user name, which may seem counter-intuitive, but it works. This is important, as this is the name that will be displayed with the photos as the person who uploaded them.
      2. The Password should follow standard password settings (don't make it too easy to hack), and you will be required to enter it twice.
      3. Email address is for notification from the software.
      4. Mundane Name is a good idea, it helps me confirm you are a real person.
      5. SCA Name is also a good idea, although if you do use it above (as your user name), you don't need to repeat it here.

      Be sure to write down your username and password, as these will be required each time you upload photos. You will be sent an email that you need to read. There is a link needed to activate your account -- once you click that link your account is active.

    2. Create an album for the photos First, check to see if there is already an album for the event (check the date carefully), if an event, etc. If so, you can skip this part and move to the next ...

      Once you have an ID, you need an album to upload photos to. Note that there are several categories, the primary one is "Events". There are a couple of options for this noted below.

      • You can create your own album (this is easier, as it does not require intervention on my end):

        • When you login to Coppermine, click on My Profile.
        • Click on Create/Order Albums.

        • Click on New Album.
        • Click on Album Properties.
        • Fill in the information requested. For the name of an event, please use the format:

               name of event -- local branch, mundane date (A.S. xxx)

          A local event might appear as:

               Our Small Tourney -- MyShire, June 21, 2012 (A.S. XLVII)

          (Note that for Kingdom events in the West you can leave out the local group, i.e., June Crown Tournament, does not need to state it is a West Kingdom event) -- this way we try to keep some sort of uniformity in the names.

      • You can email me a request to create the album for you if you would rather not create it yourself. Depending on what is going on in my life, this may take a bit longer.

    3. Upload the photos
      Once the album is created (I will send you an email if you requested me to create it) login on the main page: Main Photo Gallery Page (click the "Login" button to log in) and then click the "Upload" button.

      Please be sure to select the album carefully. I don't really wish to move photos from one album to another -- it is a lot of work.

      Follow the instructions on the screen. Have some patience if you are uploading a lot of photos. When done you will be told it has completed ... then click "Continue" -- you should be able to enter information as noted below for the photos. Be sure to save the changes. (One difficulty is that sometimes you don't see the thumbnail image on the screen -- I don't know why.)

      You can upload multiple photos at one time. If you have a lot, doing them one at a time is pretty tedious -- and unnecessary ...

      Please provide as much information for the photos as you can. I will be required to allow the photos to be displayed to the public, and for me to get names into the Who's Who, I have to do a bit of work. If you don't know all the names of everyone in the photos, that is okay. Just do the best you can. However, please use the DESCRIPTION, not the KEYWORDS to describe who is in the photograph(s). Use of the same name in the Keywords may case a photograph of an individual to appear in another album that is totaly unrelated. Repeat: DO NOT PUT NAMES IN THE KEYWORDS FIELD! This is a weirdness of the Coppermine software ... (sigh).

      Please remember the Disclaimer/Copyright notice on the main page of this website about photo policies, and remember that I will not allow indecent photos on this site.

    4. Please drop me an email, as the Coppermine software sometimes lets me know photos have been uploaded and sometimes doesn't -- that way I know the photos are there:

  2. Photos on Another Site: If you have posted your photographs on a site such as "SmugMug" or other photo sharing sites, and wish to share them here, see the policy for this at: Photos from Other Sites. (New Policy: September, 2009)

  3. EMAIL: Please use compression software such as PKZIP, WinZip to compress multiple images into a single file before sending ("single file" is important, and if emailing, please provide multiple .zip files if needed -- if the .zip file is greater than 1 or 2 MB, it may end up too large to be emailed -- a lot of email servers on the web won't allow really huge files).

    NOTE: Two kind souls have offered to assist with emailing of photographs, which can make things easier. Send the photographs (or, if you have uploaded to a website, the URL and any helpful details) to one of these two people, and they will put them on CD or DVD and get them to Hirsch for the website:


    Please follow the guidelines given below (under the heading "Please Provide Details About Each Photograph"), providing any details that you can about the photos. ** EMail Links will be provided once I have the ones that they wish to use ... **

    Many thanks to both of these folk ...

    If you have photos already on the web on another site, and would like to submit them to the History site, Artus Quintus and Vlasta von der Weissen Sonne are willing to do the necessary work of selecting the photos and downloading them, burning them to CD, and getting them to us. Drop either of them an email at:


  4. If you have a scanner or have access to a scanner, please scan your photographs for us, and provide information as noted below (see "Please Provide Details ..." below). Save them as JPEG (.JPG) images -- this is a good format for photographs, and able to be viewed by all browsers. If you cannot save them into JPEG format, don't worry -- this can be dealt with. Email images with information as defined below -- they will be handled as they arrive.

    When scanning, if your scanner has a "Web" option, please use it. If not, please try experimenting with resolutions -- in many cases when scanning photos, you don't need the highest quality settings for scanners for web photos -- the images end up too big anyway and need to be resized. The higher the resolution the larger the image. While we don't want tiny photos for the site, we don't want them too large either. We attempt to find a compromise ...

    Please burn your photos to a CD or DVD if you can. If you can't, and know someone who can, please do so. Then , and you will get the Postal address ... please send via US Postal service. Anything requiring a signature may be a problem ... (NOTE: You can also hand to Hirsch at events ...)

    If you have an FTP or just a standard website that you can upload .zip files of photos to, please use that option, and Hirsch will download them as soon as possible (but you'll have to send an email to let him know ...). Let me explain about .zip file: this means a single file download for me, which is much easier than going through a web page, one image at a time and right clicking, and downloading it, etc. While in many cases, .zip compression does not really reduce the size of the images much, it can put everything into a single file, which makes it MUCH easier for me to download. I am a busy person and cannot take the time to download one photograph at a time from a website ... thanks for your patience.

  5. If you do not have a scanner or access to one -- OR if you have slides, please contact , for directions on where to mail the photos. I check my email very regularly. Note that since anyone helping with this project is a volunteer, turnaround may not be immediate, but we will make a lot of effort to be quick. Return postage is guaranteed if desired (and frankly I would rather not store stacks of photographs in my small house!). If you are not comfortable with using the postal service, please contact me to see about making arrangements to pick up your photos somehow (at an event, etc.).

    People With Scanners (Who Have Volunteered to Help)
    The following people (I am trying to note approx. region) have scanners and have volunteered to help out -- if you know them, please contact them. If you do not, and want to get in touch, please drop us a note, and I will try to get email address(es) for you.

Please Provide Details About Each Photograph

The following information is helpful for all photographs, no matter how they are submitted. Please do not attempt to put all the detail in the filename of the photograph -- instead put detail in an attached file or the email message that goes with the images:

Note: these instructions are based on your submitting photos to me the "old way". I strongly urge you to use Coppermine (see above), in which case the information needed for photos is more along the lines of "who is in the photo, and what are they doing?" -- you can ignore the details below which deal with naming conventions and such.

  1. The name and date of the event (if you don't know the exact date, if you know the name of the event, and the SCA year, or the mundane year, it can be found, as long as it was on the Calendar of The Page). If the event was not on the calendar of The Page or you cannot remember the event, you can submit it anyway, if we decide to use the photo, we can put it in the "People Pages" part of the website.

  2. If the photos follow a specific sequence of events, please either name the photo with a number (i.e., 1_FinalRound.jpg, 2_FinalRound.jpg, etc.) or in an attached text description (either in email, or text file in the .ZIP that describes each photograph) list the photographs in the sequence that works. Otherwise it's very possible photographs will be out of sequence, which can be a bit jarring when viewing them, and you see Prince X who is the new Prince of the Principality, and then 10 photos later you see Prince Y who just stepped down being listed as the Prince. This won't be intentional, but if I wasn't there in person, I may have no idea of the sequence when looking at the photos (if I can figure it out, I'll try to take care of it.).

  3. The names (SCA) of everyone in the photograph that you recognize (don't feel bad if you don't remember everyone, it's ok -- provide what information you can -- people who visit the site often help fill out the missing information!). If uploading the images yourself, please do NOT put names in the KEYWORDS field, use the DESCRIPTION field instead!

  4. A description of what is happening in the photo (such as "The Knighting of Sir Fred the Lame"), which can help put the photograph into context.

  5. The photographer's name and yours if the two are different.

  6. Please get permission from the photographer if you are donating photos. We have to work under the assumption that you have permission, and would rather not get into a legal battle.

  7. PLEASE DO NOT PUT DETAILS, INCLUDING THE NAMES OF PEOPLE, IN THE PHOTOGRAPH IMAGE FILENAMES! -- I have to rename the photos in order to manage them correctly (I typically use letters for the event and numbers for the sequence). Put all the detail into a document or the email ... it makes more work for me if I have to try to rearrange the photos by opening them all to determine what goes where ...

Really, that's it.

Submitting Video

Using an open source software package called FlowPlayer, we can now display Flash Video format videos on the History site.

There are a few things that will help everyone:

You can if you have any questions.


The photographs on this site are used with good faith that contributions were made with permission of the photographer. For copyright issues please contact Hirsch -- all efforts will be made to resolve them. More details on this are on the main page of this website at the bottom.

Second, we reserve the right to not use all photographs submitted. In other words, while we want photos, some may not be very useful (poor lighting so you cannot see people's faces, taken from far enough away that no details can be seen, etc.), and some may be similar enough to other photos already submitted that it would be redundant to show another photo of the same event(s). This is not discrimination, just pragmatism. We do tend to use most photos submitted.

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