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This website uses pretty basic HTML. In my mundane job I work with more complex stuff, and understand the basics of CSS and Javascript and various other web technologies. So, why is it that this is so basic? (In the summer of 2005, I added a fairly basic Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), but it is simple, and shouldn't cause any problems ...)

The reason is fairly straight-forward: members of the SCA range from fairly technology-savvy (the home of the SCA is near "Silicon Valley", where many of the web technologies have been invented) to computer-barely-literate.

What this means is that some folk can't afford to, or just have no real desire to, upgrade to the latest web browsers, the latest and best machines, the fastest internet connections (try looking at some of the photos on this website with a 26K modem -- there are folk still doing just that!), and so on.

This website is aimed at being useful for all members of the West Kingdom (and the SCA at large), and rather than using lots of really spiffy layouts that only some people can see, or worse trying to create web pages that deal with all of the different web browsers out there, it's easier to create a simple format and use that. It's easy to update, and it takes less time to download images and pages that display images if simple technology is used.

So that's it. That's why no images for navigation, no Javascript routines, no Java routines, etc. This website uses the basic "KISS" principal: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

All attempts have been made to make the navigation easy, and to make it easy to find things. If there are questions or problems, please drop me a note (see the contact information at the bottom of the main page for this website).

The West Kingdom History Website was created by and is maintained by Hirsch von Henford (mka Ken Mayer).