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The Annotated History Project

What is the Annotated History Project (abbrev. AHP)? It is a project that I (Hirsch von Henford) have been working on for two and a half years now (as of April, 2001) ...

Wilhelm von Schlüssel created a "History of the West Kingdom" that covered the beginnings of the SCA and many of its branches in the West Kingdom, and Kingdoms that were born out of the West Kingdom, which stopped at Purgatorio, AS XIII (1978). He had hand-typed most of it on onion-skin paper, and three-hole punched it, putting it into a notebook (which I still have). There were notes hand-written in by both Master Wilhelm and by others ...

I put some effort in and typed everything that Wilhelm had done (incorporating the handwritten notes) into the computer, and tried to get it published. Publication didn't go very far (although I've been told there are copies available at Pennsic ...), for a variety of reasons.

After sitting on this for a couple of years, I started getting hold of some SCA "old-timers" -- people who had been active in the very early days of the SCA. We networked, and got even more people involved. We did this by creating a simple mailing list (not an internet ListServer). Using this mailing list, I mailed out event copy from Wilhelm's work, and asked for the people on the list who remembered anything about these events to comment on them.

The process got more involved as conversations started -- trying to keep the conversations together was an interesting exercise in and of itself. However, the Annotated History of the West Kingdom is what came out of all of this. It still stops at Purgatorio, AS XIII, but it contains a LOT more interesting reading than the original.

Where can you GET this Annotated History of the West Kingdom? See below.

If you examine the event descriptions for the first thirteen years in the rest of this website (from the "main page"), you will find that in most cases the information there is taken directly from Wilhelm's original work. The annotations will follow once the editing phase is complete, and a publisher is found to get the AHP available to the SCA in printed form. Information found in the appendices of the AHP will be available in some location here on this site as well.

Appendices to the Annotated History -- This is the appendices that are not elsewhere on the website ...

The Annotated History of the West Kingdom
Currently this is only available in "electronic" format -- specifically in Adobe Acrobat (see below for details on how to obtain the free reader for this). You can also download/read the "non-annotated" version -- see below.

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you may still wish to download this document, as it is large (3,400 KB -- over 3 Megabytes, 408 pages), so by clicking on the link below, when asked about opening or downloading the file, you may wish to choose to download it instead (in Netscape the text reads "Save it to disk"). If that doesn't work, you may want to put the mouse over the link, use the right mouse button, and select an option worded like "Save Link As ...", which should allow you to save the file without attempting to open it.

Download/Read The Annotated History of the West

The annotations will be added over time to the West History Website for the events listed, and the items in the Appendices will be added somewhere as well (location not yet determined).

Please do not make printed copies for sale without express permission of the author ...

Special thanks to the commenters of the Annotated History Project, these are all people who spent many hours reading, reminiscing, and commenting back and forth over the topics presented. Not everything that they said made it into this document due to space considerations (and a few things that probably weren't really appropriate for public cosumption ...). The following is the list of regular commentors for a span of two years or so, some commented more than others ... as would be expected (if I left someone out, please let me know):

Aja du JardinJana Seasgir
Amanda Kendal of WestmorelandJerald of Galloway
Amanda of CawdorJilara of Carrowlea
Andrew of RigaJon FitzRolf
Annette of Fair MonteKarina of the Far West
Arthur of LockehavenKevin Peregrynne
Astrid of HawkridgeMartin the Temperate
Bela of EastmarchMaythen Gervaise (Maythen of Elfhaven)
Bevin Fraser of SterlingMelissa Kendal of Westmoreland
Brian Dritar an ConMichael of Moria
Carol of BellatrixPaul of Bellatrix
Charles of DublinRadnor of Guildemar
David of IllwheirlaineRand of Dunbar
Denis of the TitansRichard of Havn
Dorothea of Caer-MyrddynRima of Rockridge
Earl of MorrisRobear du Bois
Eden of LionsguardRobert of Dunharrow
Edward of SouthhavenRoger of Beldan Abbey
Edward Zifran of GendySabrina de la Bere
Eilis ni Roibeard O'BoirneSiegfried von Hoflichskeit
Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (Bjo)Stefan de Lorraine
Frederick of HollandSteven MacEanruig
Hal RavnWilhelm von Schlüssel
Henrik of HavnWilliam Gordon of York
James GreyhelmWilliam the Lucky

To Get an Electronic Copy of the History of the West Kingdom
(Note that this is not the Annotated version ...)

Get Adobe Acrobat's FREE Reader (if you don't have it), and if interested, you can download the West Kingdom History by clicking on the link below. Be warned: this file is large -- it is approximately 1,205K in size (over one megabyte), so it will take a bit of time to download. You may want to completely download, when given the option ... that way it will be on your hard drive and you can view it any time you wish. Printing this will take 157 pages ...

Download/Read West Kingdom History

Editorial notes: There are places that an image says "No Arms Registered", but a blazon is given. This is due to an error in the OANDA database at the time the artwork was originally done, and the fact that later these were found and updated in this file. The Annotated History of the West Kingdom will have these corrected. There are also some errors in the pictures for some of the armory, hopefully all of these will be corrected in the Annotated version.

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