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The Ninth Year

Welcoming Tourney -- Province of the Mists
June 15, 1974

Held at the Meadow Playfield, Tilden Park, Berkeley. Held in honor of King Ashjørn Gustavsson, Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, and Sir Patri du Chat Gris, who were visiting from the East Kingdom.

“Their whole visit was interesting. I remember being at a small practice event with them, Paul of Bellatrix, and William the Lucky and, perhaps, a few others but those are the only ones I knew. They had been traveling cross country, stopping everywhere there was SCA and they were getting a bit tired of each other’s company, or at least it seemed that way to me. It probably didn't help that in those days, the West definitely had better fighting and I felt that we pretty well dominated the practice. I've fought Cariadoc since and he struck me as a fine fighter, but at that time we had trained in a harder school. Of course, in their defense, it's damn hard to travel long distances in a car and come out of it at your best or even at your average.” – Steven MacEanruig

“I remember well the visitors from the East (although I had forgotten exactly when, so it was Summer of IX) Geraldine invited them out to Bufo Halle (in Lafayette) where she (naturally) prepared a fairly impressive feast. Cariadoc established his credentials as an authentic gourmet & perhaps honorary Californian when he seized the large bowl filled with artichokes and looking at it with great joy said "Oh, I'll just have these!" (Geri always told people that the 3 A's - artichokes, avocados, & abalone - were all deadly poisonous to all but native Californians.)
     “Except for Cariadoc, I never saw the others again, although I have seen a book on early dances by Sir Patri. In the Summer of 1979, my son Sterling & I stopped off for 2 nights with Cariadoc in Blacksburg, VA, where he then taught at Va. Tech. At that time I first met Elizabeth of Dendermonde (whom he subsequently married, having split up with his first wife, Duchess Diana, previously). Then at Twenty Year, in Texas, Elizabeth played for my English Country Dance classes. (She is a very fine musician.) She was part of the excellent band playing nightly for dancing at Thirty Year (along with our own Martin Whistler and many others), and she and Cariadoc did an impressive Middle Eastern Feast there, and she showed me their very authentic period camp.
     “For some time now, as many of you may know, they have lived here in the Mists (David/Cariadoc teaches economics at Santa Clara University, I believe.) A year ago, I saw them both at the annual Crosston Ball (Elizabeth fiddled for the dancing & Cariadoc, who doesn't dance, told wonderful tales). I was disappointed that they missed the recent Crosston Ball because of a death in the family, but their 8-year-old daughter was there. I danced several dances with her, she attends the classes regularly and dances quite well. She had come with her adult brother, Patri (Cariadoc & Diana's son, and indeed named after Sir Patri du Chat Gris). He also dances well.
     “Cariadoc is a great source for the history of the eastward spread of the SCA. He was the 1st & 3rd King of the Midrealm, then twice King of the East, if I remember correctly. He is fascinating to talk to on quite a wide range of subjects and does about the best job of keeping in period & persona of anyone I've met.” – Robert of Dunharrow

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