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The Eighth Year

May 1, 1973 - April 30, 1974
Anno Societatis VIII
Event Titles/Locations from the Calendar of The Page

May, 1973
May 5-6Beltane Coronation FestivalWest
May 5 Medieval Week Festival Tourney Barony of the Angels
May 12 Clan GatheringBarony of Three Mountains
May 12-13May TourneyBarony of Dreiburgen
May 12-13May RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
May 19 First Provincial Tourney Province of Southern Shores
May 20 May Picnic and RevelBarony of the Angels
May 22-24Chabot College Medieval FaireProvince of the Mists
May 26-28MedievalconBarony of the Angels
May 27 Royal Tourney of UnionPrincipality of An Tir
June, 1973
June 2Spring FestivalProvince of the Mists
June 3Beggar’s Burdica RevelBarony of the Angels
June 9Anniversary TourneyBarony of Three Mountains
June 9TourneyProvince of Shasta
June 17RevelsBarony of Madrone
June 23Midsummer Crown TourneyWest
JuneJune RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
July, 1973
July ?Westercon(Not an SCA Event)
July 7Second Baronial ExpeditionBarony of the Angels
July 7Orc Hunt TourneyBarony of Calafia
July 8High Summer TourneyBarony of Three Mountains
July 21Seventh Island WarProvince of Ceantyre
July 28-29Purgatorio Coronation FestivalWest
July 29Midelsumer FestBarony of Madrone
August, 1973
August 11Summer FestivalProvince of the Mists
August 18Mythcon PicnicBarony of the Isles
August 25First Coronet TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
August 26SCA DemonstrationBarony of Calafia
AugustAugust Bardic RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
September, 1973
September ?Renaissance Faire(Not an SCA Event)
September 1Orc Hunt and DinnerBarony of Calafia
September 1-3Rennaissance FaireBarony of Madrone
September 2Medieval Firechariot RallyBarony of Calafia
September 6(No event title)Barony of the Golden Rivers
September 8Renaissance Pleasure Faire OutingBarony of the Golden Rivers
September 21Baggins Birthday Eve Bardic RevelProvince of the Mists
September 22Wedding RevelBarony of Madrone
September 28Medieval & Renaissance Fashion ShowBarony of the Golden Rivers
September 30Autumn Crown TourneyWest
October, 1973
October 6Baronial Treasure HuntBarony of Calafia
October 10(No event title)Barony of the Golden Rivers
October 12Anniversary TourneyBarony of Dreiburgen
October 13-14Anniversary TourneyBarony of the Angels
October 20First Annual Sciences Sandcastle ContestProvince of the Mists
October 20Baronial Masque BallBarony of Calafia
October 20Columbus Day TourneyReislingshire
October 21Prize TourneyProvince of Southern Shores
October 21Fall TourneyBarony of the Isles
October 27Queen’s Dessert PotluckProvince of the Mists
October 27First Samhain RevelBarony of Madrone
October 27All Hallowsmass Eve RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
November, 1973
November 3All Hallows Eve RevelProvince of the Mists
November 3Fighting Demonstration and Bardic RevelBarony of Dreiburgen
November 10Duke’s Dinner Page BenefitProvince of the Mists
November 10-11Calafian Birthday TourneyBarony of Calafia
November 17St. Bunstable’s Day RevelBarony of Madrone
November 17Fighting DemonstrationBarony of Dreiburgen
November 17-18Medieval and Renaissance Performing Arts WorkshopBarony of the Angels
November 18Queen’s TeaProvince of the Mists
November 24First Anniversary Shire Banquet and RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
December, 1973
December 1International House RevelProvince of the Mists
December 1Provincial MeetingProvince of Southern Shores
December 1Bardic Revel, Canton of EnticeBarony of Madrone
December 1Blind Man’s Bluff TourneyBarony of Calafia
December 1-2Holiday Faire and Medieval MarketBarony of the Angels
December 6Newcomer’s Ladies’ TeaProvince of the Mists
December 7-9Demonstration Tourney, Canton of the Eastern GateBarony of the Angels
December 8Royal RevelProvince of Southern Shores
December 8First Annual Isles Drinking ContestBarony of the Isles
December 15Seattle Art Museum Christmas PartyBarony of Madrone
December 15The Mythopoeic Society YulemootBaron of the Golden Rivers
December 21Grand Council MeetingProvince of the Mists
December 21Mistletoe FeastBarony of Calafia
December 22KPFK Christmas FaireBarony of the Angels
December 23Christmas Carol SingProvince of the Mists
December 31New Year’s PartyBarony of Dreiburgen
January, 1974
January 5Twelfth Night Coronation and RevelsWest
January 5First Principality Twelfth Night RevelsPrincipality of An Tir
January 8(No event title)Barony of Dreiburgen
January 12Twelfth Night RevelBarony of the Angels
January 12Twelfth Night RevelBarony of Calafia
January 17SCA DemonstrationProvince of the Mists
January 19Midwinter Tourney and Revel, Canton of XerophilBarony of Madrone
January 19RevelReislingshire
January 26Bardic Revel, College of St. HildegardeProvince of the Mists
January 27Annual Parish Meeting DemonstrationBarony of the Golden Rivers
January 30Thirteenth Night RevelReislingshire
January(No event title)Barony of the Golden Rivers
February, 1974
February 2Love Feast and Spring RevelBarony of Dreiburgen
February 3“Sunday in the Middle Ages”Province of the Mists
February 9RevelProvince of Southern Shores
February 9St. Valentine’s Day Feast and Court of LoveBarony of the Angels
February 9St. Valentines Day RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
February 16Celebration and RevelProvince of the Mists
February 16Valentine’s Day Revel, Shire of Silver MagnaeBarony of Madrone
February 16RevelBarony of Three Mountains
February 16-18Winter FestivalBarony of Calafia
February 22-24V-Con III DemonstrationBarony of Lion's Gate
February(No event title)Barony of the Golden Rivers
March, 1974
March 2Theatre PartyProvince of Southern Shores
March 2Spring Coronet TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
March 2Baronial ExpeditionBarony of the Angels
March 2-3March Hare TourneyBarony of Calafia
March 9Demonstration TourneyBarony of Dreiburgen
March 10Feast of Three TastesWest
March 16Chaos TourneyProvince of the Mists
March 16St. Patrick’s Day RevelProvince of the Mists
March 16St. Patrick’s Day ParadeBarony of Madrone
March 16All Day Dance WorkshopBarony of the Angels
March 17Baronial Commemoration RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
March 23Medieval NightBarony of Madrone
March 23Quadri-Baronial Committee MeetingPrincipality of Caid
March 23Failte and Eastern Gate Pre-Crown TourneyBarony of the Angels
March 30Spring Crown TourneyWest
April, 1974
April 6Spring Prize Tourney and RevelProvince of Southern Shores
April 6Second RevelBarony of Adiantum
April 6Westminster Carnival of the Arts, Canton of Eastern GateBarony of the Angels
April 6Baronial DinnerBarony of the Isles
April 13First Annual College of Sciences QuestProvince of the Mists
April 13St. Leo’s Day TourneyBarony of Madrone
April 20-21Centralia College FaireBarony of Madrone
April 20-21Green Shadows Tourney, Canton of Silver MagnaeBarony of Madrone
April 20-21Royal Tourney of UnionPrincipality of Caid
April 21First Baronial Practice Tourney and RevelBarony of the Golden Rivers
April 24Medieval Fashion ShowBarony of the Angels
April 27Spring TourneyReislingshire
April 27-28May Day FestivalBarony of Calafia
April (?)(No event title)Barony of Dreiburgen
April(No event title)Barony of the Golden Rivers

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