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Twelfth Night Coronation

January 5, 1974 (AS VIII)
Creation of the Silver Molet
Creation of the Order of the Silver Molet: Robert of Dunharrow and Bela of Eastmarch. On the right is
Paul of Bellatrix, who was assisting with the ceremony.

"This was the major cause of the controversy that night. See the [event description] Page for a
pretty full account of what it was all about and how various people felt about it. Sir Robert of
Dunharrow is in the green and Sir Bela of Eastmarch in the blue and white. They were the first
two members of the order. That's Duke Paul of Bellatrix in the foreground and putting on the spurs."
-- Steven MacEanruig

Photo by Wilhelm von Schlüssel,
Contribution by Steven MacEanruig

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