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The Seventh Year

Twelfth Night Coronation and Revels
January 6, 1973

From a special flyer:


will be held on Saturday the sixth of January 1973. The First Unitarian Church of Berkeley, (address omitted), will be the site of this year's revels (see map - omitted). Doors will open at 1:30 pm and close at 12 midnight. Reservations for the Revels are $1.00 each and must be made in advance. (See Order Blank for details.)


1:30 Doors open
2:00 Court of King Paul and Queen Carol
3:00 Grand March assembles
3:15 Grand March and Coronation of James Greyhelm and Verena of Laurelin. The main hall will be closed after the Court of King James, and reopen (word obscured) time later.
5:30 The main hall reopens for revels.
7:00 Tables will be removed.
8:00 Bardic Circle will begin.
10:30 Raffle Drawings
11:00 Contest Winners will be announced
12:00 Hall closes

Twelfth Night consists of two events. The Courts and ceremonies will take place in the afternoon. Anyone may attend this part of th eevent as long as they are in pre-16th-century garb. As soon as court busienss is over, the hall will be closed and reopened at 5:30 for revels. Tables will be set up, but this year we are asking that people bring simple meals that can be cleaned up easily. The hall is simply too small for large elaborate banquets. Be prepared to share your table with others. At 7:00 certain of the tables will be removed. There is enough time between afternoon ceremonies and the beginning of Revels at 7:00 for those who wish to have dinner at many of the fine (restuarants?) in the area or at home to do so.

Mask Ball

Last year there were many beautiful and creative masks. We are hoping that many more people will want to participate and be inspired to make masks depicting characters from medieval literature or mythology: fabulous beasts or fanciful characters. For example, if you wish to come as a fabulous beast, such as a dragon, use fabric in your court dress that can be accented by a mask and clawed gloves. (A complete dragon costume would be unnecessary, uncomfortable, and a fire hazard.) Or you could represent a theme or event such as Harvest or Death. Remember, it is the mask that should be the essence of your characterization. Judging and prizes will be awarded at 9:00. We especially encourage children to make masks for a separate judging.


A raffle will be held this year. Tickets are 10cents each and may be ordered with your reservation or purchased at the door. There will be many fine prizes, including an exquisitely detailed model of a medieval foot soldier, donated by the Twelfth Night Committee, a piece of artwork by Luise of the Phoenix, a child's doll by Gormflait ni Cuallchta, a standard bearing the winner's arms, donated and executed by Sarkany Gero, a period costume doll by Johanna von Griffenhurst, two bottles of wine (Inglenook Gamay and Grey Reisling), donated by House Ravnsgaard, and a chance to have your fortune read by Morgan Cailte, and more. Proceeds will be used to defray the cost of the hall and expenses.


Among the entertainments already set for Twelfth Night are demonstrations of Renaissance dancing by Master Allen Van Ore and Lady Rachel Col-de-Cygne; a performance by the flamenco troupe of Senor Jose; and, late in the evening, a repetition of last year's exotic dancing competition. The College of Bards willl participate in a marathon bardic circle in the Fireside Room, where all singers, poets, monologists, and similar quiet entertainers are encouraged to take a turn in giving pleasure to those around them. For much of the evening, dancing, in both the Italian and French styles, will go on in the great hall. And who knows what deviltry the Lord and Lady of Misrule may contrive to set our revels topsy turvy. The Lords Douglas Brown-beard and Gino di Palcoscenico will serve as masters of ceremony for the evening. Lady Rima of Rockridge (phone omitted) continues to coordinate the entertainers in the weeks before Twelfth Night.

Support Your Kingdom

Various forms of fortune telling will be happening at the Revels, so come prepared to cross the fortune teller's palm with silver for a look at th efuture. Proceeds will benefit the Province of the East Bay and the College of Sciences.
     An auction of all the accumulated articles that have been in the Kingdom lost and found box will be held. If you have lost anything, this is your last chance to call (phone omitted) and they will try and locate it. Proceeds will benefit the Kingdom of the West.
     Twelve fifths of very fine Inglenook wine will be auctioned at Twelfth Night. A complete listing will be published in teh January Page, which you will receive in December. Proceeds will benefit the Page and keep it on a monthly publication schedule.


Swords may be worn during the ceremonies. However, at 5:30 swords, maces, axes and the like must be removed from the hall or checked.

Guild Competitions

Again this year the Order of the Wooden Spoon competition will be to make a Soltetay. A new system of judging has been contrived. This was necessary because everyone who was asked to judge said, "But I want to enter!" Therefore the jduging will be as follows: All competiting soltites will be placed on display with a receptacle for donations in front of each. Revelers are asked to contribute as much as they like to their favorite. The winner will be the soltey receiving the highest amount of monies. All contributions will go to benefit the very empty treasury of the Queen's Office of Games and Jollities.
     For those who don't know, a soltetay is more of an entertainment than a food. It was always the last dish presented at a meal, and was made of edible materials but was rather to see than to eat. These were marvelous constructions of spun sugar, marzipan, sweetened bread dough, etc., moulded and sculpted into a marvel of fantasy to mystify and amaze. So, good people, use your imaginations. The contest is open to all.
     The Order of the Crock competition will be to make the finest melamel (mead flavoured with fruits) in the land. All entries must be delivered one week in advance to Bufo Manor (address omitted) or to Ravnsgaard (address omitted).

     All entries for the Embroidered Cloak Contest must be delivered one week in advance to Bufo or to Ravnsgaard (per addresses above). The entries will be on display at the hall and the winner announced. (see details of contest in your July Page, p. 9.)


An extreme amount of confusion, unsightly messes and rudeness resulted from the attempt of everyone at the Twelfth Night Revels last year to eat at the Revels hall. There is simply not enough room. We would urge everyone, except those few who must rearrange the hall for the Revels, to eat elsewhere.
     As the committee has suggested, there are many fine restaurants in the nearby Bay Area. Also. It would be most helpful if people who live near the revels halls could help make arrangements for those coming from outlying baronies and provinces.
     There will be room in the hall for a few tables during the revels, so everyone should be able to bring light provisions and potables to carry them through the evening. In any event, please make sure that your household cleans up everything around the portion of the revels hall that it was using--whether it's your mess or not. The hall must be clean before we leave so that it can be used the next day.


The Unitarian Church runs an ecology recycling center, and insists that garbage be sorted before disposed of. Therefore, to make things easier for the clean-up squad, garbage cans will be labelled "Glass," "Cans," "Paper and Burnables," "Garbage" (food remnants, etc.), and "Non-Recyclable" (plastic). Please obey the signs and be kind to your clean-up committe.

If you would like to have your banner hung in the hall (and we would very much like to use them), please bring them to Ravnsgaard (address omitted) on Wednesday, January 3, or Thursday, January 4.

Johanna von Griffenhurst desperately needs help at Twelfth Night in the form of persons willing to take tickets and somoene to organize the selling of raffle tickets at the Revels.

Flash bulbs and flash guns may be used to take photographs of the ceremonies and mask judging. However, sun guns and light bars are prohibited. A lighted area will be provided for persons who wish to pose for photographs.
     Alcoholic beverages: The Unitarian Church permits beer and wine. No hard liquor!
     Smoking: There will be NO SMOKING in the main hall and fireside room. Smoking will be permitted only in the atrium and outside.
     Baby sitters will be provided.
     If you can supply any holly or greens for decoration, especially holly, please call Gormflait ni Cuallachta at the address below as to where to deliver and when.

If you have any suggestions, information, comments, additions, or complaints, contact William the Lucky (address/phone omitted), or Andre de Sevastopol and Gormflait ni Cuallachta (address/phone omitted).

From The Page (January, 1973):


Hopefully everyone has by now received the flyer from the Twelfth Night Committee. If not, contact Andre de Sevastopol or Gormflait ni Cuallachta (address/phone omitted), or William the Lucky (address/phone omitted). Make haste, since the deadline for reservations is December 20.

Anyone wishing to participate in the entertainment at the Twelfth Night Revels should communicate with the Mistress of Arts, Lady Rima of Rickridge (phone omitted).

As promised in the Twelfth Night Flyer, we present herewith a list of the varieties of Inglenook Wine to be auction at the revels for the benefit of the Page:

Red WinesWhite WinesPink Wines
Navalle ClaretChenin Blanc 1970Vin Rose
Gamay Beaujolais 1969Dry Semillon 1970Navalle Rose
Charbono 1969Traiminer 1970Gamay Rose 1971
Burgudny 1970Rhine 1970
Ruby Port 1967

From The Page (February, 1973):

At the Twelfth Night Revels held in the Principality of the Mists on 6 January VII, James Greyhelm and Verena of Laurelin were crowned King and Queen for the third time; and immediately thereafter Paul and Carol of Bellatrix (having just ended their second reign) were invested as Duke and Duchess.

Luise of the Phoenix gave up her office of Chatelaine to Dorcas Dorcadas, and Garryl Harper of the Flaming Sword resigned as Knight Marshal of Calafia. Sir Stefan de Lorraine gave up his office as Lord Seneschal to William the Lucky, on a provisional basis--that is, William will now have the work of the Lord Seneschal's office (all official matters should now be directed to him), and if he performs as well as he is expected to do, he will receive the cloak of office in May.

Sarkanyi Gero was confirmed as the new Baron of the Angels (replacing Pwyll pen Tyrhon, who has moved to the Bay Area), and swore fealty to the King.

Royal Charters were promised to the Voice of the Turtle and the Order of Motley (musical and dramatic groups in the Barony of Madrone), so soon as they submit to His Majesty charters that are acceptable to the King and the Seneschal. The College of St. Hildegard (located in Mills College) petitioned to be recognized as a new branch of the Society, and this King granted pending approval of the Board of Directors.

A challeneg was read from Cariadoc of the Bow, Duke of Tregirtsee and sometime King of the Middle and of the East, against the Imperial Electors concering the transference of certain Baronies in the southern United States from the Kingdom of the East to the Kingdom of Atenveldt. His Grace does not complain of the transfer (which is to the benefit of all, since Atenveldt is able to take better care of the Baronies than either the East or the Middle has resources to do), but that the Imperium did not notify then King of the East, that is, himself. The knights of the West support His Grace's argument, but it is said that a Master-at-Arms is willing to act as the ELectors' champion. It should be an interesting combat, for both parties are said to be small, tough, and incredibly hard to kill.

Awards of Arms were presented to Esther (lady to Sir Caradoc ap Cador), and to William of York and Sieglinde von Krause, in anticipation of their elevation to the Order of the Seraphic Star, and to Rachel of the White Swan on occasion of her elevation to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. And a long-deserved Order of the Laurel was presented to Baron Sir Stefan, Comte de Lorraine, for long years Lord Seneschal to this Kingdom.

In the department of non-Society matters, Isaac the Unlikely put the Kingdom of the West under the inderict so far as the practice of magic was concerned, and Father Ruthven of Rickridge celebrated teh Mass of the Epiphany. (Which shows that there is a difference, gladly explained on request, but not in a Society publication.)

Finally, two betrothals were announced: Garryl Flaming Sword and Lady Bevin Fraser of Sterling plan to be married in August of this year, and Their Majesties, James Greyhelm and Verena of Laurelin, will be wedded on April fourteenth.

From the History (by Wilhelm):

Held in the First Unitarian Church, Kensington, California. Paul and Carol held court. King Paul gave Awards of Arms to Rachel Col-de-Cygne, Sieglinde von Krause, and William of York, and admitted Rachel Col-de-Cygne to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. Then James and Verena were crowned by Paul and Carol. King James gave an Award of Arms to Esther, and admitted Stefan de Lorraine to the Order of the Laurel.

James Greyhelm
Per bend sinister, argent a
sinister dragon's wing erased
azure, and azure a pair of spears
bendwise sinister argent.
Verena of Laurelin
Azure, in canton a crux
ansata patty Or.
Arms drawn by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield, used with permission
Arms colored by Aja du Jardin

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“I "think" that most or all of the First Unitarian 12th nights were run, more or less, by the Chaos crowd. I remember autocrating 1 or 2 of them with William the Lucky doing another 1 or 2. Lots of good events there and at least one that was probably the biggest downer event I've ever attended. I was autocrating that one, but that wasn't the reason it was a downer. Most of them blend in my memory, but the bad one came later when Andrew was king. More when the time comes.” – Steven MacEanruig

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

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