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The Sixth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation and Revels
January 8, 1972

From The Page (December(?), 1971):


The Office of the Seneschal and the Twelfth Night Committee wish it clarified that the tickets being sold for the Twelfth Night Revels are for the revels only, since no admittance fee can be charged by the Kingdom to the Courts of Kings James and Paul, to be held before the Revels. Any who have not received the flyer for this year's Revels and wish to attend should contact Lady Johanna von Griffenhurst at (address/phone omitted), at once.

Further announcements from the Twelfth Night Committee are as follows.

Volunteers are needed (1) to decorate the hall; (2) to clean up the atrium immediately after teh Revels; (3) to clean up the rest of the hall on Sunday, January 9; (4) to act in a heraldic capacity during the Revels portion of the evening so that the regular heralds may relax their throats for revelling. Those citizens of this Kingdom who wish to assist in the first three categories should contact Sir Stefan de Lorraine or Lady Luise of the Phoenix (phone, other details omitted). Anyone wishing to try his or her lungs as a herald schould contact André de Sevastopol (phone omitted).

Entertainers: Those wishing to perform as strolling players are reminded that they must contact Lady Luise of the Phoenix or Lady Rima of Rickridge (phone omitted) before December 15, 1971.

Ceremonies: Anyone having business before either King James Greyhelm or King Paul of Bellatrix at this Coronation Festival must notify the Seneschal, Sir Stefan de Lorraine, before January 1, 1972, so that a proper schedule of events can be established. Anyone wishing to present a petition or make an announcement at this time, and who knows not the proper phrasing, should contact the College of Heralds for assistance.

Masked Ball: Lady Gormflait is in charge of all preparations for this Masked Ball. Any questions or suggestions concerning this event should be addressed to her at the same farspeaker number as for André de Sevastopol.

Guild Contests: All entries in the two Guild contests will be kept in the Kitchen area of the hall until they are judged. (NOTE: under the arrangements made with the Unitarian Church, the Kitchen is available for storage of these entries only, not for cooking.) If you have a particularly massive entry, it is suggested that you first go to the kitchen and inquire as to how you are to bring it in, then do so.

Rservations: As of this writing (November 15, 1971), half of the reservations for the Revels portion of the festivities have been sold. If you have not nordeed yet, do so, speedily. The one dollar ($1.00) donation for a Revels reservation goes to the Twelfth Night Committee so that they may pay for the hall, baby sitters, decorations, and all the other expenses which go into such an event. Because of space limitations and a Kensington Fire Department which is very attentive, no one without a reservation may remain in the hall for the post-Coronation-and-Court Revels sponsored by the committee.

Admission Correction: All children of twelve years and under are admitted free. Anyone who has purchased reservations for such younglings should return them for refund so that others may purchase tickets.

Further Competition: During the feasting period, a jury composed of one member of each major household or province will judge the aspect of each group's table, and that group which spreads the best table will be heralded before the rest of the feasters.

Ultimate Responsibility: The Chairman of the Twelfth Night Revels Committee is Sir Steven of the Ashenlands (phone omitted). All queries and suggestions concerning the policy of the Committee concerning the Revels portion of the program should be made to him. As the Coronation and Court ceremonies comprise the official Kingdom event part of the evening, all questions and suggestions about that part should be made to the Seneschal, Sir Steven de Lorraine.

From the History (by Wilhelm):

Held in the First Unitarian Church, Kensington, California. James and Verena held court. King James admitted Master Frederick of Holland and Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. He gave Awards of Arms to Christina of the Runes, Gormflait ne Cuallachta, Gwydion Pendderwen, Reyna de San Diego, and Sara of the Rushes. Then Paul and Carol were crowned by James and Verena. King Paul admitted Luise of the Phoenix to the Order of the Laurel. He admitted Boncueur de Myrobolan to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. He made Sir Stefan de Lorraine a Crown Baron. He also gave Awards of Arms to Allen von Ore, Charles Edward Alexander of Everman, Dorcas Dorcadas, Friedrich Erik Helmuth von Rheinhausen, and Meggan mong Ruad (?). Verena of Laurelin won the Order of the Wooden Spoon contest for a Soltotay.

Paul of Bellatrix
Sable, on a bend Or three
compass stars palewise gules.
Carol of Bellatrix
Per bend argent and vert, six
octofoils in bend three and
three counterchanged, all
pierced Or.
Arms drawn by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield, used with permission

“I think this is one of the one's I autocrated, though I could be mistaken. Most all of the Unitarian Church 12th Nights were autocrated by Chaos, usually either William the Lucky or I, as I recall.
     “My memories of these are all jumbled together. Generally it was a pretty good place for 12th Night. It gave one some possibilities of evading court, though court definitely dominated the event. Magnificent views of the bay area from behind the church when the weather was clear, which I recall that it usually was.
     “My favorite memories are of setting up with a small crew (William the Lucky, Trude Lacklandia, and I once did it by ourselves), and of cleaning up afterwards with tired but mellow volunteers. The general rule was that the event ran until midnight and anyone in the hall by 1230 was a volunteer to clean up. It had to be done fairly throughly since the church was, logically enough, used the next day.” – Steven MacEanruig

“The Baron of the Isles was William Tuning, a SF-writer buddy of Randall's. I can't remember his SCA name. Yes, he was kind of coarse-fibred. He wrote a novel in H. Beam Piper's Little Fuzzy series, Fuzzy Bones. And undoubtedly other stuff I can't remember.” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin

“Upon further reflection, my recollection is that Randall had told Tuning before the event that "The Calafian ladies really like a good leching. They will make a show of objecting, but it's just part of the game." So perhaps not a frame, but a set-up. Some friend!“ – William the Lucky

“I think that it was this 12th night that the Wizards decided to withdraw their support from the Kingdom though - led to some good court drama, that at least one Fantasy writer later used in a story to good effect. Steve was still Seneschal, and I remember asking him if there was anything that we could do about the wizards, and he reasonably said 'no', so we told them to go ahead and withdraw their support (I forget the issue - maybe they wanted awards and recognition for being wizards) anyway Isaac the Unlikely turned to leave before I had finished speaking to him. Pissed me off, so I used command voice and said HOLD. He turned quickly and I told him that if anyone came to harm through the wizard's actions or inaction, then on his head would it be. I then dismissed him. Rousing cheers from the populace. Good theater, and one of the more interesting things that I got to do as King. This was a great 12th night site, and I was sorry when we outgrew it - we really were growing fast then, and it got crowded.” – James Greyhelm

“If I remember correctly Isaac and the wizards felt that they had been responsible for the good weather at tournies due to their wizardly efforts. And if they did not get recognition they would no longer see to it that we had good weather for the tournies.
     “Into each life some rain must fall” – Jon FitzRolf
“The wizards were, indeed, of the opinion that all of their efforts were not being appreciated. After all they were the ones doing all the weather magic (go back and read the various posts about tournies that had to be postponed because of weather). They also did a "blessing of the throne" ceremony at one tournament in this period that sounded as if they wanted the throne itself to grow and multiply ...
     “It should be pointed out, as King Paul did several reigns later, that the Kingdom enjoyed excellent weather for its tournies for the next several years (though I remember a couple that I'm sure we'll get to ...) and King Paul publically thanked the wizards for ‘keeping up not keeping up the good work,’ if I remember the exact phrase exactly.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who now wonders what actually became of that particular throne ...
“That was about the way he put it. But with a great deal of pomp and show and threats. [Isaac was not a nice guy, prone to convincing innocent little clueless newbies that he really was a wizard and could cast spells to do them injury unless they did what he want. He is mainly what led to G&PD6.]” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin
“No threats. It was a brokered deal with various people like Harold of Breakstone signing the proclamation provided it was done with no threats. In defense of Isaac, I always liked him and never had any problems with him. I never even heard of threats from him and would certainly have a hard time giving them any credence. IMHO, Isaac actually believes he is a wizard. He is long gone from the SCA but still around somewhere. A year or so ago I found his web page.” – Steven MacEanruig
“I am not sure about this last part- I think that the first sanctions against religion and magic occurred shortly after Jon de Cles, Edwin, et al went up to An Tir for a tourney during Paul's reign. Miles of the Shamrock (mundane brother to Duke Torgul) won the tourney, beating Edwin in the finals. He asked to 'speech', and was granted permission. He then proceeded to 'witness' the assembled group - 'That it was the power of Jesus in his sword arm that allowed him to win' Or some such thing. There was a hurried board meeting a short while later ...” – James Greyhelm
“And what is G&PD6?” – Stefan de Lorraine
“Oh, heck, have I misnamed it again? I was never too good at acronyms. Governing & Policy Decision No. 6, or whatever its proper name is, the one that says you may not perform religious ceremonies at events under circumstances that would make anyone an unwilling participant (e.g., by having a Mass or an Alfarblot or something at Court) or imply that the SCA was sponsoring the ceremony.” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin
“Isaac was prone to wearing his medievals around Berkeley (as did others) along with a Knights of Columbus sword. I was told that one time, he was hassled by moderns to the point where he drew his sword and was subsequently arrested. I think there was something about him protesting the charge of carrying a concealed weapon on the grounds that the sword was clearly visible to anyone. But this may be verging into the realm of medieval apocrypha ...” – Brian Dritar an Con
“Anyway, he came up with his little coven of five or six and announced portentously that unless his efforts to provide us with good weather were recognized and suitably rewarded (not specifying what form that reward would take), he'd withdraw his protection from our tourney sites and dates.” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin
“Pretty much so, except they weren't his coven mostly.” – Steven MacEanruig
“James, with perfect sangfroid, told Isaac that he could do, or not do, as he liked, but he could not compel others to follow his lead.
     “(We grow good Kings in the West.)
     “So Isaac and company stomped off again, and what resulted is even funnier. It was shortly thereafter that William the Lucky became Seneschal. During all his term, we had excellent weather for all our events. More than one person was heard to remark that if this was what happened when Isaac withdrew his magical protection, he could keep it withdrawn till Hell froze.” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin
“Too true. And as Stefan pointed out, Paul drew attention to it a year or so later. The wizards have never been back.” – Steven MacEanruig
“As I recall, that March (VI) we arrived in Southern Shores for the Crown Tournament (at Coyote Creek, I believe) to seriously overcast skies, not to mention a forecast of rain. I recall having someone come up and ask with great concern what would happen if it rained on the event. "If it rains, we get wet." One of the few times I actually thought of a good come-back in time to use it, rather than days later. But the skies cleared and we had no rain after all.” – William the Lucky, who managed to avoid becoming Kingdom Seneschal until at least June VII.
“Uh, Wizards?” – Roger of Belden Abbey, who knew about the SCA by his reading of SF periodicals, but lived in the US Navy at the time.
“Back in the depths of time, One Phillip Edward Isaac Bonewits did appear. He was in the process of getting a degree in Magic from UCB (no kidding - he got it, and that is what it said, signed by Ronald Reagan no less). He decided that we needed to organize the Wizards, and he set up the Order of Wizard Lore (OWL...) and they would go around at tournies, warding the field, doing weather magic, etc. If Verena is reading this, she could have some comments as well - Dorothea has already mentioned some of Isaac’s habits ...” – James Greyhelm
“If recollection serves, the degree Isaac the Bonewit got from Berkeley was in the History department. You could then, may be still can, choose your own courses leading to a degree in History-of-Whatever. He sold his thesis (or something based on it) to a regular paperback publisher (and it showed up on drugstore bookracks) as Real Magick or some such title.
     “I remember a tourney where, as Herald, I had a run-in with him. He stormed up to me and demanded that I announce to all that the wind (which was fairly high, and giving some trouble) was the fault of Geraldine of Toad Hall who had "-boasted of having caused it for the benefit of the kite-flying contest she was running.-" (The "-...-" represents the sf-fanzine quasiquote, marking a quotation which was either intentionally modified or thought to be inaccurate; it was done on a typewriter by striking the hyphen in the same space as the quotemark; is there a Net equivalent?) She may have said it jokingly, as I do myself, as in 'What a nice day for a picnic.' 'Yes, I ordered it specially.' But Isaac was dead serious. I said that I was the King's Voice, and would make the announcement if His Majesty ordered it, not otherwise. Whether he asked the King (seems to me it was one of James's reigns) is not known to me.
     “I remember, too, that Isaac petitioned the Crown at some point to have the College of Heralds ordered to grant him a name and device, as was the right of every subject. This surprised me because I hadn't seen any application from him; and when the herald who had rejected it out of hand brought it to a meeting, it was no wonder. I forget what he wanted, but from end to end it was heavy power-magic. There was no way I would grant it.
     “He or one of his adherents was probably behind a phone call I received, from a frightened young woman I didn't know by name. She begged me (as a Herald) to do something about the curse "-the wizards-" had put on her, the effects of which had included a sensation like the impact of a bullet on her neck. All I could do was assure her that the Heralds had no truck with any kind of magic, and believed that wizards had no supernatural powers whatever, but also that we had no authority over anything a self-proclaimed wizard said or did.” – Karina of the Far West
“I keep *telling* people that Isaac was not just a harmless flake, and they keep saying, "Aw, I liked Isaac, what harm did he do?"” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin
“I don't recall saying he did no harm. I said I always got along with him and liked him all right. Definitely a flake, however. I do remember being in his very tiny, very dark and dank, basement apartment one time while he told me all about what magic was good for and I though about how much nicer it was to have a job, a nice apartment, and decent possessions. Probably very material of me, but that's the way it is.” – Stefan de Lorraine
“It was about that time that I took out a subscription to Green Egg, so I could recognize words and phrases with special Wiccan meanings. I still groan mentally at the degree of ignorance that let the name "Gwydion Pendderwen," with a device involving an oak tree, get by me.” – Karina of the Far West
“For those who might be interested, Isaac Bonewitz's game book, Authentic Thaumaturgy, which attempted to do for gaming what his other book, Real Magic, did for "real world" magic, is currently being republished by Steve Jackson Games. I have also heard about third hand that Isaac is in very poor health these days – possibly cancer. Perhaps a visit to his website would bring up more information.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who has never quite forgiven Isaac for getting a cold sore and accusing a lady of my household of giving him herpes. This accusation, I might add, was bruited about an entire RenFaire. Jon the Lean, also in my household at the time, threatened to do grievous bodily harm to Isaac if he didn't shut up.
“When the BoD policy on magic and religion was issued, I made a point (as Earl Marshal) to take Isaac and his cohorts aside and tell them that if I learned that anyone so much as even hinted that they were or had been using wizardry (or whatever) to influence the outcome of tournament combat, whether positively or negatively, they would be in a world of trouble with my office.
     “Personally, I gave no credence to his pretensions of magical prowess, but I wasn't about to let him mess with the minds of fighters who might.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“Speaking of blessing thrones, Henrik and I were talking recently and I asked him about the "Throne Stone" that was made by Francis Boyd (Scottish persona, just learning blacksmithing back then - can't remember his SCA name [“Francis the Smith” – Henrik of Havn]) and presented to the king as a new piece of regalia back in the earlies. Henrik didn't remember the story but suggested I post it here. This seems as good a spot as any to introduce it.
     “Francis had scrounged an original, pre-1906 San Francisco cobblestone - which was fairly large and heavy - and had chiseled a few SCA style designs on it in the hopes that it would become a relic along the lines of similar British boulders. He presented it at court with little or no warning. I remember at the time, no one wanted to haul the damned thing back and forth to tourneys, and the king used that wonderful phrase, "We return it to your keeping until such time as we have need of it." I believe it was James Greyhelm joking with a bunch of us who suggested that if the stone was accepted as regalia, then Francis should be required to carry the stone around the perimeter of the tourney grounds three times to formally "invest" every event.” – Brian Dritar an Con

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford).

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