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The Fifty-Second Year

Investiture -- Principality of Cynagua

July 22, 2017 (AS LII)

Stanislaus County Agricultural Center,
Modesto, CA

From The Page (July, 2017):

Their Highnesses, Raven of Drachenheim and Brenna Bethan, wish to invite the populace to come and bear witness the Investiture of Their Heirs, Gwain and Meisha, the Lord and Lady of the Swan. Activities planned include a fantastic Norse feast for our new royalty, as well as a Copper Spoon competition and an Arts and Sciences Competition.

The Norse inspired Feast will be cooked by Lord Angus Tyresson. Angus would also like to open up the Kitchen to four teenagers who are interested in cooking, 13 and up. Please contact him for more information.

A & S Information: It will be a populous vote and needs to be displayed, so no performances.

Arts: Needles – Must use a needle – a thin and pointy tool – in its construction. Make sure to say what kind of needle and how it was used.

Science: Tools – Re-create a tool used during the middle ages. This is an interactive display; the tool needs to be able to be used by the populous, in the correct manner in the display.

Please bring entries to A&S table by 11 am. Judging will be throughout the day. The winner will be announced during the first court of their incoming Highnesses. If you have any questions contact Lady Linnet Hatfield.

Copper Spoon Information: “a dish to cool the humours”- Any SCA time period, any known culture. As always, while you don’t need documentation to enter, you’ll be forfeiting those points (1/6th of the total) if you don’t provide any...

More information on the feast and other activities will be forthcoming!

Autocrat: Finna Kottr Godormsdottir (contact info omitted))

Feastocrat: Angus Tyresson (contact info omitted)

Registration: Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Children (Ages 10 -17): $10, Children (Ages 5-9): $5, Children (Under 5): Free, Family Cap: $50

Feast Registration: Feast will be $15 per person, this does not include your site fee. Feast tickets will be available through the Exchequer, Ed­mond of Surrey, (email address omitted), or contact on Facebook (Kris Gulliver). Tickets will be sold in advance, and are available by sending checks made out to ‘SCA, Inc., Principality of Cynagua’– send your money in now to reserve your seat. Please also include a valid e-mail address with your information when purchasing Feast tickets.

Site Opens: 9am and Closes: 11pm- If you show up before 9am, be prepared to help set up.

Location: Stanislaus County Agricultural Center, (street address omitted), Modesto CA 95358

Gawain Ivarsson

Per pale sable and Or,
two pegasi combattant
    Milesha Kulikova

Purpure, a natural dolphin
haurient and on a chief
embattled Or four lozenges
ployé gules.

Armory Images by Milesha Kulikova

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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