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The Fiftieth Year

Fall Feast and Championship -- Bestwoode

October 24, 2015 (AS L)

Shasta College Anderson River Park Gazebo*,
Redding, CA

From The Page (October, 2015):

Where’s Marco? or On The Road To Burma Although the Silk Road was opened by others, Marco Polo is the best known of the travelers through his narrative recorded by a fellow prisoner upon his return to Italy. This gave Western Europeans a glimpse into the exotic Far East along with new foods, fabrics and technologies. I invite you to journey with me to some of his ports of call, from Venice to Mongol-controlled China and back through Burma. Bring your compass, your astrolabe and your Dramamine…

The Championship and various fight scenarios including a Marco Polo Melee will take place during the afternoon. Fighter refreshments will be available. Lawn games, Archery and Thrown Weapons will be available for all to partake (please bring your own Archery gear).

The Feast will feature an international menu of 4 removes served. Regional entertainment will ensue. There will be a live auction of SCA/Silk Road related items. There will be a ‘slave’ auction – slaves serving dessert to their new, if temporary owners (slave kits provided). Please bring your feast gear. There will be recognition of acts of Gallantry, Chivalry, and – of course – the new Champion.

Site Information: Shasta College (street address omitted), Redding, California 96003

Site Opens: 11AM – 9PM

Site Fees: Ticket: Presale: $15 for Adult, $10 13 years & under, 5 years and under - no charge, $60 Family cap. Door: $20 for Adult, $15 13 years & under, 5 years and under - no charge, $80 Family cap.

Autocrat: Lady Tzipah the Healer (contact info omitted).

* Location of event modified after the Page was issued, noted in an email, Nov. 1, 2017 ...

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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