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The Fifth Year

Midsummer Crown Tourney
June 20, 1970

Held in the San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California. Stephen and Astrid reigned. King Stephen gave an Award of Arms to Rachel of Bon Repos. Crown Lists were held. Duke Henrik of Havn won, defeating Sir Earl of Morris. Leanne of Maywood was his lady. Master Arnolf Silkhair gave the MGC to Charles of Mercury.

“Rachel (Holmen) probably got her AoA for working her tail off as Mistress of the Lists. I believe that she still has copies of all of the lists for the first X years, and maybe some of the challenges and such. She mentioned this to me a few years ago, but I did not know what to do with such things then. She still lives in Berkeley, and works for MZB.
     “Arnulf should have gotten more mention in this history. He was a Quiet, serious man, and very dedicated to the SCA. He fought in simple gear - what a Viking would have worn, perhaps. A helmet with no face guard, a round shield and hand-sewn linen tunic. His swords were beautifully made, with hand carved and painted viking lobbed pommels. Like many SCA weapons back then, they also had names (Adder's tongue?). He made the cover for the Great Book of Arms, that was supposed to have all of the arms of the West in it, some day.
     “I heard that his wife told him to choose between the SCA and her, and he left her for a time, but was miserable. He left us, and I never saw him again.” – James Greyhelm

“Arnulf offered the Coveted Arnulf Award for authenticity in costuming. He was very anti the tunic over blue jeans and engineer boots style of costuming that was, and I imagine is, so prevalent. We were all afraid that the award was the Coveted Arnulf, but I don't know if anyone was authentic enough to win the award. He made exquisite Thor’s Hammer pendants that I imagine various recipients still treasure.
     “He did at least one cover for TI (vikings raiding a burning Celtic church) and in an accompanying article used the garb almost worn by the victim on the cover as an example of period garb for women who wanted to be seductive and medieval at the same time. Arnulf was much more of a Dark Ages person than a Renaissance one.
     “I awoke one morning to find Arnulf ensconced on our couch. This was during his period of estrangement from his wife. At one point he moved to Sweden (his ancestral home) but came back very disappointed because Swedes didn't like to admit they were ever Vikings.
     “When he was given the MGC, the awarder said he always feared Arnulf because he seemed to fight like a spider, creeping up and lunging. A very interesting gentleman.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who got spider stung on more than one occasion...

“I think this was the last Summer Crown Tourney won by Henrik. By this time the next year, there was a whole new crew of deadly fighters. Not much else about this tourney sticks in my mind. It was my first full tourney as Seneschal, and I'm trying to remember if this was the one where Luise was abducted just as I had gotten out of my armor and into my Seneschal rig and had to race to her defense in half-armor over my good cote armorie. I heard about that from her, let me tell you.
     "At this point, Charles of Mercury was starting to make himself known. He was an up-and-coming Toad fighter, very strong and fast – well deserving of the name. Left the SCA for Scientology, as I recall.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who still has (but no longer fits) that cote armorie. It's hard to find anyone else to wear garb that is half fleur de lys and half seneschal keys.

“There seems to be some confusion (by me) at this point of history. Or I missed something. Was this held in June? I was under the impression it was more like May. This event, whenever it was held, was the first Crown I had ever attended so big parts stand out in my mind. Before I tell my tale of that event, I'd like to get the basics right. Was Stephen Blackeagle the king? I fought, and defeated him (the very first knight of the West I ever beat), at the event and the King wasn't fighting in those days. You don’t forget things like that. It has also been said that Charles of Mercury received the MGC at this event. And this is the reason I remember this event so well after all of these years, I received the MGC at the San Anselmo Crown. Help me out here folks, do I have my dates wrong, I know the site is correct and it was the Spring Crown we came down for (Sir Fredrick of the West Tower was with us) but the version posted doesn’t sound right. (I'm looking for the photos of this event now and will send them on for the site).
     “There is also listed a combined tourney for Madrona/3 Mountains on the same date (June 20) and stated that that was the first tourney for 3 Mountains. Three Mountains held a tourney before that in Washington Park (Portland) and I had the MGC with me then.” – Jerald of Galloway

“I don't know if it is a help or a hinder for Jerald's question. My recollection is that there was an event the following spring also held at the Theological Seminary site. I may be confused but I think it was the event Hagen won, I do recall fighting (and losing eventually to) Henrik in an elimination Lists there (double killed with him in the melee earlier). March AS V would be just about right and may account for Jerald's tangled time-line. Hagen winning Spring Crown, James being knighted at Hagen and Ruth's coronation May VI, and Paul and James meeting in the subsequent June VI Crown finals all follow in my own mental sequence of the times.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“I believe this is right. I got out of the USAF in 1971 in late June, just too late to go to the crown that year. Hagen was the king when I arrived back in civilization and James had just won the crown tournament. Paul, as I recall, was knighted in June of AS V. I'll have to check my lists of early kings of the West for the actual dates.” – Steven MacEanruig
“This also fits into my recollections. It definitely was the event Hagen won. Was James knighted at Coronation? I'm sure he recalls it better than any of us who have spoken so far.” – Stefan de Lorraine
“I was knighted at Briones Park, in May, by Hagen. In AS VI. So there is the confusion. We are still in AS V. We had more than one event at the Seminary - I think that by AS VI, we had enough fighters and armor for big melees, etc.” – James Greyhelm
“And the more I think about it, the more certain I am that it was the Spring event in AS V where Luise was abducted and I fought in my court clothes ... Oh, I remember now ... Someone else was abducted, perhaps Queen Ellen, and, because there were no fighters ready to rescue her, Luise picked up a staff flail and tried to rescue her, getting captured (by Charles of the JACs?) for her trouble. Then I had to get armored up to rescue her (which someone else did, actually).” – Stefan de Lorraine, so many events, so many abductions ...
“I remember when Jean and Ellen were King and Queen, that a tourney was held at the Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, and when several of us fighters tried to abduct her Majesty in a friendly, typical abduction, she was very distressed and ‘really’ didn’t want to be abducted! Kinda took the air out of that sail! Could that have been the March AS V tourney Kevin is talking about? Also at one of the San Anselmo Tournies – it may have been this one, a contingent of Atenveldters came, including Charles of the JACS in his early “Seymor” plate armour and his brother, Arthur of Lockehaven. There was a net and trident combat that Charles participated in.” – Henrik of Havn
“They wore gold armor and in gladiatorial style, there was a bare leg, arm here and there and yes a bare chest. One man had a padded trident and weighted net and the other had short sword and buckler. They fought for best two out of three and I recall distinctly a herald (Randall Garrett?) proclaiming that it was "a net gain for the trident!"” – Brian Dritar an Con
“The Awards list in SCA-West shows Jerald getting the MGC in March of AS V which falls into line as well.
     “My own personal special memory of Arnulf is of him serving as the RenFaire sheriff's mens' Tac Squad to keep order on the occasions that we "caught" Robin Hood and were going to 'execute' him (rescued at the last moment of course). His carved and inlaid Viking kite shield was a work of special beauty.
     “Arnulf must have had an add-on face guard for his helm for use in combat, I can't imagine him being allowed to fight open-faced, but I have no mental image of what he actually wore when he fought.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“Alas, I never met Arnulf, who departed just before I returned. I did hear a lot of stories about him, however.” – Steven MacEanruig
“Arnulf had built in eye guards, very much like what many vikings and Scandinavians wore, and had a basket weave metal faceguard he put on when he actually had to fight. No, he was not allowed to fight bare-faced, though, being Arnulf, I'm sure he would have willingly and gladly done so.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who wishes to point out that Arnulf's real name was Ernie Roth, he was a skilled jeweler (I believe that's how he made his living, and I'm talking about jewelry store jeweler (employee, not owner), not Renfaire jeweler [on the other hand, he may have been another SCA programmer]) and did not fit the usual physical look of a Viking, being rather short and slender. Certainly had the Viking spirit, though.”
“He had to be talked into wearing a face guard, and (in protest, I imagine) he put some chicken wire mesh over the lower face. The helmet was made from steel bands, blued, with cheek flaps and a goggle eye guard. There was a small amount of mail at the back. The basic helmet bowl was a Bakelite construction helmet, with the brim cut off. The sort of thing that workers wore in the 40's and 50's. It was a dark brown. I know that it sounds odd, but it looked nice.” – James Greyhelm
“Very nice indeed. I had no idea it wasn't made entirely of metal.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who is willing to believe the flash and dash of almost anything ...
“I didn’t know it wasn’t a metal bowl either.” – Henrik of Havn
“Arnulf Silkhair did fight with a flimsy wire mask which clipped on to his helm. Two of the catch points were **through** his eye holes a fraction of an inch away from his eyeballs. It was dangerous as hell.
     “After he left the SCA, to the best of my knowledge, he only made one appearance at a Western event. Arnulf attended a 12th Night many years ago (my vague memory says it was the last 12th Night at the Kensington Unitarian Church). He did not know me, but I was present when he was made a MoA here in the Bay Area (March Crown 1970 I belief). I know nothing of his being made a Master at an Atenveldt event.
     “My memory of June Crown 1970 at the San Anselmo Seminary (this was my first fighting event--I "qualified" there--now it is called "authorized") is that Blackeagle as King was presiding; therefore, in accordance with tradition, he did not do any fighting that day. This was Henrik's fifth win. He would win again in June of 1973.” – Andrew of Riga
“On Arnulf as the Sheriff's Tac Squad:
     “Opening Court on any Faire day. The Sheriff is introduced and makes his standard speech about behave yourselves, the cops are on the scene.
     "... and be advised: my Tactical Squadron is authorized to use Mace!"
     “Whereupon Arnulf would step forward and thump the stage ... my gosh, yes, it must have been the MGC that he was holding ... swing the MGC forward from its place over his shoulder and THUMP it down onto the stage. Loud thump. Lots of nervous laughs. We were just out of the Seventies. You won't find any scars from the experience on the MGC, which is made (if my memory serves) of hickory. There may have been a few scars on the stage.” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin
“I remember the Tac Squad and the exact quote about Mace as well. Arnulf wore a silver freon helm when he did his stage bashing and it always got a big laugh out of the audience. I'm not sure I recall the club being the MGC but I think I have a bit of that on film as well. Remember that the Sheriff's men were the biggest SCA bruisers around, wore black costumes and had badges of gold with a red boar's head (a not so subtle reference to calling policemen "pigs" at the time). They would swagger around the fair being generally obnoxious (this group later evolved into the Queen's Guard who eventually got to wear the English uniforms from the Gene Kelly version of the Three Musketeers. But that is another story...). When Robin was rescued on stage, they had rigged an arrow to suddenly pop out of the woodwork to make it look as it had been launched from his confederate up in one of the trees. Robin Hood and his men would run through the forest and make a big show of robbing an actor playing a fat merchant and then distributing his gold (chocolate coins) to the crowd and craftspeople. Great stuff - too bad Phyllis Patterson did away with it in the name of "authenticity".” – Brian Dritar an Con

“This was the first Crown I fought in (one fight--it was single elim). I fought Siegfried, took his leg (the one away from me...) and got killed shortly thereafter. I died suitably, and then got up to help Siegfried off his knees. That was when I realized he was left-handed.
     “The local cops came by and stopped to talk. They told us that the Hells Angels were expected to come through town that day, so they (the cops) couldn't stay and watch. Later rumor had it that, on hearing that the SCA was in town that day, the Angels went *around* San Anselmo.” – Hal Ravn

“To clear up some confusion about dates of knightings, etc. ---
     “When Stephen Blackeagle defeated Arnulf Silkhair in Crown finals in March IV (1970) both were called up together & offered knighthood. Steve took it, Arnulf opted for MoA.” – Robert of Dunharrow

“I'm almost certain that I knighted them before they fought in the finals (much as Houri was knighted before we fought in the previous finals) but I could be wrong.” – Stefan de Lorraine
“Henrik won June V (1970) Crown, for his 5th reign. Jean (previously knighted at an event in Atenveldt) defeated Charles of Mercury in Crown finals of October V (1970). Since Charles was Jean's squire (within the Dunharrow Eored), Jean asked Henrik to knight Charles before they fought in the finals, which was done.” – Robert of Dunharrow
“No, Jean was not knighted in Atenveldt. Jon the Lean (now Fitzrolf) was knighted in Atenveldt. I believe Jean had already been knighted before the Atenveldt trip, perhaps at the same tourney where I knighted Stephen and Arnulf. In fact, I'm sure of this. William the Lucky later named me the progenitor of most of the chivalry of the West for quite a while because I knighted Jean, who knighted Hagen, who knighted Paul and James, and the two of them knighted aforesaid major chunk of the chivalry of the West over two years worth of trading reigns, and a few afterwards, too.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who is always interested in the further exploits of "my children."
“My remembrance is that it was me that pointed that out first. Actually, Stefan is the progenitor of much of the chivalry of the world, a good bit of it being due to the knightings in Atenveldt.” – Steven MacEanruig
“Hagen defeated Houri in Crown finals in March V (1971) and Hagen was then knighted by Jean. (Incidentally, Jean & Hagen each won the only crown tourney in which either used a shield - the same Viking roundshield, in fact - instead of 2 shortswords or longsword, respectively. It took me some time to convince each of them to use a shield in crown.)
     “At his coronation (May VI - 1971), Hagen knighted James Greyhelm.
     “At June Crown VI (1971), after James & Paul had each won one fight of a 2-out-of-3 final, Hagen knighted Paul of Bellatrix and Kevin Peregrynne and made Frederick of Holland a MoA. Then Jim won the 3rd fight and so began an alternation of James & Paul for the next 6 reigns.” – Robert of Dunharrow

“I remember it well as it was my first tourney and I happened to film it as well. Someone at the Renaissance Faire put me on to the SCA. Here are some general notes-
     “Date:The date should be correct as I recall having to leave early to go to my senior prom (was in high school at the time). That had to have been in May or June of 1971. And it definitely was at the Theological Seminary - it made a very great impression on me at the time.
     “Participants I know were there (off the top of my head & sorry for any Elizabethan spelling) Stephan de Lorraine, Henrik of Havn, Jon the Lean, Mark von dem Falkensfenn, Warren the Strange, Frederick of Hightower, Paul of Bellatrix, James Greyhelm, Verena of Laurelin, Frederick of Holland, gue, Hal Ravn, Louis (what was his name - dark hair, big mustache, silver freon helm and a serape - may have had a Middle Eastern persona), Shelley Monson, Aurie Mair, Irene (slender blonde in House Havn), Steve Forbes (always wore fabulous Italian renaissance style costumes), there was also a fellow who had made himself a tunic of interlocking colored plastic rings - which may have been poultry ID bands, a young guy with Columbine the kestrel (Steven something?), and a woman kitted out in short leather swashbuckler/fantasy style tunic showing lots of leg and skin. Obviously, there were others but I'd have to look at the film to jog my celluloid based memory.
     “Fighting: Yes there was a large melee of armored men - I filmed it.
     “Dancing: Whoever was dancemaster, or something approaching that title - I want to say Alan -, led a group of people behind the pavilions.” – Brian Dritar an Con

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