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The Fifth Year

The Second Nottingham Faire -- Province of the Mists
February 13, 1971

Held at the First Unitarian Church in Berkeley. There was a fighting demonstration and a medieval dance class.

“My most vivid memory of the Nottingham Fair was Henrik and another fighter (Houri) both landing their aggregate 300 plus pounds in my lap and destroying one of the church's folding chairs totally. (And if it wasn't me the trauma was vivid enough for several of us skinny squire-oids to share).” – Kevin Peregrynne

“The demo was actually on the stage at the church, which was of pretty good size. However, Kevin's recollection of sitting on a folding chair and having two fully armored (for the time) knights sit on him gives you an idea of how close the quarters were.
     “I think this was an event where I received one of the hardest blows I've ever received. Can't remember who administered it, but I essentially walked into a shield hook so that my helmet (and thank you Jon for making it so tough) connected with the edge of the incoming shield. Rocked my world completely, let me tell you.” – Stefan de Lorraine
“About Nottingham Fair - fully armored for the time did include all 70 odd pounds of Henrik's mail and so on plus I think Houri had just finished his latigo leather harness. In any case I'm glad the chair broke instead of me (a coin flip considering I was almost as flimsy).
     “I think Stefan is on to something, with the exception of my elbow I've been hurt as often and severely by shields and the general environment (dirt in the air and underfoot) as by (so-called) weapons.
     “Funny thing, I remember The Forces of Chaos being formed, but I remember the Chaos label being attached to Steve and Luise's lodging and clump of close friends from their apartment called Chaos Court where I first met them shortly after their Twelfth Night Wedding.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“True, we started the Chaos name with Chaos Court (a townhome, actually), and I started answering the phone "Chaos" at that point, but that was the name of the house, not the household. It was actually my squire, Warren the Strange, who more or less coined the name for real when, while we were getting ready for the Westercon at the Francisco Torres, which has already been discussed, he said that we wanted to do the tournament right so we wouldn't be known as the "Farces of Chaos." Despite the disaster that befell that plan, which I've already detailed, the name stuck as "Forces" instead. Initial inspiration for the choice of name was, as you might expect, the books of Michael Moorcock.
     “Oh yes, and Chaos Manor got its name because Jon the Lean, who was living with us at the time, said that it was appropriate because we always did things in a Chaotic Manner.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who got out of the habit of answering his home phone with "Chaos" when he spent three+ years working (and answering the phone) at Chaosium, Inc. It just got too confusing ...
“If it was an Andrew from the middle, I expect it was Andrew of Seldom Rest (known as '...of Seldom Right' in his later career to cogniscenti {I may forgive but I never forget}). However I do remember Richard being gone then coming back and finally getting to fight him at a Chaos practice before I was knighted, so this may be it.
     “A while ago I wrote a lengthy message regarding my' and Andrew of Riga's encounters at the June tourney with Barry of Judah (sometimes known as Lochinvar of Lutha)? It mostly dealt with Barry's retrograde maneuverability. Actually I got to know him better later and his people skills were not tall hat bad, but he also was out of touch with the directions that fighting was going which annoyed fighters of the new evolving aggressive styles.
     “Anne of the Golden City was around as I recall, though not in the power structure (which centered around David and Cheryl White) when Patti and I moved to Golden Rivers. Lydd however, was dead and gone like Atlantis (not my image ... you should have heard the epic poem recited at the Mythpoeic Society Yule Moot).
     “The scuttlebutt was that the combination of the theft of the mail and the rigors of sleeping in the not-designed-for-the-task Royal Pavilion put both Hagen and Ruth off of the SCA as soon as they could gracefully depart. I wouldn't be surprised if some of our folk weren't Ruth's cup of tea ... she did after all originate the QOG.” – Kevin Peregrynne

“We had a lot of fun at these fairs. This was the site for a number of 12th nights at that time, and we had a good working relationship with the church. They usually had a raffle at the event, and you had to present to win - I remember that we had all stuck around and SCA people kept getting prizes - I think that Ginny still has a fondue pot that she won. At one of these fairs Christina of the Runes was belly dancing, went into a floor drop, and could not get up - her top had come off. Chris was amply endowed, and the whole scene was funny, with a large group of SCA women, surrounding her with cloaks, and a lot of disapproving looks from church women ...” – James Greyhelm

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
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