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The Forty-Ninth Year

Archery Championship -- Principality of Cynagua

November 16, 2014 (AS XLIX)

El Dorado Hills Bowmen’s Club,
El Dorado Hills, CA

From The Page (November, 2014):

Competition is to have four sections, each quarter (25%) to equal closest to 100%. ROYAL ROUNDS & SEASONAL: There Will Be a Standard Shoot, To Include a Set of Royal Round and targets of our Seasonal shoots. Numbers and the Scoring of the Seasonal Shoot. High Score (25%). LESSER BIRD SHOOT: Not Being a Swan, Any Other Member of the Avian Family is Just a Bird. This Shoot Is To Hit a Bird in Flight As It Passes, 6 Arrows to Hit, 4pts Ea. 2pts if the arrow moves target, One Point For Showing. (25%). THE HUNT: Five of the Targets at the Club Will Have Animal Targets Displayed. Each Target Will Be a ONE Shot Chance, if you miss, it ran away. 5pts For a Kill, 3pts For a Wound, 1pt For an Aggravation. (25%). THE SCALE OF SKILL: This Shoot Will Be a 5 Part Swiss Round Rotation at 25yds. There Will Be 2 Full Containers Balanced Like A Scale. The Object Is To Empty Your Container First—5pts ea Round. (25%). Everyone is welcome to participate, Cynaguan populace (your registered address as a member will allow title) welcome to win...

Site Information: El Dorado Hills Bowmen’s Club, (address omitted), El Dorado Hills, California 95762

Site opens: Gate opening at 9am, Shooting to start at 10AM

Site fee: Members $10.00, non members $15.00. Food and Drinks available with donation.

Autocrat: Robear de Perceval, (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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