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The Forty-Eighth Year

Kingdom Championships -- Kingdom of the West

September 8, 2013 (AS XLVIII)

Mar Val Stables,
Lodi, CA

From The Page (August, 2013):

Come one, come all, & witness the first combined Archery, Equestrian, and Rapier Championship for the Kingdom of the West!

Separate competitions will be held, designed by the current Kingdom Champions, to identify the Archery, Equestrian, & Rapier Champions for the following year.

Participants are encouraged to test their skill and compete in as many different disciplines as they wish! Please come out & celebrate this first Grand Championship & enjoy a glorious day full of riding, fighting, & arrows a'fl ying! The only thing missing to make this wonderful & memorable event complete, is you!

The Championship Schedule is as follows:

9 am Rapier Championship-
*Format: Double Elimination with the final round being the best 3 bouts out of 5. The field will remain open for pick-ups & melees after the tourney.
11 am Equestrian Championship / Non-Martial Competitions
*1. Franchise (open/freestyle presentation),
2. Turn-out (Clothing and tack to be judged)
3. Horsemanship Pattern
4. Challenge Course
1 pm Archery Championship
3 pm Equestrian Championship - Martial Competitions and Finals
*5. Mounted Archery
6. Swords Course
7. Hastiludes (lance games)
8. Mixed Weapons Course

***The Companions of the Order of the Western Gold Scarf are celebrating this inaugural combined Championship event by sponsoring a versatility award. Participants can earn points by helping with, trying out, or competing in various activities. The individual who garners the most points will receive a special prize.

Site Information: Mar Val Stables, (address omitted), 95242 Lodi, CA

Event Hours: Site will open at 8am on Saturday. Camping will be available for Saturday & Sunday nights.

Site Fee: $10 Pipe Pen Rental: Pens are available from the site, for a rental fee of $20. Please make reservations with the Autocrat.

Autocrat: Dona Eleanora Lucretzia del Fiore/ (contact info omitted)

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