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The Forty-Seventh Year

Championship Tournament and Knights Errant -- Fettburg

May 19, 2012 (AS XLVII)

From The Page (April, 2012):

United Lutheran Church and Northgate Park Gate,
Manteca, CA

Come join us for the Championship tournament of the Great Barony of Fettburg. Both Heavy, Rapier, Archery and Siege Cooking contestants are invited to compete for the title of champion of Fettburg. Come and prove your metal against worthy opponents or cheer on your favorite contestant. The name of the game this year is DONATION. There will be a Knights Errant challenge tournament ran between rounds of the main heavy tournament. The Knights Errant will be joining us this day and we will run this prize tournament as an unbelt challenges tournament. Knights will take the field at the end of each round of the main tournament. Each unbelted fighter that participates will be given 3 lives. One life lost per fight lost. Each speed round will last 5 minutes and the unbelts will have this time to fight as many Knights as they have time and lives to fight. Points will be given for victory and each Knight will have one discretionary point to award per round. Winner is the unbelt with the most points. Recognition will also be given for the fighter with the most fights for the day. But each fighter need not only have 3 lives. The gallery is invited to donate to the cause to the fighter that holds their inspiration. The gallery may at their discretion buy additional lives for their favorite with a suggested donation of $5. Each fighter will be allowed a maximum of 3 additional donation lives. Proceeds will go to West Kingdom Welcome Committee. Archery will happen off site at the Home of Tashi and Wulfric just a few minutes up the road. Carpools will be available to ferry folks to the range and back if needed. The competition will begin at 11am (address omitted). Call (phone omitted) if you get lost. Additionally, there will be several classes and demonstrations in the Arts and Sciences presented. Duchess Mari Alexander will give a class on basic garb and research, along with other classes to be announced as the date draws closer. The Barony is hosting an A&S display and also a Siege cooking competition.

Site Information: (address omitted) United Lutheran Church and Northgate Park Gate opens at 9am, Site closes at 9pm. If you are bringing a day shade or pavilion, please use stakes that are 9 inches or shorter as requested by Manteca Parks. Donations gladly accepted.

Autocrat: Titus Antonius Thurinus (contact info omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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