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The Forty-Sixth Year

Duchesses War -- Wolfscairn

June 4, 2011 (AS XLVI)

Finley Park,
Santa Rosa, CA

From The Page (June, 2011):

It is time once again to unleash the dogs of war. The War Duchess of Wolfscairn calls upon all Ladies of Estate to assemble their armies andtake to the field to win Glory, Honor, and treasure. Armor inspection begins at 10 am.Fighting will begin at 1 lam and run until 4pm. As is tradition, this will be an all day resurrection battle.

Site Information: Finley Park, Santa Rosa Ca. Site opens at 9am and closes at 7pm. There will be a FREE non-period barbecue after the fighting. Everyone is welcome! There is no site fee, although a donation of a prize for the treasure chest will be gladly accepted.

Autocrat: Anne of Whaleshaven (contact info omitted).

Photos from this event


"It has taken me several days to actually sit down and write a little about the event. It went very well. The autocrat was great and did a good job despite the weather trying its best pre-event to spook her. After all, several other events were all cancelling due to bad weather reports ... the weather reports kept harping on the 70% chance of heavy rains Friday and Saturday. We know that that park folk do not want us to tear up the really nice lawns if we want to continue to use the park (and we have fighter practice there every sunday). But she persevered. She talked to the shire folk regarding their opinions to make certain that others agreed. I got a message while reading e-mail in a restaurant waiting for food and called her back. I agreed that ...war happens rain or shine ... we had rented the metal pavilion spaces so could be out of the rain ... if the lawns weren't good for fighting, we would find a place at the park to carry on ...and if nothing else we would have a lovely barbecue and enjoy ourselves ... and anyone who came got a prize for hardiness (insert non-wuss as the word of the day ;-).

"It didn't rain all through Friday night. It started to pour rain about 7 am but only for a short time. I got to the park and set-up was happening. Anne was working on stringing tarps and fabric between the metal gazebo poles to shield out some of the wind (which worked well). The lawns were in great shape. No mud, no soft areas, no standing water ... good to go for fighting.

"Sigifrith showed up and helped with set-up and worked with the shire marshal on ideas that would incorporate the idea of Duchess War with the ability to have a built-in war practice that the king was wanting prior to the upcoming West-AnTir War (or AnTir West if you live on the other side). Then we watched as the fighters came. After all, Wolfscairn is not the group next door for most of them (Thank you Baroness Aurelia and Gregory for coming over). And the weather reports had been highly dramatic for bad weather, pouring rain and possible thunderstorms all week.

"But the hardy... the brave ...the valiant fighters of the West who do not let a little water falling from the sky discourage them from coming out to beat on their friends in friendly combat came. Not as many as in the past...but the ones who came had fun. We had short rest times in between approximately each hour of fighting where they discussed things that worked or didn't work ... and how to make it work better. The weather co-operated and most of the day was cloudy, but it only rained a couple times and never the downpour that was forecast. There were actually blue skies at one time. (I have pictures to prove it).

"At the end of the day (which fighting pooped out about the time it almost always does when it is sunny and hot), the fighters chatted and got out of armor. The barbecue had already been going and people were eating. A short court was held by His Highness Miles (Thank you for coming out). He added members to His Lance. An Award of Arms was given out in abstentia (the scroll was already done and dated). Fealties were taken for some of us who couldn't make it to Investiture. The pass-along book for a new war fighter that Duchess Siobhan started in 2005 was given to Sadb, one of the Raven Company. She was all over the place, enthusiastic and cheerful. She will make a great addition to those who have held the book and written in it their war experiences for the year they had it. Those who have held the book are now: Takeshi Hosakawa, Rosario de la Torre, Balon Blackgoat, Kristen the Nameless, Alfar Utherson and Egil Utherson, and Linnet of Beaumaris. This year it went to Sadb (who is listed as Sadb of St. Katherine's in the OP but she had another name that I didn't catch at the time so is probably in the process of changing it. I know she is on the Princess' Guard.)

"So the War went well ... approximately 60 people attending ... 24 fighters.

"And here is the list of the hardy non-weather-wuss war fighters who came and fought:

Ciaran Gunn, Geoffrey Scott (who on my original list I wrote down twice, so he must be mighty ;-), Linnet of Beaumaris, Jason of Esfenn, Richard of Greyfalle, John the Hessian, Leohtulf of the Silver Hills, His Highness Miles Fitz Rauf, Sigifrith Hauknefr, Gregory Falconheart, Baccus Kaloethes, Nathair co An MacTire, Alfar Utherson, Gregor Eiberg, Egil Utherson, Frederick of Holland, Lisette Le Serena, Titus Octavius Singinius, Bjarni, Sadb, Andvarr Ulfssen, Brion of Glastonbury, Enoch Bailey.

"The autocrat and staff did a great job: Anne of Whaleshaven, Beli Bailey, Momi, William of Wolfscairn, Sebastian, Edric, Josh and Bjarni.

"A big thank-you to Eric and Siobhan who marshaled which allowed the Wolfscairn marshal to fight.

"I have pictures but haven't edited anything yet. They were taken with an old point and shoot camera as I wasn't risking the good camera in the possible weather. They can be found here.

Photos by Megan nic Alister (Not hosted on the History Site)

"If you find a picture that you hate, let me know and I will send it away.

"I had a wonderful time at the war. Those who planned to come and cancelled due to weather reports, you missed out. As I have noted before, rain falls and wars go on ... we get off the field for lightning strikes close by ... but water doesn't scare the true warrior. (We are however a little tired of it ... so if the weather gods can give us a break for the next few wars/events ... it would be really nice.)" -- Megan nic Alister

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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