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The Forty-Fifth Year

Great Western War XIII -- Kingdom of Caid

October 6-11, 2010 (AS XLV)

Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area,
Taft, CA

From The Page (August, 2010):

Greetings to our friends in the West from Caid! Fall is just around the corner...and so is Great Western War. The friendly war in Caid: the lake is beautiful, the grass is green, the trees give shade, and the temperature ranges from 75f during the day to a crisp 53f at night. It promises to be one of the best wars ever, with fast, furious fighting scenarios, and A & S and special events that will knock your hand made boots off. Come join our ranks, and sing by our fires! Pre-Reg is open until August 16! The Gate cannot take credit cards or checks: cash only. There are NO resources for electric recharging of medical devices: you must provide your own power sources. Visit the website to submit a teaching proposal, or sign up to volunteer; your hours can earn dollars for your SCA group, and tickets for the volunteer raffle Visit the website for lists of classes, and event news. Caid invites all our friends to join us by the lake for a war so wonderful, it's called "GREAT!" (website address omitted).

Site Information: Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, (address omitted), Taft, CA 93268. Gate opens Wednesday, Oct 6, 2010 at 12 PM (early opening for pre-reg or merchants). Site closes Monday, Oct 11,2010 12 PM. Site fees: (a) Arrive Wed-Thu: Adult member $50, Adult non-member $55, Youth 6-17 $40 (4th+ in same family free); (b) Arrive Fri-Sat: Adult member $45, Adult non-member $50, Youth 6-17 $35 (4th+ in same family free); (c) Day-Fee only: Adults members $20, Adult non-members $25, Youth 6-17 $15. Pre-Registration saves $5 and allows early gate entry Tuesday. All Children 0-5 free, all pets $ l / day, all Dry RV no hookups, no additional fee for RV (RV length / width required). Cash only at Gate. Pre-Registration ends August 31, 2010. Land Allocation separate from Gate Registration. Equestrian Registration separate from Gate Registration. Make checks payable to "SCA Inc./Kingdom of Caid."

Autocrats: Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia (mundane name) and William MacLyr (mundane name), (contact info omitted).

The following declarations were printed on the next page ...

"We declare war on the West!

"Harken to Our words, all you fighters of the West- We have summoned the strongest and best of Caid to stand upon the field at Great Western War, prepared to do battle with the West. Will you meet us?

"Fill your hearts brim-full with courage and valor and war-cunning; fill your hands with steel, and let your spears' long shadows fly. Prove your mettle in days of splintering shields and spears shaken beneath a raven dotted sky.

"Victory on the field in each of our many battles shall be determined in time tested fashion: the first side to die, loses. The losers with the most bruises bringing the beer to the evening celebrations!

"Conrad Beaga Brytta, Lord of Caid"

"Later period translation provided by His Grace, Dietrich von Vogelsang, King's Companion and Late Period Interpreter and Apologist for the King

"Unto the Crown and People of The West, do Conrad and Eleanor, Sovereigns of the Kingdom of Caid, send Greetings:

"Ever mindful of the many years of friendship, respect, and the history of martial alliances, exploits and friendly conflict between our two realms and reflecting back upon the happy days of the West/CAID War, We, Conrad and Eleanor, Sovereigns of the Kingdom of Caid, do charge our beloved Royal Cousins of The West to present themselves and their forces at this next Great Western War as our most esteemed and valorous foes.

"We charge our Beloved Cousins, to make haste with all their powers and forces, attired in the habiliments of War, and further entreat them to rouse those satellites of The West, the August Principalities of The West, The Mists, Cynagua, Oertha, The Far West, in Chivalric Combat and Courteous Contumacy, on the field of Great Western War held by us.

"Yea, Cousins, we charge you, as our beloved future foes, to take up Our Gage, and bring the whole of your vanguard, in full panoply and disposition of War. We bid You speed every Duke, Count, Viscount, Knight, Esquire, Sergeant, and Captain, every war-band, every levy to arm themselves and march to meet Us ready for battle. Let them empty the Armories of The North, leaving not one sword, mace, ax, spear, pike, glaive, great sword, bardiche or bow behind. We bid them come to us with the speed and dispatch of destriers, leopards and greyhounds, for they will find us eager for the clash, and we shall meet as the winds between the mountain peaks.

"We, Conrad and Eleanor give you assurance, that We shall, with every means at our command and every resource of om realm, match the size and eminence of The Western Army, with our own forces, every peer, captain, and esquire caparisoned for battie, not one inferior to the puissaunce of our gallant foes.

"There, on the Sward of Honor, shall you see the Crescent Banner above our van, and the charges and escutcheons of every hero of our land. In deference to Our Beloved Cousins, all our battles shall be fought by the rules established by The West's own Duke Alden, with combat archery included every other scenario, under the archery rules of every archer's individual kingdom (Western-style blunts allowed).

"We ask every master-bowman, every yeoman and verderer, victorious in the buttes, to fill his/or her quiver to the brim, though the cedars of Lebanon fall at their efforts, and try their marksmanship against our finest warriors.

"And, Royal Cousins, when the spurs of the slain shall cool with the sun's descent, it shall adhere to Our dignity and fame to play host to our prized Western visitors. Caid's bounty, in food, drink and good fellowship and fine report shall be provided to those valiant friends whom we have fought. We pray, that with the evening's revelry, and fires' first light, that all to the best of their ability shall recount the day's renown, recounting the deeds of valor and daring that are truly the life-spring our kingdoms' pride.

"So Say We, Conrad and Eleanor."

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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