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The Forty-Third Year

May 1, 2008 - April 30, 2009
Anno Societatis XLIII
Event Titles/Locations from the Calendar of The Page

May, 2008
May 2-4Beltane CoronationKingdom of the West
May 9-11Mists/Cynagua WarPrincipality of the Mists
May 10May RevelEskalya
May 10Beltane/Ice SaintsEarngyld
May 17Spring InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
May 17ChampionshipFettburg
May 23-26Spring Coronet TournamentPrincipality of Cynagua
May 24-25Spring Offensive/AnniversarySelviergard
May 31Duchess' WarWolfscairn
May 31-June 1Spring CaptaincyWinter's Gate
June, 2008
June 7Mists GamesPrincipality of the Mists
June 7Valhalla Day on the GreenSilver Desert
June 7Games DayWudholt be Secg
June 7-8Three Baron's FairEskalya
June 14-15Arts and SciencesKingdom of the West
June 14Three Baron's FairEskalya
June 20-22June Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
June 28Warlord TourneySouthern Shores
June 28Rapier CollegiumGolden Rivers
June 28Chirurgeon's CollegiumSilver Desert
June 28Newcomer'sEskalya
June 28-29Games DayWinter's Gate
July, 2008
July 3-6West/An Tir WarKingdom of the West
July 4-5July 4th FestivitiesEarngyld
July 11Westermark MadnessWestermark
July 11-13Summer InvestiturePrincipality of Cynagua
July 18-20Coronet/InvestiturePrincipality of Oertha
July 26Darkwood A&SDarkwood
July 25-August 10Pennsic WarKingdom of Ęthelmearc
August, 2008
August 1-4EquestriumKingdom of the West
August 8-10ChampionshipSilver Desert
August 9DebardcheryCloondara
August 9Midsummer FeastFettburg
August 9ProtectorateBorderwinds
August 9VolcanaliaHrafnafjǫršr
August 16-17Pas d'ArmsAllyshia
August 16-17Baroness' ChampionSelviergard
August 22-24Purgatorio CoronationKingdom of the West
August 29-September 1Ducal PrizeKHTI
August 29-September 1Hastings EventChampclair
August 30-31Harvest CaptaincyWinter's Gate
September, 2008
September 6First Sword TourneyEsfenn
September 6Pas d'ArmesGolden Rivers
September 6Warlord AscensionWudholt be Secg
September 12-14Cynagua/Mists WarPrincipality of Cynagua
September 13Harvest FeastEarngyld
September 13Toys for Tots TournamentSt. Guinefort
September 19-21Pas & PotluckChampclair/Windy Meads
September 20Borgia FeastCaer Darth
September 20Cooks CollegiumTeufelberg
September 20Apres Fair NewcomersSelviergard
September 27Baroness' Masked BallDarkwood
September 27Championship TourneyRivenoak
September 27Michaelmas FeastWinter's Gate
September 27-28Collegium DesertorumSilver Desert
October, 2008
October 3-5October Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
October 9-13Great Western WarKingdom of Caid
October 12Coronet TournamentFar West
October 17-19Fall Coronet TournamentPrincipality of the Mists
October 18Harvest FeastSelviergard
October 25Collegium OccidentalisKingdom of the West
October 25Newcomer's EventPavlok Gorod
October 26Archery HuntWestermark
October 31-November 2Fall Coronet TournamentPrincipality of Cynagua
November, 2008
November 1Pas d'ArmsCloondara
November 1Turkey TourneyHawks Haven
November 8Mists BardicPrincipality of the Mists
November 8Harvest FeastFendrake Marsh
November 8Time for TudorEskalya
November 15Heralds' CollegiumKingdom of the West
November 15All Hallow's FeastVinhold
November 15Gallia CommtaBestwode
November 15Harvest FeastTarnmist
November 15Harvest FeastWudholt be Secg
November 15St. Boniface EventSt. Boniface/Winter's Gate
November 22Fall InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
November 29Anniversary BanquetGolden Rivers
December, 2008
December 6JinglesSouthern Shores
December 6YuleFettburg
December 6Yule BallSilver Desert
December 6YuleSelviergard
December 6YuleWinter's Gate
December 13Boar HuntProvince of the Mists
December 13YuleRivenoak
December 13Three Rivers YuleBetony Wood
December 13YuleRavenshore
December 13YuleEskalya
December 27St. Stephan's DayPavlok Gorod
January, 2009
January 3Twelfth Night CoronationKingdom of the West
January 17Hawk's FeastHawk's Haven
January 17Midwinter Feast & FrolicTarnmist
January 17-19Coronet/InvestiturePrincipality of Oertha
January 24Dance BallCrosston
January 24Winter InvestiturePrincipality of Cynagua
January 31LupercaliaAllyshia
February, 2009
February 7War CollegiumKingdom of the West
February 7Heart RevelWinter's Gate
February 9-16Estrella WarKingdom of Atenveldt
February 21Prize TourneyMontaigne du Roi
February 21ChampionshipGolden Rivers
February 21CollegiumSelviergard
February 28Emeritus FeastMountain's Gate
February 28Court of LoveBorderwinds
March, 2009
March 7Archery, Equestrian & Rapier CollegiumKingdom of the West
March 7Nones of MarchEskalya
March 14White Shield & Mists ArcheryDarkwood
March 14Ides of MarchWinter's Gate
March 20-22Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
March 27-29Rapier TourneyCaer Darth
March 20-22War PracticeThistletorr
March 28Live Chess and RecruitingCaldarium
March 28AS 15 - The EventSilver Desert
March 28Day of BloodHrafnafjǫršr
April, 2009
April 3-5Coronet TournamentPrincipality of the Mists
April 11Newcomer's TourneySouthern Shores
April 11Fool's TourneyRivenoak
April 11Gallia Comta FeastBestwode
April 11Championship TourneyDanegeld Tor
April 12Foam Weapon WarSt. Katherine
April 17-19Viking TournamentMountain's Gate
April 18ChampionshipVinhold
April 18Fantastic Fairytale FetePavlosk Gorod
April 25Collegium OccidentalisKingdom of the West
April 25Games & TourneyCanale
April 25Fool's RevelWinter's Gate
April 25-26UprisingFendrake Marsh

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