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The Forty-first Year

Baroness' Championship -- Selviergard

August 18-20, 2006 (AS XLI)

Houston Campground,
Houston, AK

From The Page (August, 2006):

It is time once again to gather and make merry! Pitch your pavilion within the Selveirgard Baronial encampment and partake of good fighting, good food, dancing and fireworks! On Saturday the lovely Baroness Katarzina invites one and all to vie by right of heavy weapon combat for the chance to become Her Excellency's new Champion. No claimant shall be denied, yet only one shall prevail. There will be an A& S Pavilion set up to display the fine craftsmanship of Oerthan's skilled artisans. Please bring your A&S projects, both finished and works in progress to inspire and delight the populace. Sunday aftemoon fighter practice and the Junk Garb Wars competition! Gather a team and a live (willing) model and make splendiferous apparel using outlandish materials and duct tape. Prize awarded to the most 'beautiful' garb makers. Bread and soup will be provided Friday evening. Saturday Feast will be Potluck with the Barony providing meats and breads. Please bring a dish to feed 8-10 people by SCA first name; A-E, desserts; FM, main dish; N-Z, a side dish. Please note that all other meals are self-provided.

Site Information: Houston Campground. Site opens Friday at 5 pm and closes Sunday at 5 pm. Site fee is $10 for members, $13 for non-members, $7 children ages 5-13. There is a Family rate of $30, Make checks out to "SCA Inc. -Selveirgard." Site is discretely wet.

Autocrat: Helen of Avebury (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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