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The Forty-First Year

Mists/Cynagua War -- Principality of the Mists

April 13-15, 2007 (AS XL)

Ed Levin Park
Milpitas, CA

From The Page (March, 2007):

Spring is a time of flowers, birdsong and WAR-WAR-WAR!!! Their Highnesses of the Mists, Brion and Ysabella and Their Highnesses of Cynagua, Gunther and Juliana, have conspired with each other and invented the best reason to put on your armor, gather your warbands, and march to battle since the last Mists-Cynagua WAR! That reason, of course, is that it is crazy good fun to do battle with people you love to fight!

His Highness Gunther has promised to lead an army into the very heart of the Mistlands to prove once and for all that the Cynaguan forces can muster, fight, camp and party with the same vigor and gusto that His Highness Brion claims the Mists army can display on their own turf! Is this possible? The only way to be sure, is to be there yourself! With the support of Their Highnesses of the Mists and Cynagua, this WAR will be full weekend camping event! In addition to full-day fighting scenarios, including bridges, open field and castle battles, there will be a variety of activities for those interested in the arts and sciences. Also, there will be a large potluck feast in the evening, with a large party in the main camping area, hosted by Their collective Highnesses!

There will also be a Bardic competition, with these words from the Bard of the Mists; "War units, prepare your bards! The Bard of the Mists is sponsoring a prize contest at the Mists/Cynagua War for the best poem, song, or story about the Mists/Cynagua War. Here's the catch: the bard must be hired by a sponsoring war unit in order to enter, and the prize will go to both bard and war unit. And remember, the piece has to be good, but it doesn't have to be nice."

If you are capable of having fun, then you want to come to this WAR - it's certain to be the best Mists-Cynagua WAR so far this year!

Their Highnesses of the Mists would also like it known that those who enrich the event through volunteering, bardic, camping, or other efforts will be greatly rewarded. Armor inspection and war unit practice will begin at 10am, and the battles will start at noon. For additional info you can check the event web site at: (website address omitted).

Site Information: Ed Levin Park Site Fee: $5 members, $8 non-members. Site opens at noon on Friday, and closes at 4pm on Sunday.

Autocrat: Jade of Starfall (contact info omitted).

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As our beloved King would say, "EPIC!"

His Highness and I drove up to the War with the Darkwood castle and a 120 pound pig around 1:00pm. The site was lovely, covered in trees with dirt and grass covered bridges and babbling streams. Wild rabbit and turkeys running amok in the hills.

We had difficulty getting the trailer with the castle up the wet hillside but finally dropped the materials and went back to Our little nook of the war site to set up the personal pavilion. My Capt of the Guard, [Quentyn] Ayre, was already setting up the Mists Royal pavilion near the big fire pit and stage.

His Highness and I left site with the Lord of the Mists, Leon to go pick up the kegs from Rabbit's Foot meadery and sat and had a nice chat with Master Fionn [Mac Pháil] and Duke Thorfin [the Cruel]. His Excellencies lovely Lady of the Mists came by to share a pint with us before we headed back to the site to set up the Darkwood castle on the hillside.

There was much laughter and merriment as the complex puzzle of pieces were put together for the castle and in the glow of the spring evening the site began to bustle and hum with pavilions going up and people calling out greetings and salutations to friends.

A livley and friendly group of Caiden rapier folk rolled in and introduced themselves as The Isles. Brigitte from the Mists had suggested We invite them and I was thrilled to see they were maybe 40 strong rapier fighters to fight under My Prince's banner.

The Cynaguans also began to roll in, many strong warriors looking to fight beside their own great warrior Prince, Gunther and His lovely and fierce Princess Juliana who would take up Her bow in the next days fighting.

Two hundred people camped and the parking lot was overflowing with still many more people to come! Our resourceful autocrat, the Crown Prince Jade and Our spectacular Seneschal, Master Duncan [Vitrarius], prevailed and more privvies were brought forth.

In the evening, we gifted the Horsemen with a banner made by My hand, for one of their own banners had gone missing and We were very appreciative of their friendship and for their champions fighting beside His Highness in this war and wanted to send a gesture of friendship and brotherhood by replacing it.

We woke up early and went to retrieve more wood for the evenings fire and more food, as we were not expecting the spectacular numbers of Mists and Cynaguans who were determined Their Principality would be well represented at this now famous and renown war.

The rain began to fall and Tusyia [Tusya Tatiana Sudoseva] helped me into my Landsknecht leathers and dressed My hair. The faint mist lingered in the trees and on the lush green hillside as the castle loomed in the distance, children running in and out of it's gates. Her Royal Highness Kaaren met with her future court and I could hear congenial voices in the Mists Royal pavilion as I walked out to the field to see My beloved Prince take the field.

Lady Anna Serre and I wrassled the pig onto the fire and I left the evenings meal in her capable hands and went to the battle field to water bear and support Our Army.

His Highness stood straight and tall with helm in his hands and spoke of the many battles in history that were fought and fought well on days such as this day. I saw the eyes of the men as they took the field, a wild fire in them as they pushed forward.

Early in the day, the Mists outnumbered Cynagua and as the day wore on the sides were evened up only very minimally, as His Highness Gunther had beaten the war drum loudly and there were many valiant Cynaguans champions fighting by his side. When the Argent Angles who were fighting for the Sable Swan got to the field late in the day, some of the Mists forces were leaving and then Cynagua outnumbered the Mists for a short time. All in all one of the most even Mists Cynagua Wars I'd seen. With Sir Titus [Scipio Germanicus] masterfully guiding the battles, there was much fighting to be had!

The smell of roasting pig and warm lentil soup floated over the wet fields. I sat under shelter with Sabrina [de la Bere] and Alberon [Adalberon Blackwood] and many of my courtiers, including Tusyia and Harold and Meadbh . My beautiful guardswoman, Rosario [de la Torre] brought me lovely white roses. We all watched the battles.

I made a snack lunch of bread, meat and salami for the army and sent forth the water bearers to keep them well fortified. A stout young man in crimson and sable with rosy cheeks sheepishly handed me a bottle of ale in thanks for the "Rockin' big sandwich!", too shy to meet My gaze.

His Highness came trudging back to camp covered head to toe in mud, smiling broadly and slapping His Commander EyvandeR [Eyvindr Gunnarsson] on the back with high praise for his efforts on the field.

Anna Serre and I set up the tables and set out the food. She brought all that was left over from the day board she'd done for lunch and I brought forth tortellini and green salad and good bread.

The populace started to trickle down to the tree lined glen where the picnic tables were. Table after table was laden with good food and Master Wulfric [of Creigull] and Anna Serre and I fussed over the fragrant and steaming pig and brought it forth also.

The Baron of Winter's Gate [Griffin Garrett?] and Rorik [Roric Skogan] helped to carve the meat and His Highness and I flittered thru the crowd, making sure this one or that one had a plate or utensils and enthusing about the days events. The food was amazing! All in all more than 400 people came thru the gates that day and a good number of those feasted on pig!

Our tired autocrat had shoveled gravel to make the paths safe and not so slippery. Our beautiful deputy autocrats, Rosewith [Wolfsdottir] and Katherine [ní Cheallaigh of Skye], had worked tireless marshalling and organizing. Our MIC, Sir Titus grinned at the many compliments given him for the war scenarios and pacing of the battles. My lovely Rapier organizer, Donna Illadore [de Bedegrayne], was also weary but smiling.

We lit the torches around the bonfire and invited the populace to join us for the Bardic competition, which was hotly contested! Our Bard, Bronwyn [Branwen ferch Emrys], got up and gave a saucy little ditty and then so did the Bard of Cynagua [Vincenzo Saracini]. The crowd hooted and hollered and cheered them on! The fire flickered and the crowd roared approval. Some of the finest bards I'd ever seen took the stage and spoke for their war unit and then Grendelus marched in with black flags waving and Bella Catarina Malatesta took the stage and her beautiful voice rang out into the night air. She was pronounced the winner, but EVERY bard who took the stage that night.... Countess Ivone [Pons Leyr], Leah Raedaelf of Pagham, Storm [Roelandt Storme van Raedt], Sir John [Theophilus] was magic!

The bonfire grew and the voices did also. The kegs of cyser were tapped and drained and tapped and drained again, and again and yet again. Four in all! The armies that had fought so gloriously that day came together in celebration of their deeds and valor on the field that night.

It was truly a war to be remembered and His Highness and I were honored and touched that so many heeded the call to battle or to help support the warriors or otherwise just come have fun with Us!

As Our Time on the thrones of the Mists comes to a close, we look with awe upon a populace that the more we give of Ourselves, the more they give of themselves to Us and We could not be prouder of this great Principality or be more honored to serve as Your Prince and Princess. We hope everyone had as much fun at this war as We did!

In Service
Ysabella, Princess of the Mists

We, as the Coronets of Cynagua, had expressed strong words in the last few months about this war. Words that were merely a tool for inspiration. This bi-annual good-time brawl between The Mists and Cynagua is much like classic sibling rivalry. The passion that these Principalities bring to this war is unparalleled. One of the moods that manifests is an unwavering affection for one's homeland. Such a passion as it gets to the point where it can be difficult for households and war units to decided what side to support! Yet at the end of the day it says a lot about the Western populace that we can exhibit such a passion during the day and share so generously among themselves that very night.

The autocrat team, an army of volunteers, combined populace and both Coronets worked industriously to make this event a success. It will take Me some time to remember a day, in all My years of fighting Mists-Cynagua, that I have ever seen such a showing between the Principalities.

Speaking as Prince and Princess We wanted to express Our appreciation and awe for this weekend which was so incredibly well supported in many aspects and on all sides. There was some confusion about start times for the combat as the open field battles began an hour early. But once the posted noon hour came Cynaguan allies arrived prepared and dominated the fighting scenarios over and over. Many of you traveled incredible distances, braved the wet weather and camped. You showed your prowess in Rapier, as Bards and even the youngest Cynaguans prevailed in the Boffer Tourney. As promised, there truly was a darkening of the sky that day as the Sable Swan descended upon the Mists. We asked you to bring it on for Cynagua and that call was answered in force.

When the rain resided and the sun warmed the Mistlands on Sunday, we shook hands, hugged and said our good-byes as Western cousins. We make our way home, taking with us that which we brought to the western shores. Proud of our heritage we all travel to the next war – to bring it on and to champion The Mighty West Kingdom.

We remain tremendously proud, and as always, deeply appreciative of you all.

In Service,
Günther and Juliana
Prince and Princess of Cynagua

There were a few things about this war that if I in a perfect world I could have changed perhaps I would have…

Yet, while I was out there, in the pouring rain, with my bow tucked under my tunic and my arrows shafts filled with mud I thought often of what it may have been like for a archer to have been fighting for their life, for their Prince and Princess and for the day.

It brought it closer to home for me, with the gopher holes, and the hills, the castle and the bridges. If I squinted my eyes just enough and used enough of the imagination the gracious goddess gave me, for a precious moment I was back in 13th century. Everything else was forgotten but the sensation of the vibrant energy and emotions around me. The force and the power of the warriors and the thirst for glory. And oh what glorious moments there were!!!

Hail to the Bards that evening because I think they captured what I was feeling!

I also did not miss the efforts of those on the sidelines who were trying to make our experience better, by moving carts of gravel to improve the walkways, or to bring in shelters so some of us could get out of the rain.

I remember being informed the war would start on time, and I was appreciative of that. Considering the weather, when the Prince of the Mist announced the War would start and to get your gear in gear ASAP who could not understand it. At least when your fighting your warm!

It is not that I think anyone has posted a dear diary, but more an appreciation for the efforts involved and for the stalwart souls who fought that day.

Lady Zinaida Or'Shinaia!

Greetings unto the most noble West Kingdom,

We would like to echo the words of Our brother and sister Princes and Princesses. It was an honor and a pleasure to join the clash of the two mighty Principalities of central West Kingdom. The warmth, generosity, and enthusiasm of all those We met was something We shall always cherish.

We would like to express Our thanks to all those who took care of Us - Else Hünrvogt and Heinrich von Melk especially, for their hospitality and for making sure We were able to come play; Sturmbach for loaning weapons to the Oerthan fighting unit; de Grendelus for the shelter from the elements; Staffan Arffuidsson for loaning fencing gear to Her Highness; and everyone else for all the kindness and offers of assistance. And of course, thank you to Their Highnesses of the Mists and Cynagua for letting Us come take part in the fun!

Our highest praise goes to the autocrat, His Royal Highness Jade, and his support crew, for an amazing event. We were highly impressed with how smoothly the event ran, and how well everyone responded to deal with problems like muddy slopes and battlefields. Thank you to all those who spread gravel, moved scenarios, and kept everything going safely and efficiently. Wonderful job! We are reminded again what a wonderful Kingdom we are part of - thank you all for a warm and joyful weekend, despite the cool wind and rain.

in service to Oertha and the West,
Cyrus and Caitriona
Prince and Princess of Oertha

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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