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The Forty-first Year

The Estrella War -- Kingdom of Atenveldt

February 13-19, 2007 (AS XLI)

Canyon Moon Ranch,
Florence, AZ

From The Page (December, 2006):

Royalty, fighters, families, artisans all, are invited to attend Estrella War XXIII held in Florence Arizona, February 13-19, 2007. The war will be at Canyon Moon Ranch located in Florence, Arizona. Site opens February 13 at 8 am for pre-registered and at 8 am February 14 for those not pre-registered. All other information and a complete list of war staff can be found at our website (website address omitted).

Use the form from the website (website address omitted).

And now you may use ACCEPS to pay for the war! Just use (website address omitted). Select Atenveldt then Estrella War and follow the instructions on the web site. PLEASE NOTE, pre-payment does NOT equal early entry. You will still need to mail your pre-registration forms in for early entry. Forms are available at the following: (website address omitted).

All registrations after Oct 31, 2006 must use a money order or ACCEPS.

Your pre-registration MUST be postmarked by December 15, 2006.

Pre-Registration gets you on site earlier and makes paperwork faster at troll.

Pre-Reg Steward: Penelope DoWell of Avonsford / (contact info omitted).

Autocrats: Diego de Marulanda al Nadil, Deborah Inis Glas, & Alexandra de la Mer (contact info omitted).

See photos from this event


For those of you who could not attend Estrella this year here is a recap from Mists Royal encampment...

His Highness and I got on site Wednesday after having some difficulty getting there. We spent Valentines day at Utility Trailer getting a new wheel put on Our trailer (fun fun!). We'd driven down with Meadbh [Medh ni Diarmuid] (formerly of Allyshia) and thankfully one of my guardsmen, Aldwin of Wolfshaven [Aldwin Wolfling], drove by just as the wheel sheared off at the lugs and picked her up so she didn't have to wait around all day with us.

My Captain of the Guard, Ayre [Quinlan MacAndrew], was already on site and had quite a bit done on getting camp together. We had a few people not make it at the last minute or camp elsewhere so we had plenty of room to absorb the strays, which made for a very nice mix of people!

A new person we'd met at Hawkshaven, Zinaida [Or'shaia], was setting up about the same time we were and I got to chat a bit with her. A party was brewing in the Monster as the evening progressed and His Highness and I jumped into the fray to say hi to new friends and old and see who was already on site. As Western parties do, it grew to quite a large convivial crowd but as His Highness and I had driven thru the night and chatted quite happily with Meadbh [Medh ni Diarmuid] all night, we were both exhausted and went to bed relatively early.

We learned that one of my friends and early SCA mentors had passed away from cancer. We'd gone to see Aja [du Jardin] the Sunday before and knew her time had grown short, but it was heartbreaking to hear she had passed. I immediately thought of Countess Eliška [z Jihlavy] and Viscountess Tamsin [of the Raven Tresses] and Duke Henrik [of Havn] and sent them mental love and hugs. Viscountess Stephana [Stefana dei Medici] and I hugged and comforted each other in the darkness behind the Monster.

Thursday was a peaceful day of setting up camp and seeing old friends. Wed' brought the large Bellatrix pavilion and closed off about 1/4 of it for living/sleeping quarters and the rest of a common area for court/guard/friends. HH and Claus [?] got the kegerator hooked up with the Peach Cyser from Master Foinn's [Fionn Mac Pháil] meadery (Red Branch Cider Co) and I puttered around unpacking garb and putting tablecloths on the tables and setting out the chairs etc.

The site was lovely and the weather was gorgeous. Pale clear air of the dessert in Winter. It was a bit of a drunk-trap tho, with large berms delineating the different areas and canals that separated the West/Caid/AnTir from Merchants Row and the battle field. More than one person face planted on the berms or walked accidentally into a canal in the dark... as if tent stakes and ropes were not treacherous enough!

Viscountess Stephana [Stefana dei Medici] and I had enjoyed a raucous good time at a prior Estrella running around dressed like boys and decided in advance to do the same at this Estrella. So we got dressed up as German boys, invited 50 of our favorite people along and rolled out together to check out the site and see if we could get into any trouble. I shouted to everyone that they needed to pick a "Party Buddy" so no one would get lost. HH was at a commanders meeting and would meet up with us later.

The site had a real bar/tavern on site, sort of a cowboy bar type of thing. We went in and they had entertainment. Duchess Cyneswith [aet Caldhaefen] and Duke Stephen of Beckingham were hanging out at the bar with some other friends. We absorbed Her Grace into the throng (she already had a Party Buddy in Seyele of Atenveldt) and we went to this fun party in (I think) Outlands where there was Middle Eastern dancing around a fire. Duke Jade [of Starfall] and one of his squires, Hagen (two of my favorite guys) were already at the party and we finally all got kicked out around 3:00 and went back to the West to wind down the evening.

Friday morning Lady Gillian [Trenowyth] did the morning shout for muster. I needed to get up too because HH was investing his Lance. His Majesty did a spectacular job of organizing and inspiring the Western Army and the guys marched out to battle. I got cleaned up and after eating breakfast with Sir Fiach and Sir Tiergnan (both HH friends from An Tir) and Eona [Thorhalla] and Erzsébeta [Magdaléna], I went out to the battle field to water bear with Meadbh of Caid.

HH and I brought 10 loaves of big sandwich and Bailey [Beli Bailey of Kintyre] helped me cut them up and feed the Army lunch. It was so dusty the boys would get covered in it as the day progressed and they sweated and their faces would get dark. I was hanging out in the An Tir sunshade with Shaia and the girls in between battles.

My good friend Countess Mariana from Atenvelt had overcome breast cancer (at only 27 years old!). She'd come down to the West 12th Night as Our guest and had asked me at that time if I would help her with the Rose's Cancer tourney she was organizing for Friday of Estrella War. I was, of course, honored to be asked to help with this endeavor and Aja weighed heavily on my mind as I clocked out of water bearing at around 3:00 to join Mariana on the tourney field.

I wrote down the names of the champions that day... Duke Henrik of Havn, Duke Fabian [Arnett von Schwetzingen], Duke Thorfinn [the Cruel], His Highness of the Mists, His Majesty of Atenveldt, His Majesty of An Tir, Lord Eric Van Roosebeke ... the list was 107 names long of the champions who have had someone they love touched by Cancer.

Duke Fabian [Arnett von Schwetzingen] stood upon a hay bale in the late desert afternoon light with the sun shining upon a face streaked with tears and with a strong voice talked of Aja [du Jardin] and of the love we all have for her. He had strips of purple silk for favors to wear in her memory. As the sun dipped low in the sky, His Highness came and stood by me and touched my shoulder and We watched these fierce warriors fight for love and life. It was truly a moment of greatness and I know Aja would have been touched.

Friday night was the An Tir party, which was more fun that should be legal. Good food! I was gifted a beautiful necklace of hand made beads from Baroness Aurora of An Tir. I was stunned!

Saturday was the biggest day of fighting and I rolled out in my new pink and red campfrau gown.

Saturday was one of those days... I have never been prouder to be a Woman of the West. First of all, our champions kick butt! And not only do they kick butt, but they are of the highest caliber of human beings. The tales of the day were of the Western fighters and their chivalry. Our unbelted fighters were asked to hold a bridge. There were other forces holding other bridges. Our unbelted champions held that bridge for an hour, held that bridge after the others had fallen. I can see the faces now... James of Cynagua, Ayre [Quinlan MacAndrew], Aldwin [Wolfling], Rosario [de la Torre], Katherine [Kathryn Blackhart] and Achmere [ibn Tamim], Martin of Rivenstar, Gavin [?], Sigifrith [Hauknef], Fergus [Fearghus mac Airt], Roric [Skogan], Hagen [?], Firewalker [Wilhelm von der Grün], William Greentrews [Willeam Grenetrewis]... champions close to My heart and names that will shine with glory.

During court that evening, the sun was waning and the air had that crisp glow of night time about to fall. Our King stood larger than life and with a breaking voice, told of the deeds of these Champions on the field of battle that day. The unbelted warriors came and knelt down in front of their King, sunlight washing over this bright future of the West; the men and women who are walking the Chivalric path so ably. His Majesty had gathered links from the chains of all the Knights at War and gave one link to each unbelted fighter who knelt at his feet. Not many dry eyes in that court.

The West party was a GREAT time, with Stephana [Stefana dei Medici] and Vera [Veshniakova] doing a spectacular job of running the party and setting everything up. I tried to get over in time to help but they capably had everything set up so all I did was show up and enjoy the party! It was HUGE with people filling the Monster and spilling out into every aisle and street. The Cupid's were running amok giving out Valentines day cards. I got several myself, including from my beloved Prince.

Sunday was the normal big pack down day. The sky threatened to let lose all day but graciously waited until our pavilions were down.

It was such a beautiful and wonderful event with much love laughter and a few tears too. The new site was a lot of fun and I hope they continue to do it there. I hope all who have not yet gone to this war will go one day. It is well worth the trip!

In Service

Ysabella, Prinzessin von dem Mists

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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