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The Forty-First Year

Pas d'Armes -- Champclair

November 5, 2006 (AS XLI)

Nelson's Grove,
Woodland, CA

From The Page (October, 2006):

"In France, all the minstrels were forbidden to sing . . . " (from Who's Who in the Middle Ages, by John Fines) In 1346, Edward III of England won a great victory over the French at the Battle of Crecy. Again in 1356, The Black Prince won further victories over the French, including capturing their new king, John II. There was nothing for French minstrels to celebrate, had they been allowed to sing. But at last, in 1360, the two nations came together at Bretigny, and forged a peace. Luckily not aware that they had lived through only the opening battles of the Hundred Years' War, the minstrels once again took to song.

The populace of the known world is invited to gather in Nelson's secret grove, where there is grass, old oak trees, flush toilets, a play structure for children, and tall thick hedges that completely block the view from outsiders. As was the fashion of 14th century France, a gallery shall be summoned to decide the brutal and often garish method of combat between combatants. Great knights, squires, and men at arms shall arm themselves as the gallery indicates and meet others upon the field to perform to their fullest in hopes of pleasing the gallery and thereby winning renown and glory. Arts and science projects welcome in a open competition tethered only by the theme "the 14th century". The third portion of the glorious day shall be had in merry company eating together a delicious meal while listening to stories and song of the day's heroics, as well as those from day's past. For the meal the Shire will be providing roasted chickens, french bread, and lemonade, asking that participants bring a dish to share with others.

Site Information: The site is at a beautiful and little known grove called Nelson's Grove in Woodland, CA. Site opens at 10 am Saturday and closes at our discretion that night (probably around 8 pm). Site fee is $7 for members and $10 for non members. $4 for children 6-12 and children under 6 are free. Sunshades, day pavilions, and banners are eagerly requested. Electricity is available via some outdoor outlets.The covered eating area has tables, benches, and lights.

Autocrat: Daniel d'Aquitaine (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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