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The Forty-first Year

Border Patrol -- Hrafnafjǫrr

June 17, 2006 (AS XLI)

Turnagain Pass Rest Area,
Turnagain, AK

From The Page (May, 2006):

The maidens are smiling in Hrafnsfjord, for Lo the warriors are arming to rush on the foe! Come Champions and Churls, and all who fall between, to beautiful Turnigain Pass. There to meet in honorable combat the our mighty forces as they patrol their landward border. On a long summer day, in a high mountain pass, the peerless armies of Oertha will come together in glorious melee at the bridge on the River Tincan. The feast is picnic style with cold smoked great fowl and a soup provided.

Site Information: Turnagain Pass Rest Area. The site opens 10 am and closes at 7 pm. Site fee is $1 for members, $4 for non-members, and children under the age of 16 are free.

Autocrat: Leod Greensheild (contact info omitted).

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