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The Forty-first Year

Boar Hunt -- Province of The Mists

December 9, 2006 (AS XLI)

Camp Herms,
El Cerrito, CA

From The Page (November, 2006):

The holidays are coming, and so is the Annual Beaconsgate Boar Hunt. We will be at our traditional site, Camp Herms. In addition to the Hunt during the day, we will have many activities within the hall for non-fighters and tired fighters. There will be no lunch served, and there are no nearby food vendors, so please plan to bring something for your lunch if you are arriving before dinner. The Hunt is primarily for armored fighters, but there are opportunities for non-fighters to participate as dogs - and as marshals. Fighters, if you are interested in being one of the boars, please contact Frederick of Holland, Master of the Hunt, at (email address omitted). The cooks for the Feast this year are Flidais ni Eitigen and Crystal of the Westermark. The theme is Boar Hunt on the Spanish Peninsula. If you have any concerns about food allergies, or especially if you are a vegetarian, you must contact Flidais at (email address omitted) by December 1st. The feast will begin around 5 pm, subject to event considerations. Please note that, because the Hall is limited in capacity, we will not be able to seat people who are not participating in the feast.

Site Information: Camp Herms, El Cerrito, CA. Site opens at 10am, and closes at 10pm. Anyone onsite at 10:01 is part of the clean-up crew. Tickets are $15 for the feast; please contact the Autocrat for reservations. The tickets are limited. There is no site fee; donations will be accepted to help the Province cover the cost of the site.

Autocrat: Eilis O'Boirne (contact info omitted).


"The Boar's Hunt was (once again) lovely! The weather was crisp and cool with periods of sun and light showers during the day. We showed up early and found Lady Amina [al-Zahara] and Lady Cara [del Bene] who were working on beading work with beautiful pearls and garnets. His Highness sprained his back at a recent Pas so had chosen to Marshal (very reluctantly as he enjoys being a boar!). The ladies sat inside the feast hall quietly working on projects and talking as the smells of the feast and warm mulled apple cider filled the room.

"Erich Johann Meyer had an elaborate boar's costume on and started the day as the boar. Many adorable children volunteered to be dogs (puppies?) and the barks and shouts of delight as they found the boar became louder as they got closer to the feast hall. The ladies ran outside to cheer on the hunters as the boar jumped out from under the deck of the hall and did battle valiantly before being overcome (of course, we were heartily glad for it, for we would be feasting on Boar that evening for sure!).

"Sweaty pink faces show up at the door for juice and a cookie and they are off again. A young girl with luminous blue eyes and damp curls says (to no one in particular) "This is the best day EVER!".

"Countess Adina [Vischer von Hersbruck} and Duchess Eliana [Fraser] arrive as Mistress Ascelin [Meere of Ravenslocke] and I are admiring the endeavors of the hunters and dogs. We make a pretty crowd against the threatening sky with brilliantly blue ocean in the distance. Acelin is wearing a late period Italian gown with elaborate bead work and we ohh and ahhh over that. Then we turn our attention to Adina's plaque collar that adorns her gown. More sighs of admiration. Of course we must also gawk at Eliana's hand made beads (including the ones she made herself!).

"The feast begins and is delicious! Meg [Margrethe Astrid Ravn] sings beautifully for us all. The West, the Mists and Cynagua. Storm [Roelandt Storme van Raedt] tells a very entertaining story of His Majesty's prowess on the Tourney field. Micah gets an award. Eilis [ni Roibeard O'Boirne] shares amazing libation from His Highness's favorite winery. So many things to see and do and so many interesting people to talk to. The children are sweet and sleepy after running in bracing air all day. The girl with the curls sings "This is the best day ever" to the crowd as the skies open up and the heavy hum of rain washes over the hall.

"Someone (I am not sure what his name is) is awarded the Muckin' Great Clubbe (I think to myself that Countess Patrice [du Coeur Fidel] would be pleased after all of her efforts to locate it). The Muckin' Great Clubbe is the first award token in the history of the SCA, awarded at 12th Night in AS II. I wonder if this "ferocious" young man knows that this rather barbaric looking relic is a beloved treasure of the West? I think how wonderful that this fresh faced youth is carrying on this 39 year old tradition. The past and the future together.

"His Highness and I pack up our things with the help of Our Court and Guard and walk out into the rain, leaving the warmth of the people and the hall behind us. Open arms for hugs and good wishes for the holidays making way for the quiet dark. The best day ever? For some it surely was!" -- Ysabella, Principessa [Princess of the Mists]

"The young man who received the Clubbe is indeed worthy of the honor. James Thorsakail is brave and ferocious beyond reason. While he is relatively unknown in your lands he has been a very active member of Cynagua (he has recently moved to Golden Rivers from outlying Quincy). He is a member of the Orders of the Friendly Castle and La Courtesia, has served on three Cynaguan Guards (including serving me and Megen in our time as Prince and Princess). He is the current Lord Defender of Cynagua. I believe that His Majesty Rolf chose well when he selected James to return the Clubbe to circulation. Have no doubt that it will be well waxed and ready to be passed at March Crown. Also know that I believe he will someday enthusiastically prove his worthiness to hold it again." -- Alvar Pacheco de Cadiz

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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