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Twelfth Night Coronation

The Golden Stag Players present "The Betrothed"

January 7, 2007 (AS XL)

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the Set
the Set
Prologue (Hirsch)
Pedrolino explains
Pantalone and Franceschina
The Betrothal of
Pedrolino and Franchescina
Gratiano and Oratio
Arlecchino opines
Capitano and Arlecchino
Capitano uses
Arlecchino as a footstool
Capitano helps
Arlecchino stand
Isabella asks how
men can wear these clothes
Pedrolino and Pantalone
Pantalone, Gratiano
and Oratio
Gratiano and Oratio
Isabella tells
Pantalone the wedding
of his daughter is off
Isabella sneaks up
on Flaminia
Flamina drops
to a knee after "Hold!"
Flaminia explains ...
Pantalone tells Pedrolino
to make sure the
wedding happens
Arlecchino poses
as Capitano
Arlecchino poses
as Capitano
Capitano meets Pedrolino
Pedrolino and Arlecchino
meet ...
"Say something!"
"Who are you?"
Pedrolino reels from
punch ...
Flaminia tells Pedrolino
the marriage is on
Pantalone ... "Magicians?"
"Show me the rabbit
in the hat trick!"
Arlecchino ... relieves himself
Pedrolino and Isabella
Isabella and Dottore
Isabella and Capitano
Dottore explains
Capitano: "Father!"
Burratino Arrives in Venice
Pedrolino and Burratino
Pedrolino and Burratino
Franceschina tells
her father the good news
Arlecchino: "Daddy!"
The wedding party arrives
Pedrolino: "... three weddings
and a funeral!"
Pedrolino gets coerced
into performing weddings
Wedding 1
Wedding 2
Wedding 3
"I still have my dignity!"
"Ah, Venice!"
Curtain Call

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