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The Fortieth Year

Ducal Prize -- KHTI / Kingdom of the West

September, 2-5, 2005 (AS XL)

Yolo County Fairgrounds,
Woodland, CA

From The Page (July, 2005):

Ducal Prize Tourney will be at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland (the same as last year). Ducal Prize, co-sponsored by KHTI and the West Kingdom is a benefit tourney to raise money to purchase a permanent tournament site for the West Kingdom. Ducal Prize consists of competitions, auctions, a garage sale, and other interesting activities.

The partial schedule for each day is:

Friday: Special-Request Bardic

Saturday: Ducal Team Melee, Super Hero Melee, Cats-in-a-Cradle Melee, Sword&Shield List (Belted and Unbelted), Rapier Melees and Tournament, Royal-Filk Bardic (name or nickname of artist includes royal title). Period Instrumental Bardic, Theme Bardic (to be announced in August 'Page')/ Open Cordial Competition (bring 2 bottles). The "Small" (Food, Book and other stuff) Auction.

Sunday: Resurrection Melee, Handicapped Melee (drawn from a hat). Ship to Ship Melee, No Shield List, Rapier Melees and Tournament, Jewelry for the Queen's Chest (A&S), Needlework for the Queen's Chest (A&S), The "Big" Auction (everything must go!), Casbah

Monday: Boffer List, Monday Morning Wrestling

There will also be a niunber of game competitions that will be added to the schedule in the August Page. If you have suggestions for the games, please email the autocrat. Current suggestions include Hunker Hauser, a three-leg race, throwing the gauntlet (for range and accuracy!), and a scavenger hunt.

Ducal Prize runs on donations—donations of items, skills, services, and your time. Donated items in the past have included the tourney and feast gear that you are no longer using, tables, chairs, tourney beds, pavilions, musical instruments, jewelry, food, etc. Skill and service donations have included promissories for a massage, dinner for four at a future event, training in skills, custom work by artisans, etc. In fact, custom dinners have been some of our most successful offerings!

Volunteers are needed to help run and judge the competitions, and to help staff the auctions, garage sale, lists, heralds, marshals, and constables. Please contact the autocrat to volunteer.

The Commissar of Auctions this year is Eilis O'Boime (Lee Forgue) who can be contacted at home (phone omitted) or by email (email omitted). Talk to Eilis ahead of time if you're not sure about your ideas for donations or promissories, and to arrange for the donation of bulky items that need to be picked up in advance. There will be collection points for donations in the East Bay, South Bay and Cynagua.

Site Information: Site fee is $10, which will also get you 5 raffle tickets. You should be ready to show proof of membership at the gate, per SCA requirements. The site will open Friday at 1pm. If you show up before then, you are part of the set-up crew. The site closes at 4 pm on Monday. A city noise ordinance takes effect at 10 pm each night.

Autocrat: Hamish MacGowan (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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