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The Fortieth Year

Collegium Occidentalis

May 21, 2005 (AS XL)

Oak Grove Middle School,
Concord, CA

From The Page (May, 2005):

Come feed your appetite for knowledge, beauty and good food at Collegium Occidentalis!

We invite you to Collegium Occidentalis. The event will feature a variety of classes, a $5 lunch, demonstrations, lectures, an artisan's display, and a feast in the evening. Conveniently located in Concord, the site is approximately an hour from San Francisco and Sacramento. For more details, visit the website. There you will find more information on classes, fundraisers, artisans who are displaying and how to register for classes before you get to the event! You can also find out about receiving the CD of class handouts as a thank you gift for donors to the event. If you don't have internet access, you can always call the autocrat.

Abbreviated Class Listing: Needle Arts: Setting Gem-stones, Historical Survey of Stitches, How to start a project, beading on clothing: Fiber Arts: Slide Show of Textiles from Europe; Clothing: Survey of Italian Renaissance Fashion, Survey of German Renaissance Fashion, Deciphering Juan de Alcega, Hat making, German Hat making, T-Tunic construction, Byzantine Costume, The Fitted Gothic Gown, Dressing the Rapier Fighter, 14th Century Persian Tunic, 15th Century Persian Dress; Medieval Combat and Combatants:, The Archer in History, The Battle of Hastings, West Kingdom War Marshalling, West Kingdom Tournament Marshalling, Di Grassi Fencing; Calligraphy and Illumination: Basic Scroll Layout and Illumination, English Caroline Miniscule Calligraphy, Ammoniac Gilding (advanced). Acanthus Leaves are Easy; Sciences and Jewelry:, History of Glassblowing, Water Hardened Leather, Chain Knitting, Medieval Gardening in Containers, Roman Techiuque Wire Wrap; Cooking: Kitchen Prep 101, Iberian Dishes, Russian Cooking, Islamic Cooking; Passport to Research: Research Project Layout, How to get your Backstage pass to Museums, Good Books vs. Bad Books, The art of Teaching; Dancing: Dolce Amoroso, Dances of Joy and Jealousy, Dancing Almans and Bransles, English Country Dance, Fiamma d'Amore; Life and Times: Basic Arabic, Falconry, Period Treatises of Instruction for Women, The Wonderful World of Manure, Rituals in the SCA;

Multi-Session Courses: Courses that will have multiple parts and span multiple events. Part 1 will be at Spring Collegium, Part 2 at Fall (Sacramento area). Part 3 at Spring 2006 (Mists), Part 4 at Fall 2006 (Cynagua): White work embroidery (part lof 4), Gypsy Wagon Construction (part 1 of 4), Book Binding (part 1 of 3)

Feast: The theme of the feast is Foods of Love. Rowan of Hakesleah is developing the menu and will be running the feast kitchen. The Feast Hall will be set up to accommodate the theme with dim lighting, light candles and floor seating for those who would like to lounge. Rugs and low tables will be provided for the loungers, but please bring a lounging cushion if you wish to have one. Feast attendees are also encouraged to bring candles to light to add to the ambiance.

Feast Kitchen: Rowan of Hakesleah: (email address omitted).

Site Information: The site is Oak Grove Middle School, (address omitted), Concord (no alcohol or tobacco on site). The site opens 8 am. Class Sign-in begins at 8:30 am; Classrooms open at 9 am; Feast of Love Begins at 6 pm; Hall closes at 10 pm. The Shire of Teufelberg is sponsoring a $5 lunch. (website address omitted).

Site Fee: For children (under 12) $0; Young Adult (12-17 years) $5; and for $8 for Adult members and $11 for non-members. Feast Tickets (if you are going to the feast and not going to the collegium): Preschooler (under 5) is $0; Youth Feast ticket (ages 5-11) is $5; Young adult and adult (12 and over) fee is $15.

The Combo Site fee and Feast Ticket (if you are going to both collegium and feast) Preschoolers (under 5) are free; Youth Combo site and feast tickets (ages 5-11) are $5; Young adult and adult members (12 and over) $20, and $23 for non-members.

Autocrat: Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke (contact info omitted).

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Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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