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The Fortieth Year

L'Esercizio Della Spada -- Betony Wood

May 6-8, 2005 (AS XL)

Lockeford, CA

From The Page (March, 2005):

With the gracious permission of her Excellency Cassandra, The Baroness of Fettburg and with the sponsorship of the Shire of Betony Wood, The August company of The Martillodores does send word to all challengers to once again come meet us and to play with Courtesy, Skill, Camaraderie and Style. All who would come to camp and fight with us this day, will be showing the best of their genteel persons in the categories of the Arte of Defense (rapier) and the skill of the Archer. This year, the gathering will have the theme of "Love, considering it's best forms".

The Martillodores, the good Shire of Betony Wood and the Noble Barony of Fettburg invite all who would come gather for this event to be welcome in our shaded galleries for their viewing pleasure, the better to see all of the festivities for the day and we ask that if you are a consort of a fighter or one who is in support of an entrant, to please bring a token or example of "love" to display to all in support of the entrants so that we may see the Consort's version of a "Pas d' Armes" in respects to "love" The Martial arts for the day will be conducted in the style of a Pas d'Armes, with all participants of the gallery awarding ribands for the display of the Chivalric ideal. Impressive skill in armes and Notable display of style of person and the special token of "Love". Each to be presented to a combatant that most represents that virtue at the end of the Pas..

On the archery field, hosted by The Baroness Cassandra of Fettburg, there will be a prize tournament, with the winner receiving a very desirable item from the Coffers of her personal cache. This shoot is open to all Archers and will pit you against The Martillodores as a shooting team.

** If you intend to fight, you MUST meet the following requirements:**

You MUST have a pennant displaying either your device or a badge you intend to be known by at the event. This pennant will be used for invocation before fighting. The Shire of Betony Wood will have a limited stock for rental for a small fee.

You MUST strive to dress as period as possible for the day, including when you are in armor. (No mundane clothing should be showing, please.)

You MAY hire a personal herald to announce your person to the gallery.

Saturday evening will be a potluck feast, please bring your side dish meal to share with others. Roasted meat will be graciously provided by Fettburg and Betony Wood. We are also looking for people who sing, tell tales and play other entertainment to share in the evening. If you have table games of chance, this should be the place for them too! On Sunday morning after breaking fast, there is scheduled to be an IKAC shoot

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"Our family and household are home safely after one of the most enjoyable rapier events we have ever attended. The hospitality of our hosts in Cynagua and the comraderie of rapier fighters from all over the West was wonderful. That the West Kingdom can host a weekend event that is only about rapier, combining rapier and a pas de armes is too cool for words. The site was wonderful and provided an archery tournament as well. We all got to enjoy the chance to participate on the archery field and had a great time.

"What made this event so special was that first- everyone was there to watch and participate in the rapier tourney. Second- everyone participated in awarding for more than just rapier skills. We were all given beautiful strung glass lampwork beads in the shape of leaves, hearts and a coin. They represented chivalry (a white heart on a white cord), love (a red heart on a red cord), pinache (a leaf on a purple cord) and ferocity (fighting spirit and energy brought to a bought-a metal coin on a blue cord). These were handed out as fighters and viewers saw fit. The fighters only recieved a love token and the non fighters received all of the tokens. This gave everyone a chance to actively appreciate and participate in what they saw. They got to give awards for honor and chivalry above victory.

"Our stay would not have been so wonderful without the autocrat of this event. <snip> The Fellowship of The Martillodores hosted an event that had everyone involved in the fighting. Our children were able to approach adults and tell them what they enjoyed about various fights and fighters. It made them feel like they were a part of the whole day.

"Don't even start me on the food!!! When it takes three men to lift the spit and it starts cooking before even I started fighting, it has to be good!!

"Everyone went out of their way to thank our household and John James (the other Caidian attendee) for simply attending when they were the ones who put forth so much effort to make us feel welcome." -- Eogan Ua Confraich (Caid)

On behalf of House of the Fallen Oaks:
Griffin, Elizabeth, Liam, Morgan, Kyle, Thomas, Cristeane, Caelfind - who all will be back ... rain be damned!

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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