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The Fourth Year

Wedding of Robert of Dunharrow
and Geraldine of Toad Hall

October, 1969 (AS IV)

Note that this was not an official SCA Event, but was attended by MANY members of the SCA, and was done in garb.

"The wedding of Geraldine & myself was the first SCA medieval peasant wedding, so far as I know. Geri thought we'd had lots of noble weddings, but a peasant wedding would be more fun, so only King Henrik & Queen Leanne (who were our 2 official witnesses, both period & mundanely for the state license) were in noble garb, while everyone else was in period peasant garb. (Except David Green & Vernon Forgue, who were in period clerical garb and who jointly performed the ceremony.)

"It was in October, 1969, at the group picnic area at Lafayette Reservoir. Verena of Laurelin (then Geri's lady-in-waiting & Toad Hall chatelaine) was the bridesmaid, while Jon de Cles was best man. About 25 members of our household stood on a slight rise just behind the priests, while a double line of about 20 or so young ladies (teens & 20's) formed the center aisle, with another 100 or so of the populace gathered to either side. (The whole kingdom was invited and very few failed to attend. It was a potluck feast and everyone strove to attain the standard of medieval feasting that Geri had initiated in the SCA beginning with 12th Night AS III. Geri's Dad, Lord Gerald Whitebeard, provided the keg of beer, and of course, Geri made some of the food & one of the 2 wedding cakes. I think Ellen of the Gleaming Star made the other.)

"Anyway, two bagpipers (Richard of Thistleshire and another friend of his) piped us up the aisle, hand-in-hand, followed by Jon deCles & Verena.

"After the brief ceremony, the pipers piped us out and over to the table with the keg, where Geri climbed on the table, made some announcements, then tossed her bouquet among the throng of young ladies. Then the whole crowd made a circle around us and danced around to the pipes while we danced together in the center.

"After that, we ate, drank, and played games like Red Rover until late afternoon." -- Robert of Dunharrow

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Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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