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The Thirty-ninth Year

St. Torvaldr's Day -- Vinhold

April 9, 2005 (AS XXXIX)

Kennedy Park,
Napa, CA

From The Page (March, 2005):

Come one and all to the second celebration of Saint Torvaldr's Day, Patron Saint of Battle Injuries, and the championship of the Barony of Vinhold. We are once again holding a prize Norse Tourney. There will be five events and a prize for first place in each event. First, second, and third place will earn you points and towards the end of the day and winning a tooled Norse belt made by Torvaldr. Other contributions to prizes will be gratefully accepted. We will be holding a List to select our next Champion, as well as the famous siege cooking competition. We supply the ingredients and you cook something on site

Site Information: We will meet at Kennedy Park in Napa located at Hwy 121 and Streblow Dr. The site fee is $3 for members and $6 for non-members. There will be a $2 entry fee for each competition you enter with all proceeds going to the Arthritis Foundation. Site opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm.

Autocrat: Torvaldr Torgarson (contact info omitted).

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"The weather in Vinhold for the St. Torvaldr’s Day and the Vinhold Championship Tourneys was fabulous. Sunny with bright blue skies and a light breeze. Attendance was a bit low, but we had a great time. There were 6 fighters in the Championship tourney. They were Lord Torvaldr Torgarson, Lord Gilbert de Longspie, Lord Gavin from Vinhold, Lord Evan from Vinhold, Earl Geoffrey of Griffinhold, and Lord Ochs from Champlair. Gilbert fought for the joy of combat and comradeship and not to hold the position. Torvaldr Torgarson was the victor and will stand as the new champion. His only loss for the day was to Lord Gilbert.

It was pure fun to watch the fight. Both stood sure and confident, feeling the honor of the field. They raised their weapons in salute, Gilbert with his trusted sword, and Torvaldr with his gnarled oaken club. At the marshal’s command they moved with determined steps, and Gilbert, with a quick drop of his elbow and a shrug of his shoulder, soon had Torvaldr looking about the field for his boots and socks, which Gilbert’s maneuver had caused with to jump out of. Once he had found them, he did ask assistance in removing the hook, line, and sinker, that he had swallowed as well.

All fought with great honor and, smiles were much in evidence by both the fighters and populace.

The siege cooking competition was held and won by Lady Jana, and Lady Brenna from Fettburg. I will have to ask one of those who was involved in that competition to expound further, as I was busy with the other events. But it should be noted that all those who were involved, both in cooking, tasting and judging, gave much evidence of smiles and licking of lips.

The [other] events of Saint Torvaldr’s Day were also great fun. Lord Gilbert won the Spear Throwing for distance, and Earl Geoffrey won the Accuracy. Then Earl Geoffrey won the Spear Throwing event after having a tie breaker round with Lord Gilbert.

Earl Geoffrey also was the victor in the King’s Table event, with Lord Ochs placing second, and Lord Marcus in third.

Lord Gavin won the Oar Dancing competition.

The Holmgang was the most fun many of us had had in a long time. The first round was fought with shield and club. The second round with ax and shield. The third with spear and shield. From then on the weapons were the combatants' choice. With a slight difference for the first battle was between Lord Torvaldr and Lord Gilbert. It should be noted that many years ago Lord Gilbert had bested and inflicted one of the many infamous injures of the celebrated Saint. In a battle at a Cynaguan Coronet they had done battle, Gilbert with his great sword, and Torvaldr with his great Ax. After a great exchange of blows, Gilbert struck Torvaldr across the back of the neck. Though his armor withstood the blow, the force rendered him unconscious. He was carried from the field and reposed in the local hospital for the evening in warm and dry comfort. Unfortunately the same could not be said for those who remained at the event. For the clouds did weep for the unlucky warrior and flooded the camp. Indeed, Torvaldr returned to find his air mattress floating in his pavillion in an inch of standing water. So I suppose it could be debated who came out best in that incident.

No such outcome was to be repeated on this day. Gilbert brought out a great sword once again. In fact the very sword which had been used that fateful day. Alas that Torvaldr’s great ax had not survived, but he took up his spear. It matters not who bested who this day, but it should be remembered that both Gilbert and Torvaldr left the field under their own power, and with smiles of happiness at what they shared.

In the end it was Lord Ochs who was the victor in the Holmgang. Living up to the strength and power of his name’s sake he threw opponent after opponent from the square and rightfully claimed the prize of the engraved Norse hand ax.

By the end of the day it was Earl Geoffrey of Griffinhold who achieved ultimate victory as Grand Champion of the Saint Torvaldr’s Day Tourney and took home the tooled champions belt.

At the end of the day, in the court of Timothy and Eibhlin, the Ring of Friendship was given to Lady Lasairfhiona, and the Grape Leaf of Vinhold Awarded to Lady Heather from Vinhold. The day ended with Torvaldr Torgarson reading from his Beowulfsdrapa to the accompaniment of the mariachi music at a nearby party.

At the end we had fun and collected $61.00 for the Arthritis Foundation, far short of the $243.00 we made last year, but a good time was had by all who attended." -- Torvald Torgarsson

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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