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The Thirty-ninth Year

Glacier War -- Selviergard

September 12, 2004 (AS XXXIX)

Private Residence,
Eagle River, AK

From The Page (September, 2004):

The first annual Glacier War! Spread the word throughout the known world that Oertha is hosting a grand War! If you need crash space it will be found! This year there will be Rapier War Points, at least one A&S war point (leatherwork), and a potluck feast in the evening. The war will decide which Baronial Banner flies ahead of the other at the Nytshaed School of Rapier. Come out and defend Selveirgard with Castellan Georg or aid Commodore Viola in the name of Eskalya! As soon as the Ship is out of dry-dock and the commodore can land it at her destination there will be fighting aplenty! Potluck feast will begin about 6 pm.

Site Information: The site will open at 8 am and close at 10 pm. There is no site fee.

Autocrat: Nytshaed (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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