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Purgatario Coronation

August 22-24, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)

Amanda Ivonesdottir and Leeza Leahsdottir give presents to King Alden and
Queen Constantia during their last court.

Leah Radalf Paegham wrote:

"Leeza helped to carry in the basket, but the presentation was all Amanda's.

"Amanda is the one with the curls in your picture. She is also the one who
cooked all of the components of the presentation the week before Purg. King
Alden had declared her His "purveyor of raspberries" (Bronx variety) at
West/An Tir War and she decided that she needed to live up to the job title.
So she made Him raspberry vinegar, raspberry jam, and a fresh raspberry
torte (with a bit of help from mom) and braved the 9 hour ride to Purg,
despite the fact that she gets horribly car-sick, so that she could deliver
them in person.

"I tell this story, not to give her greater credit, but to point out what an
inspiration King Alden was for this particular young lady."

Photo and Contribution
by Kateryn de Ver

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