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The Thirty-eighth Year

June Crown Tournament

June 20-22, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)

Gibson Ranch,
Elverta, CA

From The Page (June, 2003):

Good Gentles come unto Gibson Ranch to Witness the Most Glorious List of Combatants Prove Themselves with their Stupendous Skill and Fighting Prowess to be Named Successor to Noble King Alden and the Good Queen Constantina! Immerse Yourself in the Many Good Contests of Arts and of Sciences! Yes, yes - June Crown is upon us all! At the request of Their Majesties, you are hereby Notified to Prepare your Banners for the Pageantry! Revel with their Majesties, Highnesses, Graces, Excellencies, Lords and Ladies on the List Field we Name "Eric" Saturday Evening. If you have tall banners that can be displayed, please bring them to help provide a more period setting for the evening's festivities.

Event Details: Laurels will be meeting after final Court on Saturday; Knight's Council at 8 AM Sunday followed by the Meeting of the Pelicans. In keeping with the recent practice of Sunday of Crown being a competition for war units, we will hold a William Marshall style Ransom Tourney. There must be at least 3 fighters per team with no upper limit on the numbers. (Time for the large war units to come out and flex their muscles!) There will be an entry fee of $3 per fighter to buy coins to pay for their ransoms. The populace can buy coins and ransom the noble fighters if they are inspired by them to do so. All money raised will be donated to Cartmel Priory in Cartmel, England. This is the actual Priory that William Marshall founded in Cartmel in 1188. Detailed rules will be available at Crown.

Lists: Have valid memberships cards for you and your consort at the Lists Table beginning at 9 AM Saturday morning. The Lists will close at 10 AM. Invocation will begin promptly at 11 AM.

Arts & Sciences: The Pavilion will be hosted by the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild - all are welcome to come view the display. Competitions: Arts - Embroidery: Beading, Sciences - Technical: Heraldic Shields. Drop your entries off before 1 PM on Saturday and please remember to pick them up at 5 PM. Saturday from the end of Invocation until 2 PM is "Mentor's Comer" - come sew with us and get your questions answered. At 2:30 is a Meeting that all are welcome to attend. At 3 PM there is a Panel discussion on Silk Thread: Historical and Modern Threads. Sunday's class at 10 AM is an "Introduction to Canvas work" with Sabrina de la Bere. There is a $5 kit fee.

Gate: Opens at 12 PM on Friday and closes Sunday at 4 PM. We do not have the use of the entire Ranch. Please limit your camping to the areas marked (area 3C). If you camp outside of our marked area, you will have to move your camp. Driving on the grass is not allowed at this time, please plan accordingly.

Fees: For 13 years and older $13 per person. With proof of membership $10,6-12 years old is $5 per person. 0-5 years old free.

Parking: At the gate (SCA), you will receive a parking pass for your vehicle. You will need this pass to bring your vehicle through the Ranch gate. All passes will be turned in to the Ranch when you leave on Sunday.

No Horses: Wasn't enough time to get that arranged. VERY sorry about this, we really wanted them.

Animals: all on site must be leashed at all times, and the leash must be attached to someone or something capable of keeping the animal under control.

Merchants: Due to a site incurred merchant fee of $150, we will gladly waive the normal frontage fees if you wish to pay the $150 to merchant at this event. We tried, but they seem not understand the difference between SCA merchants and concert merchants.

AUTOCRAT: Gisela de Kalais (contact info omitted).

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Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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