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The Thirty-eighth Year

Spring Coronet Tournament -- Principality of Cynagua

May 23-26, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)

Plumas Fairgrounds,
Quincy, CA

From The Page (May, 2003):

Come join us for the festivities of the holiday weekend; for not only our Spring Coronet, but for other festivities as well - Lord Defender Tournament, Bard of Cynagua competition, Archery, Princess' Tea and Valhalla day of games. On Sunday, the Coronet lists will open at 8 AM, closing at 10:30 AM. Invocation is at 10:30 AM, and the lists tournament will start at 11 AM. Bring your pennants for the field pageantry. Friendly Castle and La Courtesia meetings will be Sunday, after evening court.

Remember Valhalla Day activities? On Saturday we're bringing back some of those activities, plus some new ones. Hunker Hauser; quests for children (adult required chaperone); board games; archery, fencing and equestrian skills; eric activities (yes fighting events too!). These are just to name a few and more information will be available at the gate.

Horses are welcome at this site. If you are planning to bring your own, stalls are $25/ weekend. Day-trippers can get a reduced stall fee. Plan on bringing your own feed/ bedding. Rental horses are being arranged for Saturday. As the number of rentals is limited, please contact the Cynaguan Equestrian Minister for details on cost and number of people who can share one horse (contact information in the Regnum section in the back of the Page). Equestrian authorizations and games will be run on Saturday, as well as some possible horse-oriented classes.

For information on archery activities, please contact Cassandra Cemakova (email address omitted). For rapier information, please contact Simon Martillo De Cordoba (email address omitted). Competitions are Arts - painted silk banners/ standards; Sciences - cloth coloring (dyes, paints, etc.); Display - Heraldic items; Copper Spoon - Lenten dishes. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate officers.

Please note the following: 1) We are sharing this site with a smaller group, who are having a roping competition on the far side of the fair grounds; they will also be camping. 2) Parents, please know where your children are at all times. Any "lost" parents will be found through herald shouts. 3) Remember the legal age for alcohol consumption is 21 years of age and will strictly be enforced.

Site opens at 1 PM on Friday and closes at 4 PM on Monday. Site fees are: $13 ($3 discount for members with proof of membership); children 7-12 $7, under 7 are free. All minors must have waivers signed at the gate upon entry. RV fees: $15 per night additional above and beyond the site fee); contact the autocrat for more information prior to the event

Autocrat: Timus (contact info omitted)

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In the final round it was Eric van Roosebeke, fighting for his lady Lisa van Roosebeke, versus Thor Stagg, fighting for his lady Eowyn d'Agincort. Eric won the first two rounds, and the Investiture of the Lord and Lady of the Swan was held immediately thereafter, on the field.

Congratulations also to Reinar Jorgenson and Raven of Drachenheim, who each went to the semi-finals. Thor Stagg bested Reinar, and Eric bested Raven.

In the Lord Defender of Cynagua competition, Alvar Pacheco de Cadiz bested Gunther, although it took three bouts for him to do so. He will take the position of LDoC at Investiture.

In the Bard of Cynagua competition, the winner was Khadijah. She will be invested as BoC at Investiture.

Great fun was had by all who participated in, or watched, the Valhala games. The adults' games culminated in a tug of war, in front of the Royal Pavilion, over a wading pool full of water. The winning teams had the fun of watching their opponents take the plunge. And His Highness ended the day by declaring that Her Highness would challenge the final winners, alone. I am proud to say that our Princess is quite the scrappy tug-of-war player She bested an entire team of young men, led by Her own son, all by Herself! (Yes, Her Guard was behind Her, but they were only *supporting* the rope so She needn't tire herself with the excess weight.)

At Saturday evening court: Beatrix zum Dunkletern received a Scutifarius Cynague.
Their Highnesses invested the first Minister of the Fence for Cynagua, Juan Miguel del Coronado.
Evenstar Keep presented His Highness with 50 pounds of Gummi Bears, in honor of His birthday (next month). They also presented another round of Hosiery Theatre, with a new song that was quite amusing.

At Sunday morning court, Master Lorenzo and David Falcone presented Their Highnesses with the new Lord and Lady of the Swan circlets. The circlets are gorgeous they are silver, with stones set in the sides, and the front of each has a cameo of a swan. The Lord's circlet has a gold swan set on a piece of amber the Lady's has an actual swan cameo, set on a blue stone (agate, maybe?). The cameos were pieces of jewelry that had belonged to David Falcone's late wife, and the circlets were donated to the Principality by him in her memory.

I missed most of Sunday evening's court because I was out playing with the horses. However, according to Gwenhwyfaer, Sunday evening Court turned out to be longer than first expected. (Their Highnesses gave out 9 AoAs, and a bunch of other awards that I can't recall because Gwenwhyfaer has the list.)

Also at Sunday evening Court There was a bit of shtick about who owns the Quincy area, which is now being called Gargoyles Keep. The choice was between Silver Desert (who claimed it in the past under a different name) and Rivenoak. It ended with His Highness declaring that it belongs to Him, until such time as a decision can be made. Their Highnesses called up all the first-timers, and Her Highness presented each of them with a butterfly. Their Highnesses called up four young people who spent the day acting as List Pages, and gave each of them a token of appreciation. They also received a hearty "thank you" from all of that day's field heralds. I believe Helga, a young member of Gargoyles Keep, received her AoA.
A new award for excellence and achievement in Rapier was given to its charter recipient, Lord Simon Martillo de Cordoba.
A new award for excellence and achievement in Archery was given to its charter recipient, Baroness Cassandra Chernakova.
Master Edward le Kervere was named as the new Page School Chancellor. Wilhelm von Homburg received a Scutifarius Cynague.
Geoffroi D'Aubernon and Birgitta Sorensdatter received AoAs.
Gargoyles Keep presented Her Highness with several gifts, and included more Gummi Bears for his Highness.

There were Equestrian activities on both Saturday and Sunday, and I know that quite a few folk either competed or were authorized this weekend. Anton and Ryssa Polander brought their horses (Hot Stuff and Juliet), and the young Lady Helga brought three of her horses (Strider, Baracus, and Dweeb), and one colt who could not yet be ridden. Mistress Siobhan ni Seadgh brought Juliet to Saturday morning court and taught the populace what a horse is, and what the dangers are for small children around them.

As for the weather Friday was hot and humid, and we watched a thunderstorm dance lightning across the hills during setup. Luckily, it only spat at us when it passed over, and saved the remaining downpour for other locales. The evening was cool, and overnight temperatures were chilly. Saturday afternoon was warm, and a little humid but not terrible. A nice (if gusty) breeze kicked up later in the day, and it cooled down nicely by late afternoon/early evening. Overnight temps wre warmer than Friday, or at least they felt like it to me. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day for fighting. A nice breeze stayed with us all day, and although the clouds threatened, they never dropped anything on us. They cleared late that evening, and there were stars visible by 1000. Today was warm once again, but not unbearable.

On a more personal note Gwenwhyfaer, Geoffroi and Birgida, Edward, Jehanne, and I, were all greatly impressed by the energy, positive attitude, and sheer enthusiasm that the young members of Gargoyles Keep showed this weekend. They helped us, and untold others, with setup and tear down, and did it with smiles on their faces. These are just the sort of young people that the Society needs, and I hope that all the others of their age group took notice.

-- Alison Gray

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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