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The Thirty-eighth Year

Beltane Coronation

May 2-4, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)

Marie Hill Ranch,
Cloverdale, CA

From The Page (April, 2003):

Their Majesties invite one and all to celebrate and bear witness to the coronation of Their Heirs. Come celebrate in the grand tradition of the West with courts, arts, sciences, fighting, singing, dancing, archery and parties.

Site info: The event is being held at the Marie Hill Ranch at (address omitted) in Mendocino Co., just across the Sonoma Co. border. The Gate opens at 12 PM and closes at 5 PM. The site fee is $11 per person (there is a $3 discount for members); ages 10 and under are free. There is no water on site, please bring your own drinking water.

Site Rules: Because this is a working sheep ranch we have had to agree to certain terms in order to rent the property. The main three are:

  1. No Ground Fires. Only contained, attended, above ground fires with a fire extinguisher within 20 ft are allowed.
  2. We are restricted to the areas we have rented. Do not go into the hills and woods surrounding the site. (This is where the owner has put the sheep for the duration of the event.)
  3. Absolutely no pets are allowed.

Merchants: Standard West Kingdom merchant rules apply.

Autocrat: Eric von Steinhaus (contact info omitted).

Alden of Wolverton
Gules, on a tower argent a
wolf's head cabossed sable,
a bordure argent goutty de poix.
Constantina von Ravenna
Per pale azure and Or, an
escarbuncle between in
bend sinister an increscent
and a decrescent
Alden's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm
Constantina's Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

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It had been raining off and on for the past 2-3 days, so the roads into and on the site were nothing but mud. Luckily the rain decided to let up long enough for most of us to get our pavilions up on Friday. It poured a bit more after sunset, and then let up for the three vigils Marguerite du Royon (OP), Susan of Wight (OL), and Conall Eoin MacTavish (OC). Duke Fabian had the Saucy Wench open until the lanterns ran out of fuel, and a fair number of us spent time there, playing games and chatting in the warm and dry.

Saturday the clouds had lightened up, and we were able to get through morning Court without getting wet. We witnessed the Laurelling of Mari Alexander and Susan of Wight, and the Pelican ceremony of Marguerite du Royon. Mari and Marguerite were brave and chose to wear white for their ceremonies Mari in a white Norman tunic and stockings, all with fine hand embroidery; and Marguerite in a houppelande of a white fabric interwoven with fleur-de-lis. Susan, on the other hand, was practical, and chose to wear Middle-Eastern garb in "her" colors. All three ladies chose the tradition of having a member of each of the Peerages speak for them.

I remember sitting in court, watching the cloud shadow work its way over the hills and sneak up on the Royal Pavilion from behind. When the Herald called for a break, we had about 15 seconds in which to get under cover before the heavens opened. It rained like that for about an hour, giving us plenty of time to grab lunch.

When the rain let up, the Heralds called for the final Court of Conor and Isa. After final court we had a bit of a delay, so Their Majesties asked Their Bard to perform. Then Duke Frederic, Leah Raedulf, and Evone Punslayer stepped forward and entertained us with a couple of songs. Finally, the "longboat" bearing TRH Alden and Constantina made its way onto the field. The clouds were kind, and Their Coronation was a dry one, if a bit breezy. We then witnessed the Knighting of Conall Eoin MacTavish. Conall was one of the brave ones who chose to wear white he was dressed in a white tunic over tan leggings. I don't remember much about his knighting, except that there was a long speech from Colin Maclear, something about the Knightly Virtues.

Saturday evening the Saucy Wench saw more activity, including several performances by Lord Thomas Bordeaux, as well as a quieter one by our own Sir Gemini. Saturday evening also saw the Bard of the West competition, which culminated in a Bard-off between Duke Frederick and Leah Raedaelf of Pagham. Leah was finally declared the winner, much to His Grace's delight.

Sunday dawned clear and breezy, which meant most of us were able to pack dry. Sunday saw a hurling competition, and the Queen's Champion tournament. -Alison Gray of Owlwood

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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