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The Thirty-seventh Year

Purgatorio Coronation

August 23-25, 2002 (AS XXXVII)

Grant Park,
San Jose, CA

From The Page (August, 2002):

Hark to the news: Jade and Megan, ring-givers of renown and rulers proud in the power and war-strength of the West, hail the coming of their imdoubted heirs. Come then Thorfinn, avenger of angels, hale in heart and strong of sword, and come too Cyneswith, keeper of his honor, wealthy in beauty and bountiful of grace. West Kingdom rejoices: ride forth with the tidings, and gather to give them our blessing that day!

At noontime on Friday the gates forth shall open, to close once more on Sunday at 5 PM. Wayfarers are welcome to mingle in the meadhall on Friday eve and Saturday night. There it is rumored that the wrath of a monster may mar the fair gathering: gird on your swords! Join then the quest in the quiet of morning, on Sunday to seek for the mere of the mother of the war-like spirit the hero has bested. A champion's tourney shall be called, after the crowning, for the heroes to hold for honor and joy.

Fear ye the flame, the breath of the serpent, for such is banned in August's deep drought! Alliteration aside: Purgatorio this year will be held at Grant Park in San Jose. Friday night and Saturday night there will be a meadhall for storytelling and singing, which may have nifty and unusual things happening each night Sunday morning and early afternoon will be the setting for a quest. There will also be a dramatic performance hosted by Bella Luna Caravan on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon there will be a Queen's Championship tourney in celebration of our new Queen. The stout of heart and strong of arm are called to the field in her name. There will be NO FIRE in camping areas; this includes candles. Charcoal briquettes may be used in park-designated areas, and a portion of the parking lot will be reserved for portable fire pits. NO WOOD FIRES are allowed. Please use mundane means of lighting your camps. Coleman stoves may only be used in the parking lot reserved for fires. The fire danger is far too high this year for us to take any risks. Site fee: $8 adults, $5 children.

Autocrat: Branwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda (contact info omitted).

Close-up photos of Carnival Masks for Thorfinn and Cyneswith (in the Arts and Sciences part of this website)
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Thorfinn Magnusson
(Registered as
Thorfinn the Cruel)

Gules, a boar statant to
sinister and a chief
potenty argent.
Cyneswith aet Caldhaefen
Per chevron argent and gules,
two ermine spots and a wolf's
head cabossed counterchanged.
Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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