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The Thirty-seventh Year

Mists Games - Principality of the Mists

June 8, 2002 (AS XXXVII)

Hans Park,
Vallejo, CA

From The Page (June, 2002):

Mists games will be held at Hans Park in Vallejo. The site will open at 8 AM and the quest will begin at 10 AM sharp! Although we will allow late entries. The theme this year is a quest. The teams will be trying to find Thor's Hammer and return it to Asgard. Each team will consist of three to six members and must include at least one heavy fighter, one light fighter (javelin or golf tube arrows only), and one non-combatant. It is recommended that you have more than one heavy fighter since all of the stations may include fighting. So brush up on your Norse Mythology, especially on Thrym's Saga from the Poetic Edda, and take a crash course in kennings, because all your clues are going to come from those sources.

Autocrat: Torvaldr Torgarson (contact info omitted).

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"The day of Mists Games was about as perfect as you could ask. The temperature stayed in the 80's, and there was abundant shade, since the site was a eucalyptus grove. The two teams assembled in front of Valaskjalf, the Hall of Odin to receive their instructions. Then they drew their beginning Runes from Odin's chest, and the quest began. Right away Duke Frederick's team approached the Hall of Odin to challenge for the power of another Rune. Odin tested their wit and wisdom and found them to be strong and crafty, when asked "Fool is he who uses the Bull's Sword for the wrong test, take it up and be refeshed." With a moment of conference they soon answered back. "Fool indeed is he who would drink strong beer of the labor of the bees, and the Bull's sword, which is the horn at your side is best used for water while on quest." Odin found them to be deserving of his aid and granted them the power of another Rune. Several times did this noble band of Heroes approach Valaskjalf, and though they were not always victorious, they aquitted themselves well.

"The team fielded by the Mists Guard never came to Odin for the power of the Runes. They wished to complete the quest by virtue of their own strength and wit. Noble as this was it may have proved to be their downfall. They were the first team to gain all four of the quest items needed to trick Might Thyrm into believing one of their party was Freya, his bride to be, and thereby getting him to bring mighty Mjolnir out of its hiding place. But crafty Loki lurked nearby, and using the power of his Runes did strengthen mighty Thyrm enabling him to defeat the Noble Heroes. And while they were returning to Valhalla to have their warriors raised, they encountered Duke Frederick's team and with the power of their Runes they destroyed one of the Quest items, the Belt of Gold. The Mists Guard Team would need to replace this belt before they could again approach Thyrm. Without the power of their own Runes to defend themselves, they were at a distinct disadvantage.

"But Duke Frederick's team did not have it any easier. For though they were able to defeat Thyrm and avoid Loki, they were beset by both a wandering Frost Giant, and Thor himself before they could reach Valaskjalf with the Hammer. One of their party was slain by Thor, while Duke Frederick defeated the Frost Giant with one mighty blow of his Axe. But still did Thor stand between him and Valaskjalf. It may seem that all they need to is relinqish the hammer to its rightful owner. You must remember that the Frost Giants are beings of craft and magic, so it could be that the hammer they carry is not truly Mjolnir, but a clever fake. So to Odin must they present the hammer, for only He could tell with certainty that the hammer they had was the true hammer.

"So it was that Duke Frederick drew himself up and defied the mighty Thunderer, blows fell in the field of Valhalla, and the sound of thunderclaps resounded on the hills and through the trees. Round and round the two fought, neither gaining nor giving ground, until at the last did the Mighty Jarl, Duke Frederick of Holland, Master of the Laurel, Master of the Pelican, victor of many battles, and Champion of many Holmgang, smight Great Thor to the ground long enough to reach The Hall of Odin. It was there that it was found that the Hammer they bore was indead powerful Mjolnir, and by their deeds was the coming of Ragnarock forstalled.

"Of those things I witnessed, however, I think the most memorable was the battle between Thor and the Wandering Frost Giant on the Bifrost Bridge, beyond Valaskjalf." -- Torvald Torgarson (Odin)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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