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The Thirty-seventh Year

Ducal Prize Tournament -- KHTI

August 30-Sept. 2, 2002 (AS XXXVII)

Yolo County Park,
Woodland< CA

From The Page (July, 2002):

This year's Ducal Prize Tourney will be at the Yolo County Fairgrounds-the same site as March Crown and last year's Ducal. While it may be quite warm, there are showers on site! As usual, this is an event jointly sponsored by the West Kingdom and by KHTI, with the profits to go toward the purchase of a permanent tourney site for the West Kingdom.

The preliminary competition list includes:


Saturday: Sword and Shield List (Belted and Unbelted), 3 Fighters Tied Together, Florentine Melee and the Ducal Team Melee. Sunday: No Shield List, Resurrection Melee and a new one- A No Weapons Melee (you must use items that were not originally intended as weapons, i.e. pitchfork. Use your imagination. Must be SCA Legal.)

Evening Activities:

The ever popular Friday Night Request Bardic. Saturday Night: Sesame Street/Muppet Filk: Participants must be prepared to sing the original song (at least one verse) and identify its provenance if it is not known to the judges. Instrumental piece, 3 minutes or less, extra points for documentation. Theme Bardic on the Subject ''Mythological Beasts". The Seven Deadly Sins Bardic - piece to be written on site, limited to seven entrants. Each entrant will be given a " Sin" to write about. A Cordial Contest - you would think this would be under A&S, but since people have been known to let their bardic lights shine only under the influence, we thought it appropriate. Please submit at least two bottles - one forjudging one for auction. And don't miss the Sunday Night Casbah!

A&S: This year we are holding "Junk Yard Wars" - this contest is a team event in which you are given a set amount of "junk". You must create a presentation using the items you are provided and your wildest imagination. Saturday night's event will be to make a presentation for the King of Caid. Sunday night's will be for the Queen of Caid. Remember, the winning item will be presented by our Majesties at GWW!

ier Fighting:to be determined.


Walk the Plank - Argh! Javelin Toss, 3-Legged Race, Tent Races, Hunkerhouser, Combination Scavenger Hunt/Trivia Contest (3-person teams, with at least 1 adult), and anything else we can come up with.

Boffer List: Page School rules.

And finally, the annual session of Monday Morning Wrestling!!!

Plus all the usual other stuff that seems to have become a traditional part of Ducal Prize. AS ALWAYS, Ducal Prize needs stuff. Your stuff. My stuff. Everyone's stuff. Donations to use as prizes, for the Garage Sale, and to fuel the Monster-Auctions-from-Hell. We can't hold a three-hour auction for your listening and shopping pleasure if you don't give us stuff to sell back to you, now can we??? Remember that donations of services can be just as attractive as donations of goods. In fact, dinners and such-like have been some of our most successful offerings! Talk to Katherine ahead of time if you're not stue about your ideas. Also call if you want to donate something bulky which will need to be picked up ahead of time.

Site fee is $5, which also gets you five raffle tickets. Since this is a jointly-sponsored event, be ready to sign a waiver at the gate. Site opens Friday at 1 PM. If you show up earlier, you are on the set-up crew. Friday night will feature the Special Request Bardic Circle, starting after dinner. Saturday and Sunday will be full of competitions, auctions and the world-famous Ducal Garage Sale. Monday will be wrap-up and tear-down time. The site closes at 6 PM.

The Supreme Commissar this year is Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye (contact info omitted).

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