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The Thirty-seventh Year

Debardchery -- Cloondara

October 12, 2002 (AS XXXVII)

Golden Gate Park,
San Francisco, CA

From The Page (October, 2002):

Please join us at the, er, one of our many annual celebrations of skill at archery, the bardic arts and much less useful skills. Thrill to the return of the flying phoenix of fate! Hunt down innocent bales of straw for a chance to be Cloondara's appointed yeoman of the bowmen! Demonstrate your might at the caper toss! And stay out of the blackberry vines! The site is the archery field in Golden Gate park in San Francisco. The site opens at 9 AM. At 11 AM, we will hold an archer's auction wherein the populace may bid on their favorite archer, whose winning score will win a prize for his highest bidder. The IKAC and IKAC prize competitions begin at 11:30 AM. Crossbows are not allowed on the field (municipal law!!!)

Bardic competition topic: throughout history and mythology, there are numerous great deeds by archers. Some archers, such as Robin Hood and Odysseus, are well known. Others, such as the archer that fired the fatal arrow at Hastings, are unknown. For this year's bardic competition, we choose to honor great deeds of archery, historical or mythological. A warning: punsters will be used for target practice. We will have a potluck picnic. Please bring a dish based on your mundane last name as follows: A-E = side dish or salad, F-N = main dish, O-Z = desserts. Please bring sunshades to share. The site can be windy and cool; we suggest bringing additional layers for warmth.

Autocrat: Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath (contact info omitted)

Site fee: $5; children under 16 free.

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