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The Thirty-sixth Year

William Marshal Tournament -- Stormhold

December 1, 2001 (AS XXXVI)

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"As is the norm, the good folk of the Barony of Stormhold assembled on the first Saturday in December to celebrate the memory of William Marshal. The day’s festivities commenced with the fighters of the Barony, and many wayfarers, assembling on the green by the banks of the Yarra River to spend the day martially engaged. The fine, blue, summer skies, a pleasant breeze and a reasonable temperature of about 20°C conspired to make the day even better.

"The fighting commenced with a team melee between sides chosen by His Highness, Prince Alfar and Rudolf von der Drau, Baron of Stormhold. Three times the 2 dozen warriors met, and His Highness’s team prevailed that day by the margin of 2-1. There was barely time to draw breath before the Chivalric Weapons Tourney was underway. A field of 26 contested the single kill, double elimination test, and with the Prince, a Viscount, another knight and several very well regarded unbelteds it was a fine assemblage. By the 5th round the field was reduced to 8 contestants. It was a fine showing by Bowen Freeborn, a wayfaring fighter from the Shire of Borders Cross, Healfdene Drafend Sunne, from the Barony of Rowany and Rioghan of Saarlands (Sir Atar of Sarum’s young squire), from the Shire of Arrowreach, but unfortunately they all suffered their second losses. In the 6th round His Highness was granted the bye, and Sir Brennan Halfhand was eliminated by the hand of Gwynfor Lwyd. The 7th round became the default semi-final, with Baron Nathan Blacktower, from the far off Barony of Aneala, and Master Gwynfor Lwyd (the incipient Baron of Stormhold) succumbing to the skills of a Viscount and a Prince. Viscount Sir Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan and Prince Alfar met in the best of three final. The first bout was fought with sword and shield, and His Highness prevailed. The second bout was fought with mace and shield, and again His Highness was victorious. The third bout was fought with two-handed sword, and, after a double kill, Viscount Sir Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan bested His Highness. His Highness won the tourney after 8 rounds of wonderful fighting. None took issue with the selection of Baron Nathan Blacktower as being Most Chivalric on the field that day. The fighting finished with a token tourney, which ran for about 90 minutes before the field had to be closed. Regrettably I was involved elsewhere, and so missed the action.

"The martial part of the day done with 150 gentles repaired to St Brigid’s Hall for the Courts and Feast. Approximately 40 wayfarers joined the 110 Stormholders to witness the last court of Rudolf and Nicolette as Baron and Baroness of Stormhold, and the investiture of Gwynfor and Gwir as 5th Baron and Baroness of that fine Barony. Three courts were held that evening, with the two serves of the sumptious feast prepared by Mistress Elspeth Caerwent and her helpers providing the interludes. Their Majesties, Hauoc and Ginevra, King and Queen of the West, by the agency of Alfar and Liadan, Prince and Priness of Lochac elevated Gwynfor’s protégé, Daffydd ap Iowerth ap Rodhri de dana to the Order of the Pelican to the tumultuous acclaim of the populace. Rudolf and Nicolette conducted their final court, awarding Lady Roisin Cinnsealach with a Baronial Commendation before dismissing their champions, guard and household. Court reverted to Their Highnesses, who accepted Rudolf and Nicolette’s assertion that they were weary after 4 1/2 years as Baron and Baroness and took the Baronial coronets back into Their keeping until such time as a new Baron and Baroness would be presented. Their Highnesses then proceeded to reward four gentles with Awards of Arms (Everard Sefar and Arganhell merch Briauc, Vandel Lynchea, and finally possibly the youngest AoA recipient in Lochac, Breana of Stormhold, who is but 10 years of age), and two with the Principality service award, the Order of the Silver Tear (Hannibal al Barbary and Kattrin die Wissbegierige Reisende von Tunbingen).

"It was then that Prince Alfar called forth Lord Sui Zo, Seneschal of Stormhold, and asked if the populace had selected a new Baron and Baroness. Lord Sui answered that Gwynfor and Gwir had been chosen. His Highness asked if Lord Sui was sure of this, and Sui replied that he was. Prince Alfar then called forward the officers of the Barony, and again asked if there had been a new Baron and Baroness chosen. The officers said that Gwynfor and Gwir had been chosen. His Highness asked if they were sure, and the officers replied that they were. Finally, Prince Alfar asked the populace if Gwynfor and Gwir had been selected as the new Baron and Baroness of Stormhold. The populace replied in the affirmative. His Highness asked, for the last time, if they were sure, and the assent was vehement. His Highness then summoned Master Gwynfor Lwyd and Lady Gwir verch Madog, and they were invested as the 5th Baron and Baroness of Stormhold.

"The second course of the feast was served, and the third court for the day commenced straight after it had been devoured. Nicolette and Rudolf were created Court Barons of the Court of the West, and then Gwynfor and Gwir held their first court. Airdin MacDara and Liadan the Chirugeon were rewarded for their efforts with Baronial Commendations. The Baronial Household (including two Baronial nannies) was appointed, as was the Baronial Guard, with Conan MacAndreis as Captain and Karel of the Three Isles as advisor to the Guard. The evenings competition results were announced, with Lady Yvonne Yvette du Plumetot (apprentice to Viscountess Gabriella della Sante Croce) winning the 16th century embroidery section, and Healfdene Drafend Sunne taking out the best Angevin garb section. The Pearls of Wisdom Annual Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion was also announced, and the winner was Baron Gwynfor. Finally, after many petitions and fine gifts Their Highnesses conducted one final piece of business, creating Drake Morgan a Court baron of the court of the West.

"At a little after midnight the day’s events had passed into history. It was a most memorable day. Thanks to the efforts of Master Thorfinn Hrolfsson, the autocrat, and Mistress Elspeth Caerwent, the feastocrat, not to mention the presence of so many wayfarers from across Lochac and so many of the people of Stormhold it was a truly magnificent event."

"Mistress Elspeth Caerwent (and her army of assistants in the kitchen and pre-feast shoppers/pre-preppers) for feastocratting a marvellous feast. Mistress Elspeth may care to name the guilty parties at some stage (at least to us so we can ensure that all these gentles are appropriately thanked!).

"His Highness, Prince Alfar, who was victorious in the Chivalric Weapons Tourney, defeating Viscount Sir Kurgan 2-1 in a close fought final that included a double kill. 26 fighters took to the field in the tourney which went to 8 rounds. Our Prince's team also defeated Baron Rudolf's team 2-1 in the team melees. Baron Nathan (Baron of Aneala) won the tassle for Most Chivalric and was one of the two fighters eliminated in the 7th round, setting up the afore-mentioned final.

"Lady Yvonne Yvette du Plumetot who took 1st and 3rd places in the 16th Century embroidery contest (part of the Pearls of Wisdom competition for AS XXXVI/XXXVII), and Lady Jane Harcourt for taking 2nd . Baron Gwynfor was announced as the winner of the Pearls of Wisdom competition for AS XXXV/XXXVI (Annual Baronial A&S Championship). Also in an A&S vein, Lady Eleanora de la Birche passed on the office of Mistress of A&S to Master Daffydd ap Iowerth ap Rodri de Dana.

"Liadan the Chirugeon, Airdin MacDara and Roisin Cinnsealach were recipients of Baronial Commendations. Roisin received hers from Rudolf and Nicolette, and Liadan and Airdin received theirs from Gwynfor and Gwir.

"The Baronial Guard was appointed, and consists of:
Lord Conan MacAndreis (Captain)
Lord Karel of the Three Isles (Courtesy and Fashion advisor)
Lady Senena verch Maelgwyn ap Rhys
Lord Airdin MacDara

"At the Monthly Bash on Sunday, in very trying (wet conditions) 5 fighters took to the field. Lord Rioghann of Saarlands was victorious, fighting for the honour of Beth. Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale was a very popular choice for Most Chivalric. Halfdan was announced as the winner of the Best Angevin Garb competition held the night before.

"Gwynfor and Gwir, Baron and Baroness of Stormhold, instituted a new award, the Order of the Drakkar's Sweep. This award is for those who are repeat offenders on clean-up, prep and kitchen crews. The inaugural members of the Order of the Drakkar's Sweep are:

Master Hrolf Herjolfsson (Ynys Fawr)
Mistress Nicolette Dufay
Baron Rudolf von der Drau
Master Cormac Lenihan
Mistress Elspeth Caerwent
Master Pedair MacPharlaine na Cluine Bige
Master Thorfinn Hrolfsson
Lady Vera Lupa
Lady Siban nic Ghiolla Phodraig
Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale
Lord Jarek Blackthorne

"Finally, Lady Tiffany of St Monica's was the winner of the Best Belt competition (part of the annual Pearls of Wisdom competition)." -- Gwynfor Lwyd

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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