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The Thirty-sixth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation

January 5, 2002 (AS XXXVI)

Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building,
Santa Rosa, CA

From The Page (November, 2001):

Greetings unto the populace of the West Kingdom. Their most Royal Majesties do invite all to attend the coronation of their heirs this Twelfth Night. This year Twelfth Night will be held at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Rosa. A variety of Arts and Sciences displays will be present.

Site open from 10 AM to 11 PM. Merchants will need to contact the Merchant Liaison to arrange space.

Site Fee: Tickets will be $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Children under 6 are free. Tickets will be sold at most events starting with October Crown. If you would like to purchase tickets in advance via Postal Mail, send a SASE along with the appropriate amount to the Kingdom Seneschal (address listed within the Kingdom officers page).

Autocrat: Ian the Fariner (contact info omitted).

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Uther Schieman der Hount
(Registered as:
Uther Schiemann der Hunt)
Gules, a cross gurgity Or
within a serpent in annulo
head to base argent.
Portia Vincenzo
(No Arms Registered)
Uther's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

"A biased review of Twelfth Night.

"I didn't sit through ALL of court -- there was a lot of court, and it would have been too much ... however ...

"First off, it was *raining* ("a real frog-strangler") hard when we got there. Sigh ... wasn't supposed to be raining either. Figures. Wearing velvet, nice clothes, boots, and carrying everything into the hall that needed to be gotten in. Joy. Oh well, no one had control over the weather, durn it.

"The site was huge, but in my opinion had one fatal flaw. The room with the big stage was TOO big, and was not really designed for good acoustics. Unless you were right up close to the stage it was hard to hear, due to the fact that a lot of tables were set up for people to dine at, and to use for arts displays.

"There was a room set aside as "the noisy dining hall", and "merchant's row" was in the room on the other side of the main hall matching the noisy dining area.

"Unfortunately, when you have that many people in a room, even quiet conversations add up, and the noise factor was really high ... this made viewing court hard, and it was harder for the play that the Golden Stag Players did. That's were my real beef was, as anyone who knows me might imagine <G>.

"Anyway, despite all that it was a good event, and I don't want anyone to think I'm shooting it down.

"As noted, I didn't see all of court. There were a BUNCH of peerages:

(First Court -- Hauoc and Ginevra)
Order of the Laurel:
Roseline d'Anjou
Diane de Winchester

Order of the Pelican:
Masae Lorraine
Alan MacMillan
Elina of Beckenham
Jane Willows
Katherine ní Cheallaigh of Skye

Some members of the Golden Stag Players were called forward:
Seamus Padraig O'Baoigheallain Mì-nàrach
Iricus le Ferur
Kaell of the Broken Tower
Original Nightshade
Michael of Worcester
Eoin of Fell Hold

"Then the rest of the players were called forward to witness the fact that these folk were admitted to the Order of the Rose Leaf.

"However, Their Majesties weren't done with the players ... they then called the rest of us on stage, and admitted the whole troupe to the Pillars of the West. Wow.

"THEN they released everyone and told them to stick around as they might want to watch the next bit, and I was called back onstage and made a Court Baron. (I was totally blown out of the water -- I was still trying to adjust to the Pillars ...). Wow.

"This was shortly before the break between two halves of the first court (lots of business). There were a lot of other awards, I haven't gotten the official lists, so I cannot recite them. As noted, I missed a lot of court.

"One really fun bit that I recall well was that Her Majesty asked all members present of the Queen's Order of Grace to come forward. This isn't normal for the ceremony, but it was a nice touch. Then Ivone Pons Leyer was called forward and admitted to the order. She was shocked, which was kind of fun.

"After the end of the first court, the Golden Stag Players performed, and despite the noise factors (in my humble opinion ) did a really good show. The children sitting up front were having a blast, and when the coins got thrown out into the audience (it's a part of the schtick in the show), they went wild ... I ended up having to hand some coins out to the kids who didn't get one because at least one of them was on the verge of tears, and I couldn't ignore that. <G>

"Those who read the schtick on SCA-West and saw the show will have seen "Brighella" taken away by the constables at the end of the show, which was fun (many thanks to Wulstan, Ivan and ... the other gentle who's name escapes me completely -- sorry).

"During the play the Laurel's Prize Tournament was started, and so after it was over I rushed out to get my tokens so I could be a "good Laurel" ... that was pretty spiffy -- there were at least 46 entries, and it was really interesting to see what was happening out there. I think it was a success.

"Coronation occurred in there, and while I wasn't close enough to hear everything, it appeared to me that Uther took the Queen's Crown, after Duke Jade read Portia's fealty oath, and placed it in the travel case, to take it to Lochac Twelfth Night next week and place the Crown on her head there.

"In the court after Coronation, as well as Hauoc being named a Duke, and Ginevra being named a Countess, Ian the Fariner of Dunkeld was surprised and made a member of the Order of the Pelican. I don't recall any other business as I wasn't there, sorry.

"All in all, it was a hectic day, lots of neat stuff happened, a bit crazed, and some of us at least are really tired and wiped out. But it was good." -- Hirsch von Henford

"Also, Ginevra, in Her final court, created a new award, the "Queen's Order of Maintenance" for those whose especial efforts make it possible for the queen to remain gracious and queenly even in times of stress or sorrow, and admitted Mistress Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne as its premiere member." -- Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne

"The most amusing business was the Queen's guard being sent off to beat one of the King's knights in a contest, which had them running around the building in the rain, arm wrestling Duke Jade, and finally presenting the riddle of steel.

"I'm now embarrassed--the Order of the Golden Poppy was awarded, to a very deserving lady, but I only have her initials and can't remember her name! Can someone else help?

"The Bard of the West, with the help of a past bard of the west, made a wonderful presentation that I know the hall swallowed. I hope they can be convinced to do it again.

"For me, an exhausting and inspiring event. Now I don't know whether to build armor or write a song for Estrella -- perhaps both." -- John Theophilous

"The Golden Poppy was awarded to Danaë FitzRoberts." (Hirsch, with corroboration from the WK Awards List)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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