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The Thirty-sixth Year

Iberian Feast -- St. Katherine

March 3, 2002 (AS XXXVI)

Alumni House, UC Berkeley Campus,
Berkeley, CA

From The Page (February, 2002):

My beloved is with me, along with cups of unmixed wine,
     so pour and fill them for me.
It is a pleasant life, and a site for pleasure
     like a bride, when she is unveiled!
                         -- Ibn Zuhr (1113-1198), Spain

You are hereby invited to attend the wedding celebration and feast of Shafiq ibn Wahib al-Khayyat Abd al-Rahman! Experience the cultural luxuriance of Spain in its Golden Age as we celebrate the wedding of a wealthy Moslem merchant living in Toledo of the year 592, or 1217 by the count of those who worship the son of Mary and 4974 to the children of Israel. The College of Ste. Katherine has prepared for all the wedding guests a sumptuous feast, as well as diverse entertainments such as dancing, music, and poetry. We welcome musical performances (in accordance with our theme of medieval Spain-period or period-style works only, please) as well as poetry, especially that written to honor the beauty and virtue of the bride. Stories garnered from Mediterranean sources are also welcome. Clothing from the period 900 to 1300 (especially Spanish or Near Eastern) is strongly encouraged but not required. An informational packet concerning such matters as clothing, ettiquette, historical background, poetry styles, and certain details about the feast (including a tentative menu) will soon be found on the College of Ste. Katherine's website at (website address omitted).

Contests: Poetry in honor of the bride, using the styles and imagery of medieval Spain and the Near East-to be read at the feast Costume of medieval Spain and the the medieval Near East—preferably worn, not displayed.

Site Info: The Alumni House, UC Berkeley Campus, Berkeley, CA. Dry site.

Site Fee: $10 including feast, $3 off-board (limited off-board space). Please reserve your ticket early.

Autocrat: Alys Rose de Le Havre (contact info omitted); contact Alys for reserving tickets and official site information

Co-Autocrat: Moshe ibn Yishma'el (contact info omitted); contact Moshe for historical information and questions about the entertainment or contests

Head Cook: Vittoria Aureli (contact info omitted); contact Vittoria for special dietary needs and information about the feast

Note: this event is a re-creation, not a real wedding...

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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