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The Thirty-sixth Year

March Crown Tournament

March 22-24, 2002 (AS XXXVI)

Yolo County Fairgrounds,
Woodland, CA

From The Page (February, 2002):

March Crown will be held at the Yolo County Fairgroimds in Woodland. The Fairgrounds offer lots of lawn and shade trees, as well as hot showers and permanent restrooms. It is close to shopping and services. Please watch for schedule and additional information in the March Page.

Site Info: Site fee 13 and up - $8, 6-12 - $5, under 5 - free. Site opens at noon on Friday and closes at 3 PM on Sunday. Site address: (address omitted), Woodland, CA 95695.

Site Restrictions: * NO CARS ALLOWED ON GRASS. Cars must drive on roads only.

* Dogs MUST be on leashes at all times. The other end of the leashes must be attached to something or someone. This is a county ordinance, so there are no exceptions.

* Clean up after your dog. Be scrupulous, so that we will continue to be able to have dogs at this site.

* A city noise ordinance takes effect at 10 PM. If the sheriff has to come out, the parties will be shut down.

Autocrat: Theiadora Groves (contact info omitted).

Merchants: You must have a copy of your Seller's Permit Contact the Kingdom Merchant Coordinator for further information (please see listing in Regnum.)

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Several reports from this event, for your edification ...:

"The weather reports prior to this event noted rain, and more rain through Saturday, and then clearing on Sunday. Well, that's what happened.

Because of these reports, many folk didn't camp, but set up partial campsites (shades and such), and stayed off-site.

Saturday morning was blustery and rainy, which continued all day long. The tournament had 62 fighters (at least that's the number I got), which considering the requirement that the victor and consort go to Lochac in July, was a pretty good turnout.

In morning court Duke Hauoc Bender was admitted to the Order of Valor (I was surprised, as I thought he was already a member ...).

I spent a lot of time hanging out in Herald's Point (no surprise if you know me) even though I didn't actually do any work as a herald that weekend. It was a central location, and I met up with various friends, some whom I hadn't seen in a long time by staying in one place.

The tournament occurred, coming down to Veniamin Nafonovich Medvednikogotev who was fighting for Eliza O'Donegan, and Jade of Starfall who was fighting for Megan nic Alister. The finals went to three fights, but only because in the second fight a double-kill occurred. Jade won ...

After the usual giving of the victory wreaths on the field, the Order of Chivalry met with His Majesty to do what is done in those meetings. After this many of us went off and had dinner, while others hung around for court.

While I wasn't at evening court, I know that Henry Enhallow was admitted to the Order of the Laurel, and that the Baron and Baroness of Vinhold changed hands from Joseph de la Tour and Cassandra de la Tour (who had held the positions for some time), to Geoffrey of Griffinhold and Kira Leonovna Zemnodushina.

The next morning, arriving on site in what I thought was plenty of time for peerage meetings (His Majesty decided to change the time from what was published without telling anyone until 15 minutes before the first meeting in the Herald's announcements that morning), I arrived late for the Pelican meeting with my wife (Aldith Angharad St. George, who had to work the previous day). Sat down to the last few minutes of the Pelican meeting, then stuck around for the Laurel meeting.

After the peerage meetings the Western War Council tournament was held, which was a lot of fun to watch, and talking to some of the folk involved, it was a lot of fun to play in. It was a sort of "Capture the Flag" game between a bunch of different war units of a specified size, with only one flag on the field, and some other interesting rules (including random check times to see who was holding the flag, and a resurrection every ten minutes). The first Western War Council is "The Western Spartans" -- King Uther's own war unit (which includes Crown Prince Jade, and others).

Closing court saw the creation of the Western War Council, and Joseph and Cassandra were named Baron and Baroness of the Court of the West (something that was forgotten the previous evening) as well as other business that my fuzzy brain is not recalling at this time." -- Hirsch von Henford

"This report starts with a little background from Winter Coronet, Cynagua, when Gemini and Mari were sworn in as Prince and Princess of Cynagua.

Capt. Wendell of Scots of the KMA Defiant, by request of His and Her Highness, came forward to be asked if he would receive a Letter of Marque from their Highnesses, which would be presented to him at March Crown. He agreed.

At March Crown, The Captain and Crew of the KMA Defiant were called forward during Saturday night court. The procession of Ship and Crew approached and did three bows. At the first bow, the crew members dispersed and flanked the court proceedings, effectively surrounding all and watching the back of their beloved Captain. At the conclusion of the second and third bows, Capt. Scott and his officers were before their Highnesses. In addition to the receiving of the Letters of Marque from their Highnesses, Capt. Scott also made a presentation to their Highnesses a copy of the Ships Articles and a Declaration (copy of Declaration unavailable at this time).

Here's where it gets really interesting At the conclusion of this Presentation and Exchange, without batting an eye, His Royal Majesty, Uther, stepped forward with his Court Herald. His Majesty said a few words directly to Capt. Scott and to all gathered. He then commanded his Herald to read a Proclamation. Captain Wendell of Scots has been declared and presented the title of COURT BARON!!

As the cheers from the present populace was any indication, the favor given by His Majesty was duly and unanimously accepted by all.

This I report, as I was directly present in these proceedings."

Ibert Nothstein, Ship's Rigger and Second Mate, KMA Defiant.

"Friday was very very rainy, and somewhat windy - I recall being woken a couple of times during the night by rain drumming on my pavilion roof canvas, oddly enough, I stayed pretty dry although our household (Darkclaw) camp site looked like a genuine Irish bog the next morning.

Saturday was better, at least we got some sunshine to dry things out; interspersed with rain to dampen it down again. Spent some time watching the fighting from His Grace Duke Fabian's pavilion on the eric, the chirurgeonate had a surfeit of people wanting to do apprentice observation that weekend for once, so we had plenty of help. I think by the end of the weekend, I had nine warranted chirurgeons onsite. Saturday night was C-O-L-D! My lady and I *and* our daughter all wound up in our bed huddled up for warmth.

Sunday weather was wonderful, more sunshine and warmer (finally!). The War Unit Tourney put on at King Uther's request was vastly entertaining - at one point, a fighter had grabbed the Kingdom banner and literally had every fighter on the field after him. That was the best broken-field running I've seen in years! All I could think of was being run down by a freight train (grin).

Overall, a damp, muddy and fun event."

George of Berwick

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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