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The Thirty-sixth Year

War for the Heart -- Crosston

July 15, 2001 (AS XXXVI)

Penitencia Creek Park,
San Jose, CA

From The Page (June, 2001):

Geoffrey Mathias and Geoffrey Scott do cordially invite you to celebrate their birthdays in a Crusade for Kidneys! All are invited to join them as they host 100+ battles in a day as a pledge to the National Kidney Foundation. The fighting will take place at Penitencia Creek Park, famed for recent Wargies. This will be a fun & fast paced war with the same format as last year. Weapon limits: Half the battles will be 7.5' max and half will be 9' max. Come and fight! Come and watch! Come and make a pledge to the National Kidney Foundation! We take the site at 8 AM, and the first battle starts at 9AM SHARP! During the day snacks will be provided, including a lunch at noon.

Suggested site donation: $3. All site donations in excess of event expenses will be donated to the. National Kidney Foundation.

Autocrat: Catherine of Wessex (contact info omitted).


"This was actually the CRUSADE FOR THE KIDNEY, the second war hosted by Geoffrey Scott to raise money for charity. This year, the charity was the National Kidney Disease Foundation. Held at Penetencia Park in north San Jose, it was a day of fighting and fundraising that brought in over $1200 for the NKDF, and over 100 battles were fought. This is the event Geoffrey holds in honor of his birthday, and that of his knight, Geoffrey Mathias. Catherine of Wessex autocratted the event.

"The weather was clear and warm, and the fighting quick and deadly. Four basic scenarios were devised, and the fighters selected into sides based on the characteristics of thier birthdays, allowing quick changes and refights. Most fights had over 20 participants on a side, with only the very early and very late battles having fewer.

"War units in great evidence were the Company of the Phoenix, Griffonsguard, the Horsemen, Mac Tir, and some Darkwood. Jarl Uther led his squires, and Crosston fielded the Unstoppable Moose. Prince Parlan graced the field with his presence. Around the sides of the battlefield, the spectators watched from pavilions erected by Geoffrey Scott and his lady, Catherine of Wessex.

"The fighting only stopped thrice once for a lunch break, with provided food; once for an afternoon ice cream break; and once at the end of the day, when 107 battles had been fought. Three men fought in every single battle Geoffrey Scott, Rafael de Aldea, and Nathair of MacTir.

"At a brief court at the end of the day, Prince Parlan rewarded the captain of the Horsemen and Geoffrey Scott with Corolla Muralis in recognition of their service to war. Many were amazed to find that Casting, one of Uther's shieldmen, was at his first SCA event -- his fighting had been so good.

"The event was so good we've vowed to hold it again, next year." -- John Theophilous

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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