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The Thirty-sixth Year

Court of Love Feast and Tourney -- Borderwinds

March 9, 2002 (AS XXXVI)

Ramona Garden Park,
Grover Beach, CA

From The Page (February, 2002):

Hail Viking brothers and sisters! Too busy fighting to make love to your wife and slaves? Too busy making love to enjoy a feast? Too busy feasting to fight? Never! Join your fellow Vikings for too much fighting, feasting, and love making at the Canton of Borderwinds Viking Court of Love! At this no hats event, put down that coronet, come flirt and play! To keep you busy fighting, our Lord Protector, Gunnar Tortryggsson, will challenge your skills in a tourney of longboat racing, ax throwing and heavy fighting. To keep you entertained, Ingrid will have games. To keep you busy feasting, Muirgheal nic Cord will ply you with Jorvik and Scandinavian foods. To keep you busy making love there will be sheep, well, sheepskins for giving and receiving massages. In honor of our Lady of Love and Beauty, Lady Ingrid, the following activities are planned. Court of Love: Brake the rules of Courtly Love and be punished, learn the rules and be rewarded. Viking Garb Contest: The theme is Vikings in England. Food of Love: Bring a dish and explain why it is your food of love. Cloven Fruit Contest: Bring your fruit to display, the naughtier the better and don't forget the theme. Bawdy Poem / Ode contest: Do your best to make even a Viking blush. Sensual Dance Contest: Vikings can dance?! Well, maybe the Viking slaves. Silent Auction: Donations gladly accepted. The cook is still slaving over the menu for the feast but we know all the courses will include at least one vegetarian item. Fear not thirsty ones, the site is discretely wet and there will be many other drinks of ales and hearty milk to fill you gullets. Please let the cook know if you have any allergies by March 1**.

Course 1: Light day board between noon- 2 p.m.

Course 2: Dizzying array of appetizers

Course 3: A nautical presentation of three soups

Course 4: It's a mystery even to the cook

Course 5: A colorful presentation of fowl with fruits and vegetables

Course 6: A kakeboard of delicious pastries, creams and preserves

Autocrat: Jena Whitehart (contact info omitted).

Cook: Muigrheal nic Cord (contact info omitted).

[PARENTS NOTE: Whereas the tourney and day events are rated "G", the feast and evening events are rated "M" for mature. Arrangements may be able to be made for offsite baby sitting, should you wish. Just let us know by February 26*. We think all parents should have a fun night for themselves, once in a while.]

Site Info: Ramona Garden Park, (address omitted), Grover Beach CA Site opens at 10 AM, lists at 11AM, tourney begins at noon, feast at 6 PM. Site fee is $12 advanced, $15 at the door (all day, all ages). Make checks payable to SCA inc. Barony of Tammist.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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