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The Thirty-fifth Year

Westermark Madness -- Westermark

July 29-30, 2000 (AS XXXV)

Bort Meadows Park,
Oakland, CA

From The Page (June, 2000):

Come one, come all! The Westermark is holding its 6th... no, wait, 7th... What? You say 8th? Well anyway, we in the Westermark have been having Madness for many years.

What is Westermark Madness? I am glad you asked. It will be a bunch of different— and I do mean different—fighting and non-fighting games. Come see two-headed trolls do battle until both heads are dead. Come play Pok. You don't know what Pok is? Then you will have to join us to find out. Most of us know what a Shastan melee is. Have you ever seen one where the fighters have their weapons chosen for them? Come see if Hunker- Hauser is for you. Yes my lords and ladies, there is a little something for everyone. At night there will be a potluck, some bardic arts, a bit of drinking, and a touch of flirting.

Site info: As has become the tradition, we will be meeting for all the Madness and silliness at Bort Meadows, The site opens Friday at 3 pm and closes Sunday at noon. A donation of $8 will be asked of you if you are camping. If you wish to daytrip, we will only ask you for a donation of $5,

Autocrat: If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Chad Bitor (mundane name). He can be reached via phone at (contact info omitted). If you wish to send written questions, please send to (address omitted).

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"The theme was "Through The Looking Glass", loosely based on the novel by Lewis Carroll.

"Madness was held on a bright sunny weekend at Bort Meadows, Lake Chabot Park, Castro Valley.

"Chad Bitor was Autocrat, Crystal of the Westermark was Pseudocrat, Micheila McCallum was Senecrat, Randel O'Gallchobhair was Chiurgicrat

"Fighting included
Buzkashi w/. baah resurrection
The all-new Wonderland theme "off with their heads"
Tourney (hosted by the Queen of hearts herself!)
Troll melee
Baronial Thug Triathalon
Shastan Melee with odd weapons
Mass Weapons and Poetry round robin
Off Handed Grand Melee

"The result of the triathalon was a tie between Frederick and Colin (Colin won two, vs Flieg who one , but got a bonus point for fighting bravely with the Baronial Sheep in the Shastan Melee.) The tie was to be decided by the poetry contest, which this time was declared to be "lullaby for the na-Baron". At this point the fates intervened, and both Flieg and Colin turned out to have independently decided to use the same exact tune for their entry, and so, we now have a double thug.

"The previous thug provided Alex with a lovely lullaby based on "drunken sailor", and actually was presented with his regalia before he passed it on.....

"Games included:

"The brick throwing and groveling contests were cancelled due to inertia and lack of time, and for some reason, we forgot to run the "Shoot the Baron" contest....

"Crown Princess Osa attended, gracing our court with her presence. Also King Jade showed up in time for the Markee.

"The final event was the Markee competition, which was very entertaining indeed.

"The theme was "If you don't have an entry planned, plan to be badgered by the Baron until you do something even if it's at his expense"

"The entries were:

In addition, we had a surprise visitation from an actual Evil Clown of Silveroak, who regaled us with a variety of Slanderous stories of the Baron's days in Caid, sightings of crazy drunk man, and a scientific report of a new species of Alcohol Golem.

The winners of the coveted Markee were David the mad fiddler, Kellyn Firesinger, and Hugh Piper who in various combinations performed quite a few excellent songs, particularly scoring points for "freaking the rednecks"." -- Evaine MacGregor

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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