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The Thirty-fifth Year

Ducal Prize Tournament
September 1-4, 2000 (AS XXXV)

Yolo County Fairgrounds,
Woodland, CA

From The Page (July, 2000):

Okay, we really do listen to you! Enough people said that they wouldn't go to Ducal as long as it was in Marysville, so we moved it. Now you all have no excuse for not showing up!

This year's Ducal will be held at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, site of last March Crown. There are some flush privies and showers, but we'll have some extras on hand in case of emergencies. Directions, opening and closing times, and other details like that will be in next month's Page - this is just a preliminary notice about the planned competitions.

Fighting Competitions: Saturday - Belted/Unbelted Lists, Ducal Team Melee, Pike List, Bar Room Brawl; Sunday - Great Weapons List, Resurrection Melee, Cat's Cradle Melee, Mass Weapons Melee. There will also be some rapier competitions.

A&S Contests: This year, all of the A&S competitions in some way relate to the chosen theme - SHEEP! The contests are for best codpiece (points for sheep decorations), subtleties on the theme of sheep, cooking with lamb, on-site knitting, on-site favor (embroidered or other - extra points if it relates to sheep in some way, like being embroidered with wool), leatherwork (extra points for including sheepskin), natural dyeing (again, extra points for wool), calligraphy and/or illumination on vellum, on-site sheep building (will be explained later). Some of these will be on Saturday, some on Sunday.

Games: Saturday - hula-hoop in armor, 4-man tug of war, chariot races, sumo wrestiing (probable but not guaranteed); Sunday - scavenger hunt, sheep stealing, drag races.

Evening Saturday - Cole Porter/Gershwin filk. Piece on Silver in a Period Style, Peering (imitate your favorite...), Bonny Knees, Limericks (pre- and post-10 PM divisions); Sunday - Casbah.

Please note that some A&S Contests, Games, and Evening Activities will not have competitor auctions this year. Some will have judgeships auctioned. Which competitions will have auctions of which sort will be made very clear in the on-site handout. (If you have specific questions about a specific competition, please ask Eilis...)

Monday will feature the traditional Children's Boffer List and Mon. Morning Wrestling.

In addition to the usual Saturday evening Mostly Food Auction and the Sunday evening Monster Auction from Hell, we will likely have a Library Auction sometime during the day on Sunday. The Garage Sale will run all weekend.

Many wonderful prizes and auction items have already been donated, but we always need more. We have people who can accept donations all around the kingdom - to arrange to deliver "stuff," please contact Eilis O'Boirne at (contact info omitted) to arrange a drop-off point. If you wish "to deliver "stuff" at an event, please make arrangements in advance.

Autocrat:This year's autocrat, Anne o'Locksley, is reachable at (contact info omitted).

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"It was my first Ducal and Constantina, Jada and I decided to enter the sheep building contest as a team. I had little talent but a few extra coins that year. We found out we didn't have to use the provided materials so we scampered off to find things in the garage sale. There is something to be said for the garage sale. We waltzed in and bought a super king sized imitation sheepskin bedspread for about $8.00 from Sir Hillary.

"Auntie Anastasia had a bit of plaid and I forget where we got the black velvet from. It seems that the other ladies had a talent for costume design. Think Big! We decided to go life sized.

"In the end, we had pulled together a costume with very little sewing involved and the ladies put it on. DarkClaw provided me with a shepard's hook that doubled as a lantern holder. William was attending his first event in ages and had his bag pipes. We decided to use a patch of plaid in the shape of a shield with a red bit acrossed it.... this made a nifty "No Scottsmen" sign.

"William began to play and the sheep and I danced. Someone has video of this. I will pay extra to get that back. After a good bit of dancing, William piped us onto the eric. There is something wonderful about having a bunch of scotsmen following you and trying to molest your giant sheep while Duke Frederick looks nearly shocked.

"With great ceremony, the judges attempted to judge the sheep contest. The other contestants ended up giving us their sheep. We then were piped victoriously back to DarkClaw where the sheep we had grabbed in our raid were offered up to the household." -- Aureellia ferch Gwalchaved

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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