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The Thirty-fifth Year

Cynagua Fall Coronet Tournament

October 27-29, 2000 (AS XXXV)

Rancho Seco Park,
Herald, CA

From The Page (October, 2000):

Fall Coronet will be held at Rancho Seco Park. The lake is immediately adjacent to our camping area (parents please note). There is also a small concession stand, showers (cold) and flush privies.

Site info: The site will not open until noon! Please plan your trip accordingly. Site fee is $6 per person. There are RV spaces available (for a fee) by reservation only. Please call the park office at SMUD (phone) to reserve space in advance.

All animals must be leashed and attended or else confined at all times. Please remember that we will be sharing this site with mundanes; take reasonable precautions regarding valuables, etc. All fires (firepits or hibachis, etc.) must be eighteen inches off the ground. (NO groundfires allowed!) In addition, vehicles will not be allowed onto the camping areas, so please bring handcarts if you have them.

Parking near the camping area is limited. Additional parking is available approximately a quarter of mile away by the administration offices. Please plan to unload your vehicles and move them to the overnight parking at the earliest possible time to ensure unloading space for people arriving after you. The park gate closes at 7 p.m. daily. We will have the gate open late on Friday night. The usual SCA lock will be in place the rest of the time.

There will be a Newcomers Walkabout on Saturday afternoon at 3:00, hosted by the Principality Chatelaine and her deputy. Please meet at Autocrat Point (purple pavilion with the gray roof located on the eric).

Competitions: A&S is Camp Miscellanea (Sciences) and Creative Heraldic Display (Arts). There will also be an open woodworking display and a tool sharpening workshop - bring your tools! Copper Spoon for this event is Preserved Fruits and Vegetables, i.e., pickles, fruit preserves, etc. Please no meats, fish or poultry; and please include documentation.

The Shire of Danegeld Tor will be holding a walking bake sale on Saturday during the fighting of llie lists. For more information, or to contribute something to the sale, please contact Lillian Maynwaring (contact info omitted).

Autocrat: Kyrstyan Maynwaring (contact info omitted).

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"Wet, cold, windy, and wet!

"There were high hopes that Tor would keep the weather in check until after the event, but those hopes were dashed, along with a number of tents and sun/rain shades at the tourney. The Fetburg sunshade snapped one of its support poles, and Mistress Anastacia's vigil pavillion came down with snapped poles and torn canvas. She does asure us that it will be reborn.

"The tourney itself was able to finish, although soggily (is soggily a word? If not chalk it up to skaldic license) Finals were a marvel to behold with Knight facing his own Squire. Ragnar Beowulf vs. Dregel Alewulf. Court was a friendly affair, a very freindly affair with most of the populace trying to fit into the royal pavilion. During court their Higness' ancourage as many people to crowd in as possible, and some did. But after a bit, when a fair number of people still stood in the wind and wet. His Majesty came out and in a mighty voice cried, "Everybody into the Pavillion, Let's go!" and gently but firmly shoved us all in. Thereby setting a new Kingdom record for "how many people can you fit into a pavilion?".

"Mistress Anastacia's Pelican ceremony took place with performances by Myself, Lord Padraig Donn Mac Mahuna, and Lady Kellyn Firesinger. During court it was announced that news had come of an impending storm to break over us, and most, if not all, quit the site at that point.

"Boy talk about "Bad Water"." -- Torvald Torgarson

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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