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The Thirty-fifth Year

Great Battles of History Pas -- Caldarium

September 9, 2000 (AS XXXV)

Miwok Meadows (China Camp State Park),
Marin, CA

From The Page (August, 2000):

Hail, brave heroes of the West Kingdom! Well met, good gentles who delight in the display of heroic prowess and chivalric virtue! Come all to the fair lands of Caldarium, and witness brave deeds as the venerable Shire of Caldariimi proudly hosts the Company of St George in a Pas d'Armes. The theme of this grand event will be "Great Battles." Match your lion-heart to King Richard's and lay siege to the city of Acre! Recreate the heroic deeds of antiquity dimng the Trojan War! Help clean up after Hannibal!

Once the battles are won and our heroes declared, join Caldarium as we joyously cry out our motto "Semper Edamus!" and feast upon delicacies worthy of the gods. Feast tickets are $15. Seating is limited and must be paid in advance, so be quick to contact our Feast Goddess: Viscountess Tamsin of the Raven Tresses (contact info omitted).

The site is sunny and sylvan Miwok Meadows, in the beautiful China Camp State Park. Site opens at 10 am, and must be clean and vacated by sunset (about 9PM). No site fee. There is no drinking water, so come prepared. Dogs are not permitted. Beware of poison oak if you decide to frolic in the woods.

Autocrat: Lady Eliska z Jihlava (contact info omitted).

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"This event was a partnership between the Shire of Caldarium and the Company of St. George. It was my first stab at autocrating anything, and it was incredible fun, especially since I was working closely with Sir Parlan MacGillivray regarding all the fighting scenarios. I think we may have scared Parlan a bit, at first ­ he wasn’t (yet) acquainted with the seriously tongue-in-cheek mentality that characterizes Caldarium! But he and the rest of the Georges were great sports about the somewhat unorthodox ideas we had about running a Pas.

Our theme was “Great Battles of History”, though we also included battles from mythology and other literature. It was a blast, made even better when Their Highnesses of the Mists, Thorfinn and Cyneswith, came out to play with us. All the combatants joined in the spirit of the Pas, announcing themselves and their inspiration for fighting with pageantry and aplomb. Much honor was done to the memory of inspirational warriors of the past, as well as to the lovely ladies in the gallery. It was beautiful to witness all the declarations of brotherhood, made just before they all tried valiantly to kill each other!

The contests included many challenges, interspersed with melees ­ my personal favorite was the Hydra battle, with Sir Parlan looking stunning in a gold lame tabard, and all the Georges with gold Hydra heads (complete with beady red eyes) mounted on their helms. For each “head” Hercules and his forces slayed, two more would join the fray, until our Heroes figured out that they had to go after the body of the beast (poor Parlan makes an awfully big target). We also recreated the battle of Harfleur, complete with Lord Richard of Havn reciting the famous “Once more into the breach” speech in his awesome “radio voice”.

The most unusual challenge wasn’t fighting at all ­ we decided to give the guys a break after the resurrection melee. At first they complained about it a bit (quite loudly, too!) but soon they all got into the spirit of the challenge Each combatant chose a slip of paper with a passage from Shakespeare on it, to be read out loud to the gallery, who choose the victor in each bout (double kills to be refought immediately!) Sir Brion of Bellatrix was the star of this challenge, hands down, using all his comrades in arms as “props” for his Henry V passage. The gallery was a wonderful place to be ­ in the shady pavilions, with elegant platters of snacky-foods, and wonderful company. There were some delightful gentlemen joining the ladies of the gallery, keeping them well entertained among them Lord Rodrigo (the Rat Hand), Count Sir Veniamin, and Lord Edward, who was brand new to our Society, and had brought his lovely family all the way from the Silver Desert in order to witness the valor of the famed Company of St George. Lady Kay the Innocent had provided our group with baskets of ribbons in order to make favors to give to combatants who were particularly inspiring, and the gallery wasn’t shy about sharing their pleasure in the day!

Immediately following the fighting, Princess Cyneswith led the ladies of the gallery in choosing a “Hero” of the day, who was presented with a truly beautiful scroll done by the hand of Lady Aja du Jardin. Dmitry Shelomianin took the honor, for his brilliant valor and gallantry upon the field. The scroll was presented in court, as was another award Dmitry also received his Award of Arms (boy, did he look overwhelmed!) Also during that court, Lady Aja was very deservedly admitted into the right noble Order of the Rose Leaf for her beautiful scribal work. Almost everyone attending the event then retired to the shade of the lovely oak trees of Miwok Meadows, in China Camp State Park, for an absolutely incredible feast, cooked almost entirely on site by our own Feast Goddess, Viscountess Tamsin of the Raven Tresses, and her fabulous crew (which included Lady Diane, Lady Aja, and Lord Liam). I think we all felt truly transported in time as we sat amidst the greenery, eating divine food off rough wooden tables, as a discussion of chivalry and the feats of the day took place. The event ended with the Company of St. George continuing what I found to be a beautiful tradition presenting simple golden rings to those who had inspired them throughout the day." -- Eliska z Jihlava

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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